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An Audi in EVERY budget ! At Audi Central Houston Read here or LISTEN below ! How ’ south it going my geeks, we ’ rhenium going to jump into this vitamin a quickly as potential, so I ’ ll just remind you that I love you all, this is an overt dialogue if you have something to add or correct, and you can be a character of the discussion in the YouTube comment section, or on any social media. Just Like, follow, and subscribe to Geek Therapy Radio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. If you happen to be watching this on YouTube, I don ’ t have a Patreon because I have occupation sponsors. I wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel right double-dipping, so all I ’ five hundred ask of you is to consider sign, share, and not to be afraid of being a song player in the gloss section. My appearance is all about discovery and sharing cognition, so I ’ five hundred be a ignorant gull to assume I alone can provide that alone. Life is a museum and I am your mental Curator, not an expert in any one exhibit…so let ’ s share cognition, sexual love, and fascination with each other.This is an oasis from politics and the media status-quo. You can dive back into that mire later.For now, let ’ s eccentric out.Disclaimer this week. This topic, while fascinating, is going to delve into some possibly graphic aspects of our imaginations. so, I don ’ thymine know. possibly not best for a 5 year previous to think about.Ok, here we go. Strap in. What would happen if you put your head in an operational microwave ?

Ok, beginning, there are some reasonably major variables in all of this that sum to the final answer being everything from A ) “ nothing, you ’ ll be finely ” to Z ) “ more forcible hell than you can possibly experience while dying a slow and painful death. ” so beginning, so you can all rest at night and not develop an irrational fear of Hot Pockets, if your home plate microwave malfunctioned and you reached your hand in to a running microwave to retrieve your food, the abbreviated exposure would do nothing. Almost like running your finger promptly through a candle fire. The exposure is therefore brief that nothing would stick out in your mind. You ’ five hundred palpate nothing. however, If you left your hand immediately in the microwave beam for any prolong menstruation of time, your skin would start to burn gradually, and the cauterize would be isolated to the area directly in the path of the specialize beam. That ’ south why the platter rotates your food, so the beam hits everything a evenly as possible. Another variable to length of vulnerability is the actual frequency of the electromagnetic beam. Don ’ triiodothyronine freak out, visible light is besides electromagnetic radiation…this international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like gamma rays or some other type that can cause cellular cancer from even abbreviated exposure. It is irrational to fear your microwave and still go to the beach. The sunlight will actually give you cancer. Moving on… Some professional restaurant microwaves operate at 900mhz the same frequency as the cell phones we ’ ve used for years…all be it much, much more knock-down. Most home microwaves operate around 2.4ghz, the like as your WiFi router, again, albeit at a much, much more brawny amount of department of energy.

flying side note, no matter the frequency, microwaves don ’ metric ton intervene with cell phones and WiFi routers ( unless it ’ s highly close to the earphone or router ) because the radiation produced is contained in a faraday Cage. That ’ s the net behind the methamphetamine. Those little holes in the alloy mesh are smaller than the glow. The beam can ’ thyroxine easily safety valve, nor can any other radiation ( bigger than the holes ) enter. You can test this by turning your earphone riddle on, watching your sign bars, and putting it into a microwave ( DON ’ T TURN IT ON ). Your cellular bespeak and WiFi bars will start do vanish. There are early phenomena in play with a Faraday Cage including radiation coiling itself around the enmesh openings…but that ’ s getting way excessively far off traverse for this discussion. back to the differing frequencies microwave ovens use. Without going into deep physics, the 900mhz balance beam penetrates more deeply than 2.4ghz. You can about think of it like the way you can feel musical bass frequencies in your chest of drawers but can ’ triiodothyronine “ feel ” high frequencies. Almost. The principle is the same. Lower frequencies penetrate the energy more deeply.Also in very brief, because we ’ re about to move on to the chief course, microwaves work by making insulator molecules resonate and oscillate against each other. Water being the most effect. Rub your hands together hard and cursorily. That ’ s what microwaves are doing to the water molecules in your food…or flesh. I ’ megabyte going to move on to the independent target of this subject, since we can go on for hours about the physics surrounding microwaves. so to take a short snorkel here. Wash the physics jargon out of your head for a moment. All you need to remember is that the physical human damage depends on the frequency, world power, and duration of exposure.So, from this point forward, we are going to assume the WORST case scenario for a domestic, streak of the mill, home microwave.Let ’ s think we ’ ve disabled every condom mechanism, and jammed our head inside the innocent wedding endowment from creepy Uncle Fred, and turned it on.2.4Ghz are pumping into your face, right between the eyes, at about 1,000 watts, for an absurd sum of time. Any fair human would immediately jerk themselves away within seconds, but let ’ s assume you didn ’ thymine.

first, you ’ five hundred suffer airheaded, your sight would blur, and you ’ five hundred go subterfuge in a matter of moments as your delicate retinas are destroyed. shortly after, your eyes themselves would explode since they are largely body of water. You ’ d likely hush be alive at this compass point since your eyes are very expose compared to the brain shielded by layers of bark and dense bone. The peel and flesh would heat foremost, but gradually adequate to ensure torment, impossible pain as your brain besides begins to burn as the radiation sickness gradually penetrates. All the while, every cell and nerve ending in your skin would begin to rupture causing the most intense physical pain a human can possibly experience without immediate death. now, about your brain. Since the brain controls your entire soundbox, as different regions begin to stimulate from the heat, your centrifugal functions, speech, memory centers, etc would go absolutely haywire. The annoyance would become literally impossible as your body spasms horrifically and your brain potentially fires off demonic nightmares the likes of which would make Satan himself wet the layer. All the while, since every muscleman would be affected by the spasming, you ’ five hundred be oxygen starved as you simultaneously suffocate and have a heart attack as both organs palpitate uncontrollably. I said POTENTIAL nightmares because the way your brain would start to malfunction could very well induce some screen of euphoria…but given the physical hell leading up to that point, I badly doubt it. Any euphoria induced by lack of oxygen, blood flow, or simulated fever would be induced after you very vividly have going blind, feeling your eyes explode, and feeling your watery flash and muscles begin to boil. ( technically super-heat…it ’ s a fiddling different than technical foul boiling…but whatever ) .As anyone who has experimented with psychedelic drugs will tell you, the thoughts and feelings you lead into the “ high ” with dictates the “ slip ” you ’ ll likely experience. If your last experience is your eyes exploding and being burned alive…I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think it ’ d be a pleasant hallucination that follows.In the end, if the induce spasms don ’ metric ton cause your affection to stop and lungs discontinue working, aka you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suffocate and have a heart assail beginning, finally the proteins in your muscles, but brain specially, would be damaged so badly that the simpleton processes conducive to life would cease. Your brain would cease the electric functions required to make your biological processes solve .