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good like any other electric appliance, a microwave can fail and it normally does so when you need it most. In this article we will try to help you diagnose your microwave trouble and find out why your microwave is not heating .
It is important to note that if you are not a train electrical technician, you should never attempt to open the back of a microwave oven. There is a capital danger from electrical shock even after the microwave has been unplugged for many hours. Always refer the haunt to person who is qualified to handle a microwave whole .

Microwave Problems & Troubleshooting

Faulty Door Switch

Problem – Microwaves normally have 3 to 4 door switches. When you close the door, the switches activate and tell the microwave that it is safe to start. If any of the three switches are defective the whole will not work.

The most common way to identify this trouble is when the lighter inside the microwave does not go out when the door is closed .
Cause – Slamming the microwave door, or forcing the door closed for touch based drawer microwaves, worn or faulty parts .
Fix & Repair – It could be deoxyadenosine monophosphate elementary as a firearm of formative that has worn down, broke, or an electric issue that requires a accredited technician to identify and replace .

Microwave Power Failure Error

Microwave Error 8888 Problem – After a power failure, you may notice that your microwave is displaying is displaying ” PF ” or ” 8888 ” alternatively of the usual display. The ” PF ” stands for “ power failure ” and the ” 8888 ” is besides a code indicating ability failure .
Cause – The microwave lost ability. Common during power outages .
Fix & Repair – This error is a irregular fault that you do not have to worry about or refer to a technician. You barely need to press the ” CLEAR ” release for the error to disappear. Once you remove the error, you can then proceed to reset the clock if you so wish .

A Faulty capacitor

Problem – You attempt use your microwave and alternatively of heating your food it just makes a buzz randomness. It is probable that it has a defective capacitor. A capacitor is a device that stores electricity. A microwave oven normally has a high-octane capacitor that is central to the process of the unit. If the capacitor is faulty, your oven can not operate normally .
Cause – Old and/or faulty parts .
Fix & Repair – This trouble requires the interposition of a skilled technician to remove the capacitor and test whether it is the source of the problem. If the capacitor is the trouble, you need to have to be replaced .

It is significant to note that anyone handling the capacitor should beginning discharge it before testing. The capacitor is one of the most dangerous parts of a microwave. The capacitor has the ability to hold adequate electricity ( like a battery ) to kill person even after the microwave has been turned off and unplug .

Faulty Magnetron Switch

Problem – The microwave appears to work but makes a buzz sound while rotating the food and the food remains cold .
Cause – Aged magnetron or defective magnetron switch .
Fix & Repair – The Magnetron is responsible for heating the food you put into the microwave. When in operation the magnetron utilize high electric potential electric power to generate the microwave frequencies that heats up the food. If either the magnetron or the switch is broken, you need to contact a accredited technician to make the substitute.

Faulty Thermoprotector

Problem – Everything appears to be working without issue but the food is not heating .
Cause – Tripped blend or faulty thermoprotector .
Fix & Repair – The Thermoprotector is a throw that is meant to control the amount of heat in a microwave. If the temperature within the unit of measurement exceeds a certain bespeak the device cuts off ability .
For obvious reasons, the microwave oven can not operate if this all-important component is not working. In some cases, the device might good have tripped a blend due to overheating and needs to be reset and not replaced .

Dimming Microwave Light

Problem – Sometimes the light is dimmed and sometimes it looks very well. Sometimes it dims in and out .
Cause – Microwave settings .
Fix & Repair – When using your microwave with lower power settings for tasks such as defrosting or reheating many microwaves will besides dim the alight. To test this, try microwaving a cup of water at 100 % ability. You will notice that the microwave will light up normally because it ’ second function at wide world power. If the light is flickering there is credibly an consequence with the bulb .

Faulty Power Diode

Problem – Buzzing noise while microwaving but food still heats up .
Cause – Possible faulty power diode .
Fix & Repair – A office diode is an electrical device that works by allowing current to pass in one direction entirely. The device converts electrical power to DC and efficaciously doubling the electric potential to 5,000 volts. This power is then fed to the magnetron for conversion to microwave energy. You will need to contact a accredited technician to test the diode .

Faulty Triac

Problem – The microwave only cooks food on full power .
Cause – Faulty control switch .
Fix & Repair – A accredited technician will be able to fix this trouble.

Faulty Main Control Board

Although this is not a park trouble, it is possible for the main control board to be bad. If the command display panel has a trouble, it means that you can not enter your desire settings. For this rationality, you need to consult the dealer because it is likely to be a manufacture fault .

Microwave Repair Options

  1. If your microwave was recently purchased you might be able to return it to the store where you bought it.
  2. If it is under warranty you might be able to have it repaired without cost to you.
  3. If your microwave unit has passed the warranty period, you will need a local electrical technician to service it.

While we hoped to have offered some DIY fixes for you, the nature of these microwave problems is good left to a professional. With the price of microwaves these days, it might barely be better to purchase a modern one than to pay a technician to fix your old microwave .
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