Why does my microwave kill the Wi-Fi?

802.11 ( b/g/n ) operates on the 2.4 GHz ISM band. This is handily the like band that your microwave oven operates on. This is n’t a concurrence, both operate in the 2.4 Ghz ISM band, because it can be freely used at low power without license about anywhere in the universe. many other RF technologies including Bluetooth, walkie talkies, baby monitors, etc. besides use the like isthmus .
Most microwave ovens tend to be very well shielded and will not emit enough radiation1 to interfere with radio receiver communications. It is possible that your unit has a damaged shield. You could look into replacing it. That said, the sum of radiation a microwave has to “ leak ” for it to interfere with your radio is bantam – 0.01 % of it ‘s output, approximately the same sum as your router or laptop, and far less than a typical mobile earphone .
A better thing to do would be to upgrade your radio receiver network equipment and devices to be 5 GHz compatible ( used with 802.11 a/n/ac ). This is the other major ring WiFi networks can operate in, is able of providing increase performance, and should not suffer hindrance from microwave ovens. You can tell if a device supports 5Ghz by checking if it lists “ dual-band ” capability, or supports 802.11a ( e.g. “ a/b/g/n ” ) or 802.11ac. 5Ghz capable radio equipment is becoming more far-flung, but 2.4Ghz remains common in older and lower-end devices .
Addressing your different channels, microwave ovens ( which should label the end product frequency somewhere ) should use ~2.450 GHz.

WiFi ( b/g/n ) channels typically range from 2.412 GHz to 2.472 GHz, with a bandwidth of 20 MHz and a 2 MHz band gap. If you pick a channel from the upper or lower end, and assuming your microwave oven is accurate adequate with its frequency, you could sidestep it entirely. This is, however, just a guess .
WiFi channels
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1 I must point out that 2.4 GHz is far from ionising radiation, which is at least 2400000 GHz ( the type that can harm human tissue and/or lawsuit cancer ). even if the carapace is faulty, it will not cause any injury. Any ( very rebuff ) damage would be caused by heat ( and not immediately by ‘radiation ‘ ), which you most decidedly will feel before any real price. besides, good do n’t stand in battlefront of it for hours a day. That constantly helps. Some countries besides have regulations on the utmost energy allowed to be transmitted, apparently for human safety ( there are early limits designed to reduce interference ). Do note that such regulations tend to play far on the condom side, well below any floor with concretely proven ill effects .