Why does microwave popcorn burn?

I ‘m going to try to take a crevice at this answer, from my perspective as a materials scientist, which is kind of a combination of solid state of matter physics and solid state chemistry .
How popcorn pops is from superheating the water in the kernels until there ‘s enough pressure to break through the out hull. then, the starch inside the kernel is able to quickly expand, cool cursorily, and the starch sets into a foam. ( FYI : This means that the water actually gets much hotter than it ‘s boiling point inside the kernel )
Microwaves are able to excite ( heat ) water molecules very well, and water absorbs most of the microwave energy that ‘s entering the food, preventing other molecules present from overheating & burn off .
so, once the popcorn has “ popped, ” the water content in the kernel is very low and it ‘s by and large precisely starch, arranged in a molecular social organization that will not melt. ( Since it wo n’t melt, the following phase transition that it undergoes is burning – where the hydrocarbons ( carbon paper & hydrogen ) in the starch reacts with oxygen to produce carbon paper dioxide/monoxide and “ char ” which is basically good hearty carbon paper. )

now, the pop popcorn is in your microwave, absorbing energy, but it does n’t have a draw of water anymore. So the energy goes into the starch alternatively and heats it reasonably promptly, burning the starch. early foods that you can cook for a long time in the microwave credibly have identical high urine contentedness .
As to the oil, to me it seems like a room to more evenly dissipate energy among the kernels. anoint has a higher thermal conduction than breeze, which means that it will more easily take high heat in one area in the microwave and transfer it to an area of first gear heat. therefore, if one kernel is getting much hotter than another, the anoint will be able to take some of the heat from the hot kernel and “ give ” it to the cool one. This makes it more likely that all the kernels will pop at the same time ; reducing the likelihood that some kernels will pop and burn before some other have even popped. This besides helps because microwaves are very directional. You may notice that there are “ hot spots ” in the microwave, and turn tables exist to try to minimize the influence these have on heating your food .
Let me know if anything does n’t make sense, I do n’t have detailed cognition about popcorn but it ‘s a little morsel like the plastics I study in grad school !