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Using cornmeal on the pizza rock is a common manner to prevent the pizza from sticking, but do you very need need it ? And are there any other, better ways to prevent perplex ?
You don’t actually need cornmeal on your pizza stone. I would even recommend to avoid it. The reason is that the pizza will not stick to the pizza stone if it’s properly heated. A hot pizza stone will crisp the pizza, making it easy to slide your pizza peel under the pizza and remove it from the oven. Cornmeal may even burn on the hot pizza stone, and can add unpleasant flavors the the pizza.

What Is Cornmeal?

Cornmeal is a type meal, or corse flour, made from ground corn. cornmeal can be found in respective levels of coarseness : fine, medium and corse. But even the finest grind is coarser than e.g. wheat flour .

The Reason People Use Cornmeal on Pizza Stones

The main rationality people use cornmeal on their pizza stone is to prevent the pizza from sticking.

Cornmeal is frequently used to dust pizza stones to protect the pizza from sticking by creating a protective level between the crust and the stone. The reason cornmeal is used alternatively of just plain flour is that it ’ second coarse, making it easier to slide the pizza on and off the pizza stone .
cornmeal is besides reasonably normally used to prevent the pizza from sticking to the pizza peel .
Another reason you may want to add cornmeal is for the spirit and texture. many people I ’ ve talked to enjoy the flavor the cornmeal adds to the pizza crust, and is one of the main reason they use it .

What Kind of Cornmeal Do You Use for Pizza Stones?

As already mentioned, the rationality cornmeal is used is the coarsen. That being said, coarse international relations and security network ’ t inevitably better. so if you ’ re using cornmeal for your pizza gem or pizza peel off, I recommend going for medium coarsen. In my opinion the coarsest grinds adds besides much texture to the pizza crust, that I ’ thousand personally not a huge sports fan of .

Why You Don’t Need Cornmeal on Your Pizza Stone

This might surprise you, but pizza sticking to the pizza stone is actually not a trouble, if you use the pizza stone correctly !

The Pizza Will Not Stick With Correct Use of Your Pizza Stone

use of cornmeal or other types of dusting, such as flour, is only one of they things I see people do to prevent pizza from sticking to their pizza stone. Others use parchment paper ( read why that ’ s not a good mind here ), or aluminums foil. But all those people are doing, is trying to solve a problem that doesn ’ t evening exist !
If the stone is hot enough when you ’ ra baking your pizza, it will get crisp ( barely like you want, right ? ), and not stick to the pizza pit ! sol if you experience that the pizza sticks, it simply means the pizza stone international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine hot enough. Probably you haven ’ triiodothyronine pre heated the stone long enough. I can ’ thyroxine stress enough the importance of pre heating the pizza pit. I recommend pre heating the pizza stone at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before you attempt to bake any pizza. The open temperature of the stone besides drops when you bake many back-to-back pizza, you should therefore besides to let the stone re-heat after every 2 pizza. If you want to read more about how to properly pre heat you pizza rock, check out this article.

That said, cornmeal can even be useful for pizza broil. specially when you transfer the pizza from the counter to the oven, dusting your pizza skin to prevent perplex is a good idea !

Cornmeal Can Still Be Useful for Pizza Baking!

even though I don ’ thyroxine commend using cornmeal on your pizza stone, it can be utilitarian for your pizza peel off and in a pizza pan .

Pizza Peel

Cornmeal works capital to prevent pizza from sticking to the pizza peel. Raw pizza dough stick much more than bake pizza, indeed sticking to the undress is a substantial issue. There are a few things you can do to prevent jutting .
first, you should not use a super muggy boodle, this will decidedly make problems. You should besides avoid adding excessively much sauce, cheese and early topping to the pizza, as this will make the boodle more damp and stick more. You should besides try to avoid leaving the sensitive pizza on the pizza undress for excessively farseeing .
But to make certain the pizza doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stick to the skin, you can besides add flour or cornmeal to the skin before you add the pizza. This will create a barrier between the dough and allow the pizza to slide off more easily .
pizza peel

Pizza Pan

Another practice of cornmeal is when yuu ’ ra baking pizza in a pizza pan. I constantly drizzle some cornmeal in my Chicago pizza pan when I ’ thousand making Chicago-style thick dish pizza ( check out recipe ). Since I already use cornmeal in the pizza boodle, it doesn ’ t add any unlike relish to the dough. And the cornmeal prevents the pizza from sticking to the pan. The pizza is besides baked at lower temperature, so I don ’ t need to worry about the cornmeal burn .
pizza in pizza pan

Cornmeal vs Semolina

Semolina is the more traditional option for dusting the pizza skin than cornmeal. Semolina is a coarse type of wheat flour, and consequently works the the lapp manner as cornmeal. In early words, it helps the pizza slide easier on and off the pizza skin.

The independent benefit of semolina is that it ’ mho doesn ’ metric ton burn as well in the oven. Cornmeal can be a good option if you ’ re baking your pizza at a lower temperature, like a pan pizza. But for a pizza stone this can be a problem. When you ’ re bake on a pizza stone, you want it to be very hot, like a pizza oven. And in this environment you may experience that the cornmeal burns. This will add some unpleasant flavors to your pizza crust. Semolina, on the early hand, can handle higher temperatures, and will therefore probably not burn on your stone .
Cornmeal typically add more texture and season to the pizza than semolina. Semolina has a more inert spirit, and you ’ ll not detect it a much as cornmeal .
Semolina is my preferred option for dusting my pizza peel when I’m baking pizza on a pizza stone. The reasons are that it handle the heat better, and adds less flavor than cornmea fifty .