Selfie + 7: Q&A with Fouad Qreitem

At 41, Fouad Qreitem has spent three-quarters of his animation working in the restaurant industry, starting with his family ’ randomness french continental-themed Black Orchid in Annandale. By 26 he rejected the ideals of fine dining and opened the largely delivery-based Paisano ’ mho Pizza, now with 27 stores .
In what would seem like a compete venture, Qreitem, along with partners Pierre Garcon ( Washington Redskins wide receiver ) and Norm Chirite ( early Redskins advocate ) give Northern Virginians another pizza option : Spinfire .
Customers nibble ingredients assembly-line style and pizzas emerge from a 1,000-degree oven in 90 seconds. At press time, the first placement is expected to open in September at One Loudoun in Ashburn, with a second in Rosslyn ascribable in February 2015. By the end of following class, Qreitem expects to sell 30 Spinfire franchises, including ones in China and Dubai .
But Qreitem insists his second pizza concept won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate interfere with his inaugural. “ I would open one in the lapp shopping center. ” —Stefanie Gans

First Restaurant Job
It was long hours. We were 11 years erstwhile and me and my cousins would work the coat room. But once you hang them all, the majority of [ the customers ] don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate leave until 11 post meridiem, midnight. I can remember—I shouldn ’ thyroxine be telling you this—I can remember taking naps on people ’ second coats .
Lessons from Fine Dining
Today anybody can go out and spend a couple hundred dollars on dinner and hush be a nice person. A lot of [ customers at Black Orchid ] were dainty people, but a set of them were very demanding .
back then, when they were spending—in the recently ‘ 80s and early ‘ 90s— $ 300, $ 400, $ 500 on dinner, they were normally truly comfortable and some of them were extremely arrogant. I just didn ’ t like it. It just wasn ’ t my cup of tea .
I hated the fact that deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as you treated people, some of them even wouldn ’ triiodothyronine treat you well. I didn ’ t like the concept, arsenic eldritch as that sounds. Money doesn ’ triiodothyronine make you the person you are .
Alcohol Abstinence
I honestly don ’ triiodothyronine drink today because of what I grew up with in that [ fine dining ] environment. I can share the fib with you, but I can ’ t share the person .
We used to get a batch of executives that would come in for lunch. They would have lunch and martini and sometimes they would carry on from lunch to glad hour to evening and by 10 o ’ clock that night they ’ d have an accident on themselves. You ’ d find them on the floor in the toilet and it actually turned me off on the wholly alcohol thing.

I have literally been drink possibly five times in my life. I don ’ t like to do anything that I lose control condition .
A Life of Cheese
Unfortunately, I eat pizza a distribute recently because we ’ ra test. Every day I walk into the conference room and corrode samples from 10 different pizza .
When we ’ ra not in the testing phase ? I [ corrode pizza ] probably once a month. Keep in mind, I got reasonably brainsick of pizza .
I ran my first memory for eight years and ate lunch and dinner there six days a workweek .
Favorite Pie at Paisano’s
The ashen pizza with garlic .
Next Generation
My daughters are not interest in the restaurant occupation. My oldest always jokes about and tells me, ‘ I ’ thousand going to run the company. ’ [ But ] I ’ five hundred tell them to walk away. I took the beat for them. They need to go to school and work on their education and pursue their pipe dream as anything they want.

Alternate Career
Oh gosh. That ’ five hundred be a disaster. I ’ thousand about vitamin a dense as it gets outside of the restaurant business .
My beget opened a clock time capsule from sixth degree and she opened it 15 years after sixth grade and it said in there that I want to be in the restaurant business .
( October 2014 )