Everywhere You Can Get Heart-Shaped Pizzas for Valentine’s Day

heart-shaped pizzas 2022

Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

Weird as it might be, cordate pizza have become a anchor of Valentine ‘s Day at pizza shops around the US. It ‘s just adenine all-important to the holiday as candy hearts and chubby naked babies carrying a blush quiver. once upon a time, Cupid might have had to dig abstruse to find a cordate pizza on his birthday. That is no long the case. You ‘ll find them at local shops, regional chains like California Pizza Kitchen, and large national chains like Pizza Hut and Papa John ‘s.

You want to be certain you get this special dinner while it ‘s available. so, we ‘ve pulled together details on all the places where you ‘ll be able to find them in 2022. here ‘s everywhere you can get a cordate pizza this calendar month because you can get them before and after February 14.

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Photo courtesy of Round Table Pizza

Everywhere You Can Get Heart-Shaped Pizzas

Pizza Hut
You ‘ll be able to grab one of Pizza Hut ‘s cordate pizza through February 14. Grab a one-topping translation for $ 12 or upgrade it to a bundle with an ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie or Triple Chocolate Brownie for $ 17.

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Papa John’s
Just like it has done in other years, the big chain will be offering a thin-crust pizza in the shape of a heart. It is only available with one-topping at the $ 12 price. extra toppings will cost, well, extra money. You can get it through February 14. California Pizza Kitchen
You can get one at CPK Through February 14 when you dine-in. There ‘s no sic toppings for the pizza, so you can get any of your favorites like The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza or Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage Pizza. Hungry Howie’s
The cordate pizza is back at Hungry Howie ‘s. You can get it as a one-topping or the cordate 3-Cheeser Howie Bread for $ 6.99. It ‘s available from February 12-14. Peter Piper Pizza
There ‘s a long stretch where you can get cordate pizza from Peter Piper Pizza. Through February 21, you can get a large, one-topping cordate pizza and large crunch dessert for $ 20 at blue-ribbon locations. Round Table Pizza
The shop class will have bombastic cordate pizza, and that ‘s what you ‘re looking for. It ‘s the first year that the chain has offered the cordate pizza wide across its locations. Jet’s Pizza
Grab a cordate pizza, Jet ‘s Bread, or Cinnamon Stix on Valentine ‘s Day. At Jet ‘s, however, it ‘s a one-day-only matter .heart-shaped pizza 2022

Photo courtesy of Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

Heart-Shaped Pizzas at Local Pizza Shops

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company – Dallas, Texas
All three Dallas-area shops will have cordate pizza available. They ‘re only available on February 14, though. The shop besides recommends that you pre-order if you ‘re planning on getting one. PDA Slice Shop at The Hugh – Brooklyn, New York
You can grab a customize cordate pizza for cartridge or delivery through February 14. Want more Thrillist ? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat .