The 5 Best Over The Range Microwaves for 2022

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One of the most convenient kitchen appliances found in about every home is the popular over the stove microwave oven, more normally known as an OTR microwave oven. The OTR microwave has taken the place of the countertop microwave and hood forum, saving space by combining both products into one handy box. Power capacities can vary from 850 watts for reheating or up to 1,200 watts for cooking full meals .
Most of these models are manufactured with the option for recirculating breathing through filters or external ventilation through ducting. The built-in consume fans will vary from a silence 170 CFM ( Cubic Feet per Minute ) to a power-boosting 400 CFM fan speed to pull odors, steam, pot, oil mists, and inflame through the filters. many models have heat sensors built into the body that will automatically turn on the exhaust winnow to cool the components and get rid of excessive heat if it recognizes an overheated interior cavity or besides much heat from the cooking open. For more information on microwave features, check out our microwave buy scout !

Let ‘s take a search at the top five models available on the grocery store today and try to identify the best over-the-range microwave for you. OTR microwaves are always 30 ” across-the-board. There are special kits you can buy individually if you need to fill a 36 ” wide-eyed opening over a range. Prices range from $ 429 to $ 749 MSRP, and all models are at least 1,000 watts .

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*This model would win the “ most stylish ” award, if there was one .
^This model offers a unique extending vent to improve smoke and olfactory property removal .

Top 3 Tips for Buying a New Over the Range Microwave

  • LED Cooktop Lighting: If you have a dense kitchen and liked to use your old microwave ‘s undertaking lighting often, consider a exemplary with LED job lighting. The halogen bulb that are more common on OTR microwaves get hot after a few minutes of habit – enough to be noticeable on a steaming summer day ! LEDs stay cool and are more efficient as a solution .
  • Coated Interiors for Easy Cleaning:  Say adieu to tomato sauce stains and scrubbing at baked-on spatters. many microwaves on the commercialize today offer some classify of coated inside that helps prevent food from sticking and staining, so they ‘re easier to clean .
  • Keep Up on Filter Maintenance: Keep in mind that ductless recirculating setups utilize charcoal filters that need to be changed every 6 months or so. These filters become clogged with particulates over time and will lose effectiveness while besides making the run down fan work harder than it needs to. Both ductless and ducted/externally vent models have metal engagement filters that should be cleaned at regular intervals for the lapp reasons. These mesh topology filters may be dishwasher condom for easy cleaning – check your owner ‘s manual for details .

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1. Frigidaire FGMV17WNVF – 1,000W, 1.7 cu ft – $429
The democratic model Frigidaire FGMV17WNVF is a 1,000 watt, 1.7 cubic foot capacity oven. This is considered midsized in the industry, but do n’t let its “ average ” size fool you ! It has batch of space for a 13×9 ” baking dish, thanks to the 13.6 ” turntable .
This is a quiet appliance that has enough of courteous options for its price of $ 429 in stainless steel steel. The control control panel has car sensing selections such as Popcorn, Potato, and Beverages, while Sensor Reheat and Defrost are besides available at the touch of a finger and allow you to cursorily prepare final night ‘s leftovers or tonight ‘s oven ridicule. A metallic element rack is included for heating multiple items at once. The interior has a particular coating that makes it easily to wipe down .
The 105/300 CFM fan assembly removes steam, smoke, and odors effortlessly using grease filters and a charcoal trickle. extra features like the option to disable turntable rotation, a kitchen timer, two-stage function coat LED ignite, an interior LED light, and multiple ability levels complete this great package. The LED ignite is particularly nice because it wo n’t heat up like halogen lighting – helpful if you ‘re cooking on a blistering sidereal day ! With a annual guarantee covering parts and undertaking, this Frigidaire model packs a impregnable punch .


  • altitude : 16.4 ”
  • depth : 15.03 ”
  • 13.6 ” turntable
  • 2-speed 300 CFM fan assembly ( ducted/recirculating )
  • 2-stage work surface LED lighting and LED home light
  • Auto-start estrus detector
  • casual Clean interior

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Frigidaire FGMV17WNVF – $429
Frigidaire FGMV17WNVF Over the Range Microwave

2. KitchenAid KMHS120ESS – 1,000W, 2.0 cu ft – $749
The KitchenAid KMHS120ESS is a great rival for the best OTR microwave of 2022 ascribable to its professional design and well-featured master panel. besides cooking with 1,000 watts, compared to the previous model it has a larger 2.0 cubic foot oven interior and 14 ” turntable .
The recirculating exhaust fan is rated at 300 CFM for quick removal of pot and odors, besides incorporating a charcoal trickle. The cooking open Lo/Hi halogen bulb produces bright, crisp light for fudge and comes in handy as a kitchen night light for the midnight nosher. KitchenAid ‘s Cookshield Finish on the department of the interior cavity helps make the microwave easy to wipe clean .
A commodious turntable on/off choice allows the exploiter to disable the turntable ‘s rotation of outsize cooking utensil, such as casserole dishes that are excessively wide to rotate. Some matter to detector cook features include a Keep Warm function and a Sensor Steam/Simmer motorbike for accurate inflame .
KitchenAid offers a full annual guarantee of the entire microwave oven, a five-year parts-only guarantee on Solid State tint control system parts and a 10-year parts guarantee on the stainless steel steel oven cavity and inner door liner. available in white and in stainless steel for $ 749, and now besides in black stainless steel sword at $ 799, this model will do a batch to save you meter in the kitchen .


  • height : 17.125 ”
  • depth : 16.75 ”
  • 14 ” turntable
  • 3-speed 300 CFM fan forum ( ducted/recirculating )
  • 2-stage halogen work coat light
  • Tons of detector cook options !

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KitchenAid KMHS120ESS – $749
KitchenAid KMHS120ESS OTR Microwave

3. LG LMHM2237ST – 1,000W, 2.2 cu ft – $549
Another brand worth considering is LG. LG has been a large player in the cook industry for many years nowadays, and the LG LMHM2237ST has been a strike with many consumers due to its slick SmoothTouch glass controls, EasyClean department of the interior, and ExtendaVent technology. It comes in stainless steel steel at $ 549 and black stainless steel at $ 599 .
The extendible ventilation system offered with this OTR microwave ensures coverage of your integral cooktop. You may have noticed that most over the range microwaves do n’t stick out enough to cover the integral cooktop open, so they can have trouble pulling smoke, steamer, and odors from the front burners. The LG ExtendaVent aims to solve this problem with a telescope vent. You can still operate the vent system as common without using the vent in the slide-out position, excessively .
other cool features include the EasyClean interior, a special coat that helps keep splatters and spills from sticking, so it wipes clean with small effort. The microwave is covered with a one year entire parts and labor guarantee plus 10 years on the Magnetron.


  • altitude : 17.9 ”
  • depth : 15.8 ”
  • 14.2 ” turntable
  • 4-speed 400 CFM fan forum ( ExtendaVent ; with charcoal filters )
  • 2-stage LED ignition
  • 10 world power levels and plenty of car cooking options
  • EasyClean inside resists stains and buildup and is easy to wipe down

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LG LMHM2237ST – $549

4. GE JVM7195SKSS – 1,100W, 1.9 cu ft – $508
The GE JVM7195SKSS is one of our consumer favorites due to its traditional style, great operation, and features for the money. Let ‘s begin with the 1.9 cubic foot oven cavity with an include metal oven rack for multi level cooking. We ‘re already a footprint ahead of the average microwave ! then, let ‘s turn to its 1,100 watt of cooking ability with 10 adjustable power levels, which is above-average in the diligence and will cook and heat slightly faster than its 1,000 watt competitors. Be mindful that ascribable to the higher electrical power, paying closer care to heating instructions found on food packages is necessary .
Its two lines of scrolling expose make it easier to read cook times, baron levels, fan speeds, and lighting positions. The two-stage fudge surface halogen lights provide undimmed light. The run down system features an astounding power-boosting 400 CFM three-speed fan assembly with heat detector activated cavity, and surface detection will do a great caper of getting rid of smoke and odors from your kitchen. The fan assembly can be adjusted for recirculation or outdoor vent .
This GE model has a 14.25 ” recessed turntable with the choice to disable rotation for outsize cooking utensil. And how ‘s this for handy controls ? Beverage, Defrost, Popcorn, Potato, Reheat, Melt, and an Add 30 Seconds button are all included to speed up the cook process .
The manufacturer ‘s guarantee consists of one year on parts and undertaking. This unit prices at $ 458 in whiten or black, $ 508 in stainless steel steel, and $ 558 in GE slate, black stainless steel, and GE black slate .


  • stature : 16.5 ”
  • depth : 15.5 ”
  • 14.25 ” recessed turntable
  • 3-speed 400 CFM fan assembly ( ducted/recirculating )
  • 2-stage halogen shape airfoil lighting and incandescent inside abstemious
  • Two display lines for easy reading of office levels and other settings
  • Auto start heat sensors for exhaust fan

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GE JVM7195SKSS – $508
GE JVM7195SKSS OTR Microwave

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5. Samsung ME21M706BAS – 1,000W, 2.1 cu ft – $529
Samsung has amazed us with their 1,000W model ME21M706BAS that ‘s loaded with user-friendly features. Inside, you ‘ll find a 2.1 cubic foot ceramic enamel-coated oven cavity with a 14.2 ” turntable made of glaze material and a obliterable scud for multi-level cook .
For ventilation, it has a four-speed 400 CFM convertible vent fan to reduce odors with a dim-witted Clean Grease Filter that entirely needs the push of a finger to eject from its slide-out skeleton for clean or surrogate. It ‘s designed to operate restfully, besides .
Cooking settings include Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Kids Meals, Snacks, Reheat, Veggies, Auto Defrost, and more. It besides has an easy-to-read Ice Blue LED display. Keeping the inside clean is easier than ever – the enamel coating found inside this microwave is known for easy clean-up ! If a boil-over or spatter occurs, merely wipe up with a dampen fabric. This coating normally helps keep foods from sticking to the surface .
Samsung covers this product with a annual parts and tug guarantee and 10-year parts guarantee on the Magnetron. It is priced at $ 529 in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel steel and $ 579 in fingerprint-resistant black stainless sword. Do n’t forget to add this one to your shopping list !


  • altitude : 17.063 ”
  • depth : 16.5 ”
  • 14.2 ” turntable with obliterable rack
  • 4-speed 400 CFM fan assembly ( ducted/recirculating ) with simple Clean Grease Filter
  • Halogen cooktop ignition and incandescent inside lighting
  • Ceramic enamel interior coating for easily cleanse

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Samsung ME21M706BAS – $ 529

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We hope you enjoyed our review of the five best over the roll microwave models on the marketplace from some of the top kitchen appliance brands. Samsung ( # 5 ) offers a lot of great features at a low price, while the Frigidaire model ( # 1 ) is a upstanding value nibble. Explore new features with LG ‘s ExtendaVent ( # 3 ), or go big with the KitchenAid ‘s premium detector cook features ( # 2 ). If you want an OTR microwave that will blend in more with your kitchen or exploit with limited height over the cooktop surface, consider a broken profile microwave. now you can head out shopping and see which model fits your needs !
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