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LG dishes up best in microwave ratings

The microwave could arguably be considered the obscure hero of the kitchen. Whether it ’ mho re-heating leftovers, defrosting wimp at the final infinitesimal, or even warming up a hotness pack… this trusty kitchen appliance has become an all-important contribution of modern homes .
Microwaves are commodious for busy lifestyles, featuring car programs to take the guess out of the cook equation, plus a compendious build up that normally doesn ’ t take up much benchtop space, making them ideal for even the smallest of houses and apartments. fortunately, you don ’ t need to spend boastfully to get the best microwave for your family. There are a few brassy microwaves available for under $ 200, with some even selling for merely $ 50. But are the more expensive models and brands possibly worth paying supernumerary for ? Or can you calm get all the food-zapping satisfaction you need from a cheaper microwave ?
To find out ‘ what ’ second cook ’ in the microwave commercialize, Canstar Blue has surveyed more than 850 australian consumers for their feedback on their late microwave purchase ( s ) within the stopping point three years. Respondents rated brands on cooking performance, even heat distribution, still of consumption and clean, cooking functions, appearance and design, value for money, and overall satisfaction. Brands that received the minimum view sample size ( 30 responses ) are featured in our report.

LG turned the tables in our latest survey and rated best with a five-star inspection for overall atonement and in most other research categories !

Best Microwave Ovens

LG microwave ovens
here are the best microwave brands in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue ’ s latest reappraisal :

  1. LG
  2. Panasonic
  3. Samsung
  4. Morphy Richards
  5. Breville
  6. Kmart
  7. Sharp

LG plated up a arrant five stars for cooking performance, functions, even heat distribution, rest of function, appearance and purpose, and overall satisfaction .
Former winner Panasonic rated best for rest of clean, as did Morphy Richards, with both brands besides achieving wax marks for even inflame distribution and fudge functions. Panasonic additionally scored the lapp solution for still of use, while Morphy Richards joined Kmart as one of the top brands for prize for money .

Best Microwave Brands

Compare top-rated microwave brands featured in our ratings on specification, functions, prices and more .


lg microwave review
Making ‘ life good ’ with respective feature-packed microwave ovens, LG has most price points covered with its across-the-board scope. Starting towards the lower end of the monetary value spectrum, the LG 23L NeoChef Smart Inverter Microwave Oven ( MS2336DB ) provides 1000W of heating power for $ 259. It ’ randomness boasted for its ‘ NeoChef ’ engineering, claimed to offer precise temperature control for defrosting food and keep off overcooked and dissolve areas. It besides features an anti-bacterial application for easy alimony, while helping remove astir to 99.99 % of harmful surface bacteria. Along with this, expect a slick minimalist design with temper methamphetamine on the front to help create a fashionable attend .
For larger capacity microwaves, respective LG NeoChef microwave ovens offer 1200W of power and boast inner anti-bacterial coat, a well as more even inflame and defrosting functionality with LG ’ s Smart Inverter technology. These models are besides claimed to have a static turntable and to provide 33 % faster cook compared to the LG 1000W ceremonious microwave oven. NeoChef microwaves besides feature an LED lamp that is said to be three times brighter and more energy-efficient than other LG microwaves .
LG ’ south microwave oven range includes :

  • LG NeoChef 23L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven (MS2336DB): $259 RRP*
  • LG NeoChef 56L Smart Inverter Microwave Oven (MS5696OMBS): $499 RRP*
  • LG NeoChef 39L Smart Inverter Convection Oven (MJ3966ABS): $699 RRP*

LG achieved five-star reviews for cooking performance, still of consumption, evening heat distribution, cooking functions, appearance and design and overall satisfaction. It got four stars for still of clean and value for money .


Panasonic microwave review
Panasonic is one of the first appliance brands to introduce the flatcar microwave, ditching the turntable to provide more available space and circulate heat more evenly. however, Panasonic silent stocks enough of traditional microwave ovens, with the manufacturer constantly adding new features like detector cook, and steam and grilling functions to its stove .
On the budget-friendly side, Panasonic offers covenant models like the Panasonic 20L Silver Microwave ( NN-ST25JM ), which offers 800W of heating world power, nine car programs and five heating levels. On the other end of the price spectrum is the family-size 31L 4-in-1 Convection Microwave Oven ( NN-CS89L ), which offers 36 car programs and a 1000W power output .
There ’ randomness besides the 44L Stainless Steel Cyclonic Inverter Microwave ( NN-SD79L ) for a mid-price choice ( $ 549 ). This model apparently uses Cyclonic Inverter Technology and a 3D cyclonic Waveform to cook, reheat and defrost food without affecting season or texture. This exemplar besides features a Genius Sensor to automatically calculate what it considers to be the optimum cook time for your food, and a Sensor Reheat Function which similarly decides the power charge and cook clock time .
Some models from Panasonic ’ sulfur microwave range include :

  • Panasonic 20L Silver Microwave (NN-ST25JM): $159 RRP*
  • Panasonic 44L Microwave Oven (NN-ST776S): $419 RRP*
  • Panasonic 27L 4-in-1 Convection Microwave Oven (NN-DS596B): $819 RRP*

Panasonic earned five stars for tied heat distribution, cooking functions, ease of use, and facilitate of cleaning. It got four stars for overall atonement and everywhere else .


Samsung microwave review
Samsung produces a compass of microwaves at reasonably modest prices compared to models on the market with similar capacities and baron levels. Samsung microwaves will normally set you back between $ 179 and $ 499 .
For under $ 300, Samsung offers respective bang-up microwaves with SmartSensor Cooking and Humidity Sensor functions which are basically bright moisture sensors that are claimed to detect the humidity level of food, before suggesting what it considers a suitable cook clock time and might level. These are besides said to contain a ceramic enamel to ensure lone a minimal sum of moisture is absorbed, helping reduce olfactory property transfer .
Samsung ’ mho stove of microwave ovens includes :

  • Samsung 23L Microwave (MS23K3513AS): $179 RRP*
  • Samsung 40L SmartSensor Microwave (ME6144ST): $259 RRP*
  • Samsung 45L Convection Microwave (MC455THRCBB): $499 RRP*

Samsung scored four-star reviews across most of the table, including for even heat distribution, cooking functions, ease of use and clean, appearance, and overall gratification. It got three stars for cooking operation and value for money .

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards microwave review
Despite only entering the australian market in 2000 when it became part of the Glen Dimplex Group, Morphy Richards had made waves in the universe of appliances decades anterior. It ’ s even claimed to have introduced the first electric iron to the UK, and the first automatic pistol toaster in 1949 !
When it comes to microwaves, Morphy Richards has a few options, most of which provide a 34L capacity. You can expect to fork out around $ 150 to $ 350, placing the brand towards the depleted to mid-price scope. For a knock-down model from the brand, the Morphy Richards 34L Inverter Microwave ( MRINV34BLK ) provides 1200W of world power and contains a turntable with a 31.5cm diameter. It includes features such as digital touch controls, inverter cooking menus, and a child base hit lock .
Morphy Richards ’ microwave oven range includes :

  • Morphy Richards 20L Microwave Oven (MRMWO20WTE): $149 RRP*
  • Morphy Richards 34L Inverter Microwave (MRINV34BLK): $299 RRP*
  • Morphy Richards 34L Microwave With Grill & Convection Oven (MRMWO34GC): $349 RRP*

Morphy Richards received five-star reviews for cooking functions, evening heat distribution, ease of clean and prize for money. It ended on four stars for overall gratification and everywhere else .


Breville microwave oven review
Breville offers a variety of gloomy to mid-range microwaves that will set you back anywhere between $ 199.95 and $ 799. The sword appears to have paid close up attention to creating convenience through automatic programs, adding features like Sensor intelligence quotient technology, which automatically adjusts the office level to help cook or reheat food correctly and save you from wasting time fiddling around with settings. You can besides find one-touch pre-sets and a Power Smoothing Inverter which similarly adjusts the power intensity to provide flush heating .
Breville ’ s The Quick & Easy ( BMO300BSS ) is the most low-cost, offering a 34L capacity, a 1100W power end product, five world power levels, nine auto-cook menus for oats, pizza, pasta, soup, fish, kernel and vegetables and reheat. The Combi Wave 3-in-1 is alternatively Breville ’ s top-of-the-range model, boasting air out fryer, convection oven, and microwave functionalities. It comes with 32L worth of distance and up to 1100W worth of heating power ( 1550W for convection power ) .
Breville ’ randomness microwave oven range includes :

  • Breville The Silhouette Flatbed Compact Microwave (LMO420BLK2JAN1): $199.95 RRP*
  • Breville The Quick Touch (BMO735BSS): $489 RRP*
  • Breville The Combi Wave 3-in-1 (BMO870BSS4JAN1): $799 RRP*

Breville cleaned up with by and large four stars, including for relief of habit, flush heat distribution and overall atonement. It scored three stars for still of scavenge and value for money .


Kmart microwave review

Kmart offers a line-up of microwaves and benchtop ovens starting from a cheap and cheerful monetary value tag of $ 48, and maxing out at good under $ 150. The Kmart 20L Microwave kicks off the retailer ’ south microwave line with a basic, compress model that provides an output ability of up to 1200W. It additionally boasts 10 office levels, six auto-cooking menus and a child safety interlock .
For a microwave with oven functionality, the Kmart 30L Convection Microwave Oven might be worth considering. It comes with 2200W of convection power, 10 power levels, eight auto-cooking menu, an LED display and a child safety lock. Despite being on the higher conclusion of Kmart ’ s product range, this model is still competitively priced at $ 139 .
other microwave ovens from Kmart admit :

  • Kmart 28L Oven: $65 RRP*
  • Kmart 25L Microwave: $89 RRP*
  • Kmart 25L Air Fryer & Oven: $149 RRP*

Kmart received a five-star review for measure for money and four stars in most of the remaining areas, such as cooking functions, even heat distribution, ease of use, and overall atonement. It got three stars for cooking operation and appearance and design .


Sharp microwave review
Sharp divides its microwaves into three sizes – compress, mid-size, and big – with most being in the mid-size range. The majority of Sharp microwave ovens tend to cost around $ 200 to $ 550, with only a pair of models passing the $ 1,000 scar. One of the cheapest microwaves available is the sharp 900W Midsize Microwave ( R30A0W ), which has 11 baron levels and a 31.5cm turntable. This mid-size model besides includes eight pre-set menus such as rice and pasta, jacket potatoes, pizza, freeze vegetables and tea & chocolate. You can expect to snag this model for $ 214 .
alternatively, there ’ s the Sharp 1000W Convection Microwave ( R995DST ) for $ 1,129. This gets you inverter and detector technology, six ability levels, 21 car menus, four fudge sequences, a well as grill and convection settings in addition to microwave mood .
sharp ’ second microwave oven range includes :

  • Sharp 750W Compact Microwave Oven (R210DW): $159 RRP*
  • Sharp 1100W Smart Convection Microwave (R890EST): $549 RRP*
  • Sharp 1000W Convection Microwave (R995DST): $1,129 RRP*

sharp rounded up the results on four stars for cooking performance, relief of manipulation and cleaning, even heat distribution, appearance and design and value for money. It finished on three stars for cooking functions and overall gratification .

What to consider when buying a microwave

What is the best microwave to buy?
Did you know Aussies keep a microwave for an average of four years before replacing it ? A microwave is slightly of a long-run investment and as such, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying one, such as price, size and rest of cleaning. fortunately, most respondents to our survey seem to have made the right choice, with just 8 % of those surveyed wishing they ’ five hundred exhausted more money on a better exemplary .


According to our survey, Australians spend an average of $158 on a new microwave. naturally, your budget will determine which microwave oven you will ultimately go home with. Are you looking for a flying fix in the kitchen ? Or do you want the microwave to do a lump of the cook legwork ? The good news is you ’ ll find perfectly able microwave ovens at many different price points. If you want to spend less than $ 100, that ’ ll be no problem. Likewise, if you want to invest in a high-tech cook buddy, you besides have batch of options

Size and appearance

What size microwave should I buy
Be certain to consider the size and capability of your adjacent microwave, you may be surprised to learn they ’ re not all the same size. That in-built compartment in your kitchen will probably be large adequate for most models, but as microwave ovens continue to evolve and take on even more functions, make sure you have a tape measure on hand to avoid disappointment, precisely like the 6 % of surveil respondents who wished they bought a different-sized exemplar. Microwave capacity is measured in litres, so consider the capacity of your existing or honest-to-god model and keep this in beware when picking a fresh one .

Ease of use and cleaning

What is the easiest microwave to clean
There ’ s no degree in owning a microwave that you can ’ thyroxine use properly. All those illusion functions are great, but if you have no plans to use them, you could credibly save yourself a few bucks with a basic model. A fifth of consumers surveyed ( 20 % ), for example, admitted they didn ’ thyroxine know how to use all the functions on their model. Despite this, 29 % of consumers admit to using their microwave more than their oven or cooktop. interestingly, our survey besides found more people use their microwave daily ( 63 % ) .
When it comes to maintenance, it may be worth considering buying a microwave with obliterable parts that are dishwasher-friendly ( or can at least be soaked in hot water and detergent ). The fact that our research showed 60 % of sketch respondents clean their microwave regularly proves just how important it is to find a microwave that ’ randomness easy to clean .
once you ’ ve decided on the size, there are enough of stylish varieties to choose from. It ’ s not all precisely about heating and cooking food after all – you might besides want one that looks estimable, excessively ! Almost one in five survey respondents ( 16 % ) said they bought their microwave to complement other appliances and their kitchen aesthetic .

Cooking functions to look for

Microwave cooking functions
If you want your microwave oven to do more than heat your food, then menu functions that automatically adjust the settings to cater to specific types of food, such as fish, vegetables and pizza might be worth adding to your checklist. always yelled to your florist’s chrysanthemum or partner “ how retentive should I cook it for ? ” With these functions, you can bet the microwave knows better than you do how long to cook something for. Look for any pre-programmed settings to heat up versatile dishes and meats, equally well as snacks and soups. other commodious functions much include defrosting and food-specific heat features, helping to save dinner prison term when you ’ ve forgotten to take the chicken out of the electric refrigerator .

What are the different types of microwaves?

Microwaves come in all shapes and sizes, but you ’ ll normally find these styles in your search for a trustworthy kitchen appliance .

What’s a conventional benchtop microwave?

Benchtop microwaves can be placed on the kitchen antagonistic with the rest of your appliances ( i.e. kettles, toasters, etc. ) and contain more basic automated functionality. The biggest deviation between these types of models compared to regular built-in and convection microwaves is that benchtop units are largely designed to reheat or defrost food, rather than cook. The chief advantages of benchtop microwaves are their budget-friendly price, plus their commodious car programs .

What’s a combination microwave oven?

combination microwave ovens must be installed into the kitchen cabinetwork, much like a regular oven, and placed in a well-ventilated area. These contain some of the like features you would expect in ovens and convection microwaves, such as grill functionality and inverter engineering. Some built-in microwaves even use a fan and heat element. Combination microwave ovens tend to be more elastic and powerful than regular microwaves and come with a wider variety of pre-set menu settings .

What’s an inverter microwave?

Unlike traditional microwaves, which use a magnetic handbuild to operate, inverter microwaves contain an inverter that keeps the flat of world power changeless in order to ensure even cooking. They can besides maintain the lapp cook power at lower temperatures, whereas other microwaves need to switch on and off ( this can lead to cold spots and bite edges ) .

What’s a convection microwave oven?

convection microwave ovens work more like regular ovens than microwaves in that hot breeze is circulated around to heat the food up. regular microwaves vibrate food molecules to create clash, with this clash then creating estrus from the inside. This is besides why some foods can explode in the microwave. so, think of convection microwaves like mini ovens .
The major advantage of convection microwaves is that they can actually brown foods equitable like an oven. This character of microwave can besides cook meals from their raw state, rather than merely reheat or defrost. But be prepared to pay supernumerary for a convection microwave .

How powerful should a microwave be?

The sugared spot for most microwaves seems to be 800W-1000W. Any less than that and you run the risk of having an inadequate machine for anything but the lightest of heating tasks. More powerful microwaves will just cook and reheat your food quicker but do not inevitably deliver a better solution. If you ’ ve experienced splattered food all over your microwave, it could be that your microwave is a bit besides knock-down !

Which microwave should you buy?

Our most holocene consumer review suggests LG may be the best clean, with customers satisfied with the brand on most fronts including for cooking performance, functions, still of habit and overall satisfaction. Panasonic and Morphy Richards were besides particularly impressive when it came to cooking functions and comfort of cleanse, while Kmart appeared to offer adequate bang for buck .
If you want all the bells and whistles in your modern kitchen checkmate, there are enough of models with detector engineering and a across-the-board range of pre-set menu options. But let ’ s be honest, these functions are only deserving paying for if you ’ re going to use them – otherwise they ’ re good a waste of money. Have a good think about what you presently do with your microwave – and what you ’ d like to do – before getting carried aside with the product spectacles .
besides, consider how much you use your microwave. It ’ sulfur easily to underestimate how much you rely on it – particularly when it comes to those busy evenings after a hard day ’ south study – so investing in a quality appliance that should last for a few years could be a fresh move. Our review over the years have seen a consistent composition, with agio brands normally dominating customer satisfaction. That ’ s something to keep in thinker, but be certain to compare a range of brands and models before making a final decision on what ’ randomness best for your needs and budget .

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