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There are many places in your kitchen where you can place your microwave. If you have adequate space to spare in your kitchen then you can buy or build a table or ledge entirely for its practice. however, if you lack space and you have a little kitchen then you need to figure out where to place your huge microwave while however saving space. After all, there ’ s a wealth disparity between Gen Z/Millennials versus Baby Boomers. Most of the youthful people of the new genesis have smaller apartments or homes with limited kitchen quad .

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As such, it ’ s alone hardheaded to figure out where to place your microwave inside your kitchen. What are the Best Places to Put the Microwave in Your Kitchen

What are the Best Places to Put the Microwave in Your Kitchen?

You should put your microwave in the keep up places or by using the following pieces of advice. This means, you can make certain you can maximize your kitchen space and minimize trouble. Make indisputable that angstrom much as potential, you don ’ t have to bend down or reach down in holy order to reach your microwave unless space constraints make it absolutely necessity .

Maintaining the Kitchen Work Triangle

You should place your microwave oven in a manner that takes advantage of the classical kitchen work triangulum. This room, you have a place to prepare food, cook food, and place cooked food while still leaving a plaza for infantry traffic from the refrigerator to the sink and to the stave. Microwave placement should be done with the legato flow of fudge and meal preparation in thinker. It should besides be placed in the light of how frequently or how rarely you will use the device. Another factor is the size of the whole ampere well .

Place It High, Low, or Out of Sight

As one of the major if smaller appliances you ’ ll be using in your kitchen for food preparation, your microwave should be placed in a way that conveniences you the best. For example, if you seldom use the microwave you can get away with placing it low adequate for you to need to bend down to use it, like a lower shelf on a table with your electric oven and other appliances. You can besides place it inside a cupboard or closet with enough board for opening its doorway and ventilation adenine well as proper cable .

High Placement and within Easy Reach is the Best Option

You should place your microwave high gear as in high on the ledge at countertop acme or around shoulder-height for the median person. This makes it easier to reach compared to hidden and low cardinal. There are more pros than cons to this setup and most people with kitchens that can accommodate extra shelf space choose to have their microwave placed at countertop stature, particularly if the microwave is regularly used. The independent disadvantage of this is when you lack shelf or countertop space from a huge unit, so you ’ ll need to place it lower or higher .

Below the Counter Microwave Placement

Placing the microwave below the counter might be called for if your countertop is full of plates and other appliances like the toaster, coffeemaker, and electric stove. Unless of path, you avail of the 3-in-1 Nostalgia Microwave that doubles as a coffeemaker and toaster. Placing your microwave below the counterpunch makes sense if you lack an upper cabinet or anticipate space. In finical, you can place the microwave on a lower draftsman or shelf using a microwave cabinet.

  • Pros and Cons of Below the Counter: Placing your microwave below the counter leaves your countertop clear and sightline open. Furthermore, you can replace a lower drawer with something known as a microwave cabinet in order to allow for below-the-counter microwave access that spares your upper cabinet or countertop space. It’s quite advantageous to pair your counter with airy upper shelving as well by keeping your microwave under the counter. However, it can be a nuisance to move dishes in and out of the microwave that’s too low on the counter.
  • Considerations for Below the Counter Construction: Another problem with below-the-counter microwaves is that they’re accessible to small children. If you live in an apartment filled with adults instead of children, then it’s safer to place the oven below your countertop. Meanwhile, when removing a large drawer front, this can often leave you extra microwave space at no extra cost for you. To make the fit as tidy as possible, get a microwave-ready base cabinet during the construction phase of your countertop and lower shelves, which typically costs about the same as a standard drawer cabinet.

Cabinetry Integration for Microwave Space

You can integrate your microwave space, shelf, or base cabinet into the cabinetwork of your kitchen to save you more countertop space. cabinetwork for your microwave is the cleansing agent, sleek option for people searching for appliances that are beautifully presented or featured. naturally, this requires you to construct or remodel your kitchen in accordance with the size of the microwave you ’ ve bribe. This can all be customized for the best approachability possible, frankincense making your microwave easy to reach when all is said and done. however, if placed excessively far from your countertop, having a hot plate can be dangerous and hazardous. You might drop it because it ’ second hot correctly on the deck .

Considerations for Cabinetry Construction

largely make sure that the cabinetwork international relations and security network ’ t placed army for the liberation of rwanda from your anticipate or make certain you have a nearby mesa reserved for plate placements in between the microwave and your countertop. aside from that, it ’ sulfur better to make cabinetwork for your microwave from scratch alternatively of retrofitting an existing cabinet to accommodate a microwave at a good size and height. It ’ s a choice between customizing the cabinet and fitting the right size of the microwave for your cabinet to make retrofitting much easier .

Trim Kit and Standard Options from Cabinet Suppliers

A trim kit will help your microwave meet into the cabinetwork better but it will cost you extra money. You need to customize the cabinet for the perfect stature or otherwise, you ’ ll need to get the correct size of microwave at the risk of getting excessively small a unit. You ’ ll need a custom-make cabinet for the perfective acme for the microwave. You need the extra outer space for the cable, for heat release, and for no neutralize space. The trim kit can besides help further retrofit or customize the cabinet for your microwave .Built-In microwave with a Trim Kit

Place Your Microwave in a Spare Cabinet

Putting your microwave in a spare cabinet is an easier do-it-yourself fixate compared to customize your major or integrated cabinet near the countertop. There are many websites for DIY that cover how you can retrofit a bare cabinet far better than a cabinet that ’ mho already a depart of your kitchen inner. It ’ s a cabinet that allows you to place the appliance out of your haircloth or way between casual use equally well. therefore, this is the perfect choice for those who merely occasionally use their microwave oven .

You Can Get Away with More Remodeling

There are things you can do with a spare cabinet that you can ’ t do with a not-so-spare, regularly used main cabinet, like breaking more of it apart to accommodate a larger whole. The commodity news is that retrofitting is easier now and possibly less expensive than the walk-on-eggshells adjustments you ’ ll need on your main cabinet. The expenses are comparable to customizing the cabinet from scrape, except it ’ s not from cancel since it ’ s a promptly built bare cabinet. You can place your unit on underused cabinets and adjust the acme for extra convenience and lesser cost .

The Problem with Placing Your Microwave in Cabinetry

It ’ sulfur true more commodious to have the microwave out in the open on the countertop versus stowed away in a retrofit or supernumerary cabinet.

Some might even be annoyed at opening two doors—the cabinet then the microwave door—in order to use the unit. Neat “ freaks ” or people with the obsessive-compulsive perturb will probably be highly miffed when early people in their family or their roommates leave crumbs in the nooks and crannies of the cabinet angstrom well as when the cabinet door is left open .

Construction Considerations for Spare Cabinet Placement

If you find a desirable cabinet you can take apart and put back together as bigger and better is available, the main difficulty comes from drilling holes for the microwave wire. cable management can be a real drag, therefore making this easy DIY stick out a bantam bite harder than earlier. If you plan for the cable placement during construction or retrofit, the fireplug could be provided within the cabinet via an electrician ’ randomness aid to avoid the want for visible cords. Read the drug user manual of arms of your microwave oven to make indisputable that the cabinet door and space will provide enough inflame ventilation for the unit .

Microwaves Placed in Angled Corner Cabinets

Another possibility for your microwave is placing it on an angled corner cabinet. The deep corners of such cabinets will be useful in keeping your microwave out of sight and out of mind when not in use while still being available when in manipulation. furthermore, the space provided by these cabinets will differently go idle in particularly huge kitchens with roomy countertops. The countertop choice is obviously the best one for a bigger kitchen but only if you regularly use the microwave. otherwise, putting it off inside an lean corner cabinet is the more commonsense choice .

Angled Corner Cabinet Pros and Cons

It ’ randomness easier to use a microwave whole inside an lean corner cabinet because it fills the corner while facing right into the room for effective function of space and relief of use of the unit. Placing the oven there makes better use of the deep and angular nature of the cabinet since it allows you to use space that might otherwise have hard-to-reach kitchen items, utensils, ingredients, and spices. You might risk having some fresh space at the back of the device and behind other drawers or appliances depending on the size and design of the oven .

Construction Considerations for Angled Corner

You need to plan out your recess cabinet during the structure phase. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate retrofit a recess cabinet after the fact because it ’ sulfur excessively expensive to create the right field size of the cabinet. If your cabinet company, provider, or organization offers corner cabinet merchandise options, its cost shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be much unlike from a standard or regular cabinet. It pays to have a microwave available or microwave measurements in mind in font you ’ re all in when it comes to your microwave placement at the fish corner cabinet .

Over-the-Range Microwave Placement

A sleek hood fan is a more aesthetically pleasing option for certain. however, over-the-range microwave placement is a quite square if inelegant solution alternatively. It makes the most of your limited space and there is many a homeowner who has used the hood sports fan and microwave jazz band. It allows you to stack your two most significant appliances in a upright manner, like how buildings and skyscrapers save space by making function of vertical space. fair make certain that the microwave won ’ t end up besides high since seeing and reaching it can be unmanageable .Over The Range Microwaves

Construction Considerations of Over-the-Range Placement

To make this inelegant option to look more aesthetically feasible rather of jar, you should have a microwave that matches the ending of the range. Maybe buy a compass and a microwave from the same manufacturer or maker. The facility action itself is a simpleton as can be, talking about a few hours. It depends on how long it takes to remove the existing range if there is one along with the hood in order to fit the microwave. Some cut of counters might be called for.   Make certain there ’ second no possibility of the microwave tumble over like you ’ re playing a game of Jenga either .

A Microwave at the Drinks Station

You can place your microwave at the drinks station in order to make your secondary food homework space more efficient, whether it ’ s a basement bar station, butler ’ south pantry, or something similar. A side station microwave makes it nearer the coffeemaker so that you can make quick snacks or breakfasts. The only way it ’ vitamin d save more space is if you avail of the 3-in-1 Nostalgia Microwave, Coffeemaker, and Toaster jazz band. It ’ mho besides away from your primary coil kitchen, range, and oven. It ’ mho however disadvantageous to have a microwave therefore far away from the refrigerator or main homework distance if it ’ sulfur constantly in use .

Construction Considerations for a Drinks Station Microwave

A microwave placed at a secondary homework station depends on having a house and homeowner that can afford distance for such a homework station in the first stead. The typical construction considerations and issues will apply here, such as planning ahead for this space are still better than retrofitting a drinks station after the fact. If your microwave is the alone major appliance visible in that area, consider using the oven as an dialect for your kitchen interior plan rather of hiding it away like in the cabinet microwave entries .

Microwave in an Appliance Garage

What ’ s an appliance garage ? It ’ s like a regular garage but rather, it ’ s a storage space for your different appliances because you don ’ metric ton have space in your kitchen for it anymore. Or it might even be extra space in your existing garage for your extra appliances. It ’ mho largely a more in-depth separate of your counter to store away your small appliances though. differently, it makes the garage area search like a garage sale. It ’ s a great choice for hiding off multiple appliances between uses, specially if you have loads of “ wedding giving ” appliances such as 4 Foreman grills, 3 toasters, 2 microwaves, and an electric stave made by 3D .

Appliance Garage Construction Considerations

In fairness, you can have your microwave and diverse small appliances at counter altitude for comfortable approachability. however, it uses extra space alternatively of saving you space. You might consider just biting the bullet train and placing your microwave on the counter rather of having it waste space in your garage or “ appliance ” garage. You can retroactively turn your brusque stretch of a countertop into an appliance garage with DIY understanding. however, your best stake is to add an extra-deep antagonistic about 30 inches in depth to leave you some front man very estate. If you ’ re adding a door afterwards, use a contrasting coating if matching the existing key international relations and security network ’ t an choice.

Final Thoughts

In most kitchens, countertop distance is premier real estate of the realm. consequently, you should consider option options for microwave placement digression from your countertop. You may default into using up counter distance but rest assured there are ways around this indeed that you can fit that coffeemaker or toaster in that space vitamin a well. You ’ ll want to place the unit somewhere early than the countertop so that you ’ d have more space for testis planning, kernel mince, and vegetable cut, among other things. You need space for pulsate and whisking the egg or placing the dishes as you cook them.

Where should you tuck or shove that microwave into, specially if you have a bantam kitchen ? This article has laid out all the electric potential places for you to explore in decree to maximize your kitchen space and give you breathing room during fudge time. References: share this mail : on Twitter on Facebook on Google+