Range Hoods vs Over-The-Range Microwave: A Comparison

Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen takes a lot of idea. From colors and sizes to finishing and placement – you need to decide a batch of things .
Ventilation is a key consideration as you don’t want to heat up your kitchen. When it comes to choosing a microwave, you have two options. Either go for a range hood, or an over-the-range microwave.
In this post I ’ ll compare range hoods with over-the-range microwaves. Choosing the better one for your kitchen will be a breeze !
If that sounds good, let ’ s dive in.

What is a Range Hood ?

A crop hood, besides called a kitchen hood or exhaust hood, is a kitchen ventilation device that features a mechanical fan installed inside a canopy .
Range hood In restaurants and hotel kitchens, these range hoods besides include ardor inhibition methods to put away fumes and fires .
Range hoods besides contain filtration systems that remove grease and other particles released by smoke and steam caused by cook .
A sports fan or electric fan runs in the opposite direction, trapping all contaminants in the publicize. This maintains your kitchen ’ south breeze quality .

What is an Over-The-Range Microwave ?

If your kitchen doesn’t have the space you need for a range hood, you can consider an over-the-range microwave.
This is different from the more common nonprescription microwave .
Microwave Range hoodMicrowave Range Hood takes up less space and has it own ventilation In many ways, it ’ second better than the counter version because it takes up much less outer space and stays out of your means. Unless you need it, of class .
besides called a microwave compass hood, it comes with its own install public discussion, which cleans up the contaminated air out, removing toxins from your kitchen .
It besides helps you save big on energy costs as you don ’ t need ( or need less ) vent conditioning to keep your kitchen cool .

Are Microwave Range Hoods Any Good ?

Microwave range hoods, or over-the-range microwaves can be used in place of range hoods.
If you ’ re building a newfangled kitchen and seaport ’ triiodothyronine chosen one of the two, you can go for an over-the-range microwave, as it prevents smoke and estrus buildup that occurs due to the cooktop .
Don ’ t get me faulty. even your microwave will release a significant total of heat. however, a microwave range hood comes with its own ventilation system. These microwaves are typically installed above the cooktop, so they besides have a nice spirit and save space in your kitchen .
The downside to using an over-the-range microwave is that its filter isn’t as efficient as that of the range hood. Its fan speed is besides lower .
It besides provides you express space for cooking ; you can ’ thyroxine manipulation larger pots. It can besides be unmanageable for shorter people to “ see what ’ s cooking ” in the microwave, and it can be a fuss to use compared to a countertop or drawer microwave .
With an over-the-range microwave, you ’ ll besides need to clean and replace the filters frequently, as they ’ re not american samoa efficient as scope hoods. If not replaced or cleared on time, they won ’ thyroxine be as effective in cleaning up the air in your kitchen .

How High Should A Microwave Range Hood Be ?

Whether you have an electric or gas-powered cooktop, you can however place an over-the-range microwave above it .
It needs to be between 28 to 36 inches above your cooking range, which is the same clearance height for a range hood.
You can lower the acme if you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to see your pots. A desirable stature is besides a condom acme. Because you can spill hot food all over yourself while taking the pot out if the microwave is besides high .

Can You Replace a Range Hood with Over-The-Range Microwave ?

While you can certainly replace your range hood with an over-the-range microwave, I wouldn’t really recommend it.
That ’ second because a range hood provides you with more versatility and several benefits that microwaves preceptor ’ thymine. You besides get a range of cooking options with a range hood .
If you distillery want to incorporate a microwave in your kitchen interior decoration, you can go for a countertop microwave. Or fit your microwave in a cabinet or cupboard .
If you’re replacing your range hood because it isn’t working properly, replacing it is not the only solution.
Try remove and cleaning the filters. If you ’ ve been using it for a few years without cleaning it, it will be clogged with grease and other contaminants.

It may take you a commodity few hours to clean it. But it ’ ll make your range dear as new .
You may besides be thinking, “ Can I replace an over-the-range microwave with a rate hood ? ” The answer is, yes you can .
It ’ s a good estimate, particularly if your kitchen becomes very hot and airless when you ’ re cooking food .
Another reason for doing this is that a microwave doesn’t have the same efficient filtration system that a range hood does.
Range hoods contain herculean motors that pull in contaminate publicize much faster than over-the-range microwaves .

early Space-Saving Microwave Options

possibly you have a roll hood but are still looking for a microwave for promptly fudge. You don ’ t have to inevitably remove your roll hood for that .
You can well put your microwave on the countertop. But if you ’ ra unretentive on space, there are several ways in which you can install your microwave efficiently without taking up any counter space :
Microwave in a shelf above sinkPlacing your microwave on a shelf above your sink will save you space.


As I said earlier, over-the-range microwaves are bang-up space savers, freeing up your countersfor your fudge and bake .
You can also mount it over your cooktop, but only if you don’t have a range hood. Otherwise, you won ’ t have any distance for it. They besides don ’ t have the lapp ventilation as a range hood .

Upper Shelf

If you have a smaller microwave, you can install it on the upper shelves of your kitchen.
merely make indisputable that the shelf is wide adequate to accommodate your microwave properly. You ’ ll besides need your electrician to install an electric release on the wall behind the proposed localization of the microwave .

Lower ledge

Another matter to idea would be installing your microwave inside a lower shelf or cabinet in your kitchen .
You can even have a drawer or two removed from your setup to make room for your microwave. Not only will it look neat, it’ll also be easily accessible.

Above the Wall Oven

You may have seen many kitchens where the microwave is installed fair above the wall oven. You can besides go for this concept .
If you ’ rhenium think of getting a fresh kitchen interior decoration, you can choose one that has a fastness for wall ovens and microwaves .

In a draftsman

This may sound incredible, but now you can get a drawer-style microwave facility .
They ’ re normally found in the lower cabinets, and work good like a normal draftsman. Except for the fact that you put your food in them rather of your belongings .

Inside the Cabinet

Another interesting way you can install your microwave in your kitchen is by “ hiding ” it inside one of your cabinets .
It can be hidden from plain sight by the cabinet doorway, visible merely when you need to use it. Just make certain your electrician knows how to put in the wires by rights, while besides following the safety codes .


Range hoods are quite popular, chiefly due to their ability to cursorily clean up the air in your kitchen and keeping the heat down .
But in smaller kitchens, you may not have the option of getting them installed. In that shell you can go for an over-the-range microwave. Whatever you choose, remember the points we discussed here .
I hope now you better understand the remainder between a range hood and over-the-range microwave. And which one would be better in a certain scenario.

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Thank you for reading, and have a fabulous day !