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Microwaves are big. Kitchens are little, specially in this economy and how a lot of a wealth disparity there is with Baby Boomers versus Millennials and Gen Z. therefore, it ’ s only virtual to find a way to make your microwave meet in a bantam kitchen without remodeling it all together. Homes can go microwave-free and depend on their stove. however, there are ways to make a microwave fit inside the bantam of kitchens and apartments .

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You ’ five hundred be surprised with the countless of places inside your bantam kitchen that you can place your microwave .

Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen?

here are the places you can put your microwave in if your kitchen is bantam and you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afford to put up a modern metallic element table from IKEA to keep it above shank level for regular use.

1. Over The Range (Microwaves):

If you have a smaller kitchen, you can place the microwave over the range. This is the classical choice among homemakers since the dawn of microwaves. You can tuck your machine in a bang-up fashion over your stove. This room, your oven doubles as a hood vent for your stave. Microwaves that are over-the-range ( OTR ) allow you to save outer space and maximize the space occupied by your range. however, they don ’ thymine release angstrom well as a criterion microwave with a standalone hood .Over The Range Microwaves The ventilation problem might keep your OTR from being the most ideal choice for your space-saving endeavors. however, they ’ re inactive designed to be much more compendious than a standalone hood microwave. The space that the OTR microwave takes up is by and large atop your stave or the unused space. however, it ’ sulfur difficult to get special tile featured above your gas-range stove with the OTR there. Regardless, it ’ s a viable option, particularly if you have a smaller kitchen .

2. Built-In with a Trim Kit:

Whether you ’ re using a lower or upper cabinet, it ’ s possible to make your microwave appear more built-in using a trim kit. Adding this kit out gives your device a hearty spirit, as it belongs in the distance you ’ ve put it in rather of appearing like something wedged in that juts out like a sensitive thumb. Design-wise, you want your microwave to appear as it belongs to that cabinet .Built-In microwave with a Trim Kit   This built-in search is accomplishable by just adding a coordinated metallic ring that spreads through the space opening between the cabinet and the microwave. In other words, it makes for a better burst when crusade comes to shove. It ’ s something that adds an aesthetic nuance to the wholly microwave presentation, frankincense helping the area become easier to clean and neater to look at .

3. Below the Counter:

rather of cabinets, you can besides place your microwave below the counter arsenic retentive as you have a way to place the spark plug to an electric socket and it ’ s not near the sink or any urine. The space normally reserved for your pots and pans could besides be used for your microwave in event your kitchen is besides small to accommodate an extra board. microwave Below the Counter 1 alternatively of placing a lower drawer on your microwave cabinet, you can replace it with a microwave cabinet. This leaves your sightline absolutely open and your counter clean. This is even true when it ’ randomness paired up with upper berth shelving for effective measuring stick. In terms of downsides, moving dishes in and out of the microwave can be difficult if it ’ south placed excessively depleted. You might need a little stool as a seat to do some microwave !

4. Wall Oven Combo:

A wall oven exists in order to help save space by placing the device right inside your kitchen walls. If you have a wall oven installed, you can place your microwave in combination with it. Just make sure it fits. Stacking your microwave with a wall oven is better than stacking it vertically below on acme of a conventional electric oven to save table space because of toppling concerns. It might even look streamlined when placed there. Since it ’ s a rampart oven, you should end up placing your microwave at a acme that ’ s useable and ergonomic for your back or spur. Please remember that there are microwave units that are available as microwave and electric oven combos. They ’ rhenium oftentimes convection-style microwaves to boot. You can besides install a wall oven with a separate microwave oven using a trimming kit out .

5. Inside a Drawer:

If you can make a drawer microwave installation then that ’ s even better. There are drawer-style microwaves available that are 24 inches to 30 inches wide in encase you require claim measurements. They install in a discerning fashion in your island or lower cabinets. Because they ’ ra drawers, you can draw them out and store them in with a simple push and pull action. They ’ re aesthetically slick.

microwave Inside a Drawer It ’ s a microwave you can slide open then put away after use. You can use them as normal and they ’ re designed to cook without concerns about overheating and breathing issues. Just keep in mind that they ’ ra not precisely brassy. Among the other microwave style types, including rampart microwaves and OTR microwaves, they ’ rhenium among the more expensive ones out there .

6. Hidden Inside a Cabinet:

Like with the drawer choice, the microwave-hidden-inside-the-cabinet choice allows you to entree your microwave only when you truly need it. It might not be angstrom easy-access as a microwave that ’ s out in the open but it is handy to be able to store your microwave off for protection when it ’ s not needed. You can tuck off your oven inside one of your cupboards, on your pantry, or any place where your cabinet is at.   Integrate the microwave with your cabinetwork. Like with your television receiver, some would rather only want to see their microwave oven when they need to use it. Most people alone use it to heat their cup of water in a moment anyhow. Make certain you ’ ve bought a cabinet-sized oven and station it inside the cabinet for the sake of safety and storage. Just make sure your electrician can assist you when it comes to plugging it into the nearest wall socket .

7. Integrated Into Cabinetry:

Minimal remodel might be in order if you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think this through in advance when you had the kitchen made. You can customize the stature of the cabinet to better accommodate your microwave oven rather of finding an oven that can fit inside your cabinet or even drawer. Integrating your microwave into cabinetwork allows you to have a wider range of microwave sizes to work with. Set a Microwave into Cabinetry What ’ s more, you can besides dictate the stature and how approachable the microwave is when you need it. This way, you won ’ t have to end down or reach up in order to use the microwave. however, if the unit is placed excessively far from your counter, there ’ s a risk involved when holding a heat plate and having nowhere to place your food. Your integrated microwave cabinet should besides be built with counters or tables in take care for easy food placement .

8. On an Upper Shelf:

You can besides place your microwave on an upper ledge. You can tuck it into shelves to save outer space as separate of your kitchen ’ s upper cabinets. Depending on the mannequin of the oven, your microwave might jut out or protrude a fiddling over the upper cabinet ’ s ledge. Make sure it ’ mho just a little bulge or jutting alternatively of a draw since you don ’ thyroxine want your microwave to fall from its perch or anything. otherwise, you may want to plan ahead in holy order to get a longer ledge ( to avoid remodeling your bantam kitchen ) or the right-sized microwave. besides, make certain that your electrician installs the want outlets on the rampart near the unit. It should be placed in the space where you ’ ll set the oven with cable management in mind. The microwave will besides need adequate astuteness for both its body and its plug or cable at its back or spine .

9. On the Lower Shelf:

You besides have the option to put the microwave on the lower ledge. The independent detriment to this is you having to bend down in ordain to entree the device. It ’ randomness better to have a lower shelf that ’ south within chest of drawers or shank level so that no bend is required. however, most of the lower cabinets out there aren ’ triiodothyronine placed that means. besides, watch out for bony outer space behind the device if they ’ rhenium not 24-inches deep.   You can avoid losing memory quad by placing it on a shelf at the end of an aisle or something. It ’ s the lapp concept as putting your microwave on your upper berth shelves. The lower cabinets aren ’ metric ton american samoa ergonomic as an upper ledge for sure. You ’ ll have to bend down to take things in and out of the oven. however, it is better than having an upper shelf that requires you to access it by ladder and bric-a-brac.  

The Bottom Line

Counter space is prime real estate in most kitchens. You want to place your microwave somewhere else so that you ’ d have space for cutting vegetables, mincing meats, or preparing your eggs for whisking and beat. Where can you tuck that appliance ? There are actually loads of spaces available to you even in the bantam of kitchens. You just need to know where to look and apply a bit of creativity when it comes to microwave oven placement. There are at least less than a twelve or indeed places to place your microwave away so your cute homework outer space is left alone.   References: share this post : on Twitter on Facebook on Google+