6 Microwave Cabinet Ideas For An Organized Kitchen

Houzz The microwave is one of the most use and most important appliances in the integral kitchen. Whether you are using it to help streamline meal homework, or trying to fit a meal into a busy schedule, microwaves are the way to go. With that being said, the placement of your microwave in the kitchen is significant. Placing the microwave on the countertop takes up a decent amount of useable countertop outer space, space that could differently be used for extra prepping or storing easy-to-access tools. There are six early placement options for a microwave, creating more valuable distance on your countertops and putting your cabinet distance to good use ! Let ’ s research 6 microwave placement options to keep your kitchen quad organized and optimized .Get your FREE 3D kitchen design today!

Get your FREE 3D kitchen design today!

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Microwave Cabinet Built-in in Island

Microwave Cabinet Built-in in Island Pinterest Placing a microwave under the antagonistic in a kitchen island is a bang-up direction to establish more of a discrete look. A drawer-style microwave would suit this placement best for easier access, but any type of microwave would do the job. The add trim around the microwave gives the arrant built-in attend, adding to the seamless style of the kitchen space. Looking for brown cabinets with a microwave insert? Shop similar brown microwave cabinets . 3D Kitchen Visualizer Tool

3D Kitchen Visualizer Tool

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Under The Counter Microwave Placement

Under Counter Microwave Pinterest If you don ’ t have a kitchen island, a microwave can be added underneath the chief countertops in the kitchen a well. Drawer-style microwaves work effective for this type of placement, but any type will still do the job. This microwave placement allows for ample countertop space and presents a clean, organized count. Keep reading for the built-in interpretation of this type of microwave placement ! Check out Lily Ann Cabinets’ white shaker cabinets ! We offer built-in microwave inserts for any kitchen design style (up to 50% off box store pricing)!

Built-in Microwave Upper Cabinet

Built-in Upper Cabinet Microwave Best Buy Blogs One of the most democratic placements for microwaves is inside the upper cabinets. This option frees up countertop distance and creates comfortable access to the microwave without having to bend over. If the expose spirit international relations and security network ’ t properly for your outer space, you could consider adding a door to conceal it that matches the rest of the cabinets. Not sure where to place your microwave? Check out our Free 3D Kitchen Design Tool ! Our professional designers will help you choose the right microwave cabinet insert for your kitchen – no cost, no obligation.

Built-in Under Counter Microwave Cabinet

Built-in Lower Cabinet Microwave Pinterest Putting the microwave below the countertops not only clears up countertop space, but besides allows more space for upper cabinets. With a drawer-style microwave, food prepping and baking will be a breeze with the countertop right above it. With add clean-cut, a built-in microwave looks slick and seamless alongside the rest of the cabinets. Looking for white shaker cabinets that have the option of a built-in microwave insert? Check out white shaker cabinets along with the corresponding microwave insert !

Microwave and Oven Built-in Combination

Microwave and Oven Combination salt of the Earth

For even another clean, seamless front, there ’ second always the microwave and oven combination. If cabinet memory is your priority, this is a capital way to optimize distance and keep cabinets available for repositing. not to mention, the built-in microwave and oven is a great way to add a touch of modernism to your outer space. This option looks clean, stylish and chic .

Above Range Microwave

Above Range Microwave The Spruce One of the most popular placements for microwaves is an above-range microwave. This placement besides allows for ample countertop space and besides won ’ t take up excessively much upper cabinet space. Microwaves that are placed over oven ranges should have a public discussion system built in for when you cook on the stovetop .

Create Your Dream Kitchen With Lily Ann Cabinets

We offer a across-the-board choice of premium cabinetwork, hardware, shelving and more to help you create a kitchen that stands the test of time. Pick from our large array of kitchen and bathroom cabinetwork, including white shaker cabinets that come with soft-close hinges and the choice of built-in microwave inserts. Our professional designers are on standby to work with you — we offer unblock samples and FREE design and quote. Visit our free 3D plan tool to get started today ! FAQs: Where is the best spot to put a microwave? There is no “ arrant ” spot to put a microwave, it by and large depends on personal predilection and what your kitchen space can allow. In general, placing the microwave below the countertops or in an island are the best spots to put a microwave. That way you have ample countertop and upper berth cabinet quad. Where should you not put a microwave? You should not put a microwave inside of a cabinet unless the cabinet has proper public discussion, electricity cable, and the ability to hold the weight of the microwave. Microwaves besides should be placed a safe outdistance ( at least 3 feet ) away from sinks to prevent them from shorting out or electrocuting you. Where do you put a microwave in a small kitchen? In a belittled kitchen, the best rate to put a microwave would be in a built-in cabinet amongst the upper or lower cabinets. That way you have ample countertop quad which is necessity for kitchens of a humble size. What’s the best way to conceal a microwave? The best way to conceal a microwave would be to put it in a pantry or properly suited ( with wires and ventilation ) cabinet. Another choice is to place the microwave in a built-in under the counter of a kitchen island. How can I tell where the best spot to put a microwave is in my existing kitchen? The best way to find the best touch to put a microwave in your existing kitchen would be to use Lily Ann Cabinets ’ 3D design tool. With measurements and pictures of your kitchen space, Lily Ann ’ mho professionals will draft where the best spot to put a microwave in your kitchen is.