Best Wood For Pizza Oven

What Kind of Firewood for Pizza Oven Use?

You found a wood-fired pizza oven for sale and you ’ re fix to fire it up ! You ‘re looking forth to cooking delightful wood-fired pizza recipes like an almond wood smoked wimp and spinach pizza. Wait a minute ! I think you can agree that spending an hour trying to heat a smoky oven is n’t your mind of a good time !
But, it does n’t have to be that way if you have the best wood to use in your pizza oven. In this web log military post, we ’ ll focus on the best woods to use for your residential outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. Hopefully, after you ‘ve read this post, you ’ ll know the doctor of osteopathy and don ’ triiodothyronine of using wood for pizza oven use. Best wood for a pizza oven
This article contains information on the adopt topics related to cooking wood :
1. Woods to Avoid When Cooking in Wood Fired Oven

2. Best wood for Pizza Oven
3. Does Moisture Content Affect Wood Fired Cooking ?
4. Why Is My Pizza Oven Smoking ?
5. How much wood for a Pizza Oven ?
6. Where to Buy Wood for Pizza Ovens
7. Best wood for Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking
8. Flavored Wood for Pizza Oven

Woods to Avoid When Cooking in Wood Fired Oven

not all woodwind is fit to use in a wood fired oven and not all firewoods contribute to the mouth-watering blends of wood fired cooking flavor .
Cooking in a wood fired oven is a goodly choice so don ’ t contradict that by using firewood that is dangerous to your health. Laminated woods, imperativeness treated and painted woods, or any wood that has chemicals are never to be used in a wood fired oven .
Why does this matter?
These woods have hazardous chemicals that can be toxic. besides, debar woods that have senior high school sap contentedness, like pine. Sap produces carbon black and creosote which coats the oven floor and is regretful for humans. This is particularly significant when using versatile woods in commercial wood fired pizza ovens .

Best Wood for Pizza Oven

now that you know the types of wood that you don ’ thyroxine want to use, you may be asking “ what is the best fuel for pizza ovens ” ?
Wood burning in a large pizza oven
The best woods for cooking are seasoned and dried hardwoods. Hardwoods, which normally contain broad leaves on the trees, are a better option than softwoods, which normally have needles and cones .
One reason hardwoods are better for cooking in a pizza oven is that they are cleaner and last longer than softwoods. The best examples of hardwood are maple, oak, ash, hickory, walnut, birch, and beech .
That’s not all…
If you love the aromatic effect wood has on your food then fruitwood is highly commend and can greatly affect your meal. Fruitwood, as the name implies, comes from several fruit-bearing trees .
Fruitwood includes apple, cherry, plum, almond, pear, hickory, maple, pecan, mesquite, chestnut, avocado, alder, apricot, and nectarine. These woods can in truth add to the relish of your following dinner !
If you want to learn about the unlike types of woodwind and recipes to go with them, jump to Flavored Wood for Pizza Oven .

Does Moisture Content Affect Wood Fired Cooking?

Did you know that the moisture content of your firewood affects not precisely your food but besides your wood-fired oven ? YES, it does ! When your wood has besides much moisture in it, your oven has to spend more meter drying the wood and less fourth dimension heating your oven .
The ideal moisture content of the best wood used in wood-fired ovens is less than 20 % moisture. This means that under-dried woods are not recommended. There should be a decent balance, not besides dry but not wholly green wood .

Why Is My Pizza Oven Smoking?

One of the independent complaints we hear from modern wood-fired chef is that they have besides much smoke coming from their pizza oven. While this may be perfect when smoking meats, this is n’t what you want when having a pizza party. even the best wood fired pizza oven will smoke if you are using the wrong wood .
Pizza cooking in a smoky brick oven
Here’s the deal:
Greenwoods are those that have been just cut recently and not had the prospect to dry however. This character of woodwind is NOT what you want. It doesn ’ metric ton produce the veracious measure of fire needed inside the oven and will produce lots of smoke .
To avoid excessively much smoke, use hardwood that is kiln dried to ensure the balance moisture and dispassion of the wood you use .
Using information from an article, the following table shows the basic pot, embers, and burning energy for the diverse types of fruitwoods .

Wood Type Smoke Energy Embers

Stack of Alder Wood

Alder Mild Low Fair
Apple Wood Logs for Cooking Apple Medium High Excellent
Hickory Wood Logs for Cooking Hickory Strong High Excellent
Maple Wood Logs for Cooking Maple Mild High Excellent
Mesquite Wood Logs for Cooking Mesquite Strongest High Excellent
Oak Wood Logs for Cooking Oaks Medium High Excellent
Peach tree or Nectarine wood for cooking Peach Medium Medium Fair
Pecan Wood Logs for Cooking Pecan Strong High Good
Pear wood logs for cooking in a wood fired oven Pear Medium High Fair
Walnut Wood Logs for Cooking Walnut Strong High beneficial

How Much Wood for a Pizza Oven?

so, how much wood do you actually need when cooking in your oven ? here comes the fear answer … it depends. normally, you can start with about 5 small pieces of wood to get your fire going and your oven up to temperature .
The distinctive length of woodwind used for cooking in a pizza oven is 12 inches. It ‘s normally easier to start your fire with smaller pieces of forest before adding larger pieces .
Length of wood for cooking in pizza oven
Depending on your oven ‘s heat retentiveness ( internet explorer, brick ovens hold heat better than stainless steel ovens ), you may only need to add a few early pieces of forest to maintain the temperature or you might need to continually add a nibble of wood as necessary while you are cooking pizza .
When purchasing large amounts of wood, it is normally sold as a “ cord ”. A full cord is when the forest is stacked four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long ( 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. ) .
Measurement for a cord of wood
The cord of wood size comes from the use of a cord or bowed stringed instrument to measure it. A “ cord ” is traced second to the 1610s when wood was sold in bundles tied with a cord. normally stacked on a pallet, the wood pieces are arranged so they are analogue, partake and compact, so they occupy a volume of 128 cubic feet .

Where to Buy Wood for Pizza Ovens

Always try to find the best wood for cooking in your pizza oven. If searching on-line for firewood, you can search for “ where to buy forest for pizza oven ” or “ firewood pizza ”. There are on-line forte stores like,, and that sell bang-up firewood for use in your pizza oven. We besides carry a courteous selection of Apple wood, Cherry wood, and Oak firewood that is perfectly cut for use in a pizza oven .
Wood for cooking in a pizza oven
If the embark costs prohibit you from purchasing from an on-line storehouse, you can normally find forest locally by checking your local Craigslist or through bible of mouth. Just make sure to ask if it ‘s a hardwood for cooking that has been seasoned and dried .

Best Wood for Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking

Great food depends on the forest you use when it comes to cooking in your wood-fired pizza oven. Cooking in your pizza oven with hardwood brings other benefits as well ; every wood fired oven seasons differently over time, good like a cast iron frying pan, so each will produce food with subtle differences .
basically, your wood burning oven will acquire its own environment and personality, infusing your pizza oven recipes with flavors you ca n’t find anywhere else .
early factors including the choice of your kernel, oven temperature, spices used, and any lend sauces will impact the final taste of your meal vitamin a much as the type of wood used. so, spend clock time experimenting with different woods in addition to all the other factors .

Flavored Wood for Pizza Oven

According to The Forest Encyclopedia, much the woodwind season is influenced more by the climate and soil in which the trees are grown quite than the species of woodwind. This means that the differences between maples grown in Tennessee and maples grown in Colorado may be greater than the differences between maple and pecan that are grown side by side in a region .
With that caution, different fruitwoods have different smells so they season your food in a different way. Therefore, some fruitwoods are a better meet for certain types of food. Below are some democratic fruitwoods and the most democratic types of food to cook with them in your wood fired oven.

Alder Wood 

Alder tree provides wood for cooking
Alder is a genus of flowering trees and shrubs belonging to the birch family .
Alder is identical meek with a insidious, slightly sweetly season making it the perfect go-to roll of tobacco spirit. Some people like to mix Alder with other types of forest to create custom flavors. Alder works well with fish, domestic fowl, vegetables, lamb, and blimp as it provides a abstemious spirit .
Alder Wood Smoked Salt Salmon Recipe
Try this recipe for Alder Wood Smoked Salt Salmon .

Apple Wood

Apple tree used for cooking wood
While very democratic in the US, the Apple corner originated in Central Asia. european colonists brought the Apple tree to North America .
Apple is often used by pizzeria to enhance aroma and spirit because this woodwind burns very hot. Foods can besides be smoked for longer periods of time due to the lenience of this wood. This makes Apple wood an excellent option for cold smoke cheese and meats .
Applewood Smoked Chicken Recipe
Try this recipe for Applewood Smoked Chicken .

Hickory Wood

Hickory tree used for cooking wood
There are approximately 18 species of Hickory throughout the world. It is believed that american samoa many as 12 Hickory trees are native to the United States .
Hickory has a strong olfactory property that is slightly sweet but not excessively bold. Hickory is popular for cooking bacon and blimp dishes but it besides pairs well with gripe and wimp. Since Hickory has a very firm fastball relish, it can overpower some dishes .
Hickory-Smoked Chicken Recipe
Try this recipe for Hickory-Smoked Chicken .

Maple Wood

Maple tree used for cooking wood
The Maple tree is one of the most recognized with it ‘s large colorful leaves. There are approximately 128 species of Maple with most native to Asia .
Maple has a angelic season and balmy olfactory property evocative of Maple syrup. With that smoky sweet, it naturally pairs well with pork but is besides normally used with poultry and vegetables. One token to note with Maple is there are multiple species with each containing change levels of run down content. This blackjack will caramelize when burn ( more blackjack = more caramelization ) so it can affect your food ‘s preference. The higher the caramelization, the higher the possibility of a slenderly bitter taste .
Maple Bourbon Smoked Ribs Recipe
Try this recipe for Maple Bourbon Smoked Ribs .

Mesquite Wood

Mesquite tree used for cooking wood
Mesquite trees are native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. These trees can survive in desert conditions because they have highly long roots allowing them to find water identical far underground .
Mesquite is democratic because it is a very hot burn wood. It is a favorite when cooking steaks or pork as it gives a bold season to meats. It is besides a stronger wood so some think it can be a moment acerb or harsh .
Recipe for Mesquite Smoked BBQ Ribs
Try this recipe for Mesquite Smoked Bbq Pork Ribs .

Oak Wood

Oak tree used for cooking wood
There are approximately 600 species of Oak trees with the largest number of Oak species in North America. Mexico boasts 160 species while China contains approximately 100 species .
Oak is one of the most popular of all the woods used in wood-fired ovens as it is normally readily available in most areas. It burns for the longest clock and gives off a capital aroma for your food. Oak wood is typically used for rib, lamb, and gripe as it is the perfect complement to most kernel seasonings .
Oak Smoked Prime Rib Recipe
Try this recipe for Oak Smoked Prime Rib .

Peach/Nectarine Wood

Peach tree or Nectarine tree for getting wood
The Peach tree is native to Northwest China. The Peach tree belongs to the genus Prunus which besides includes the clean, yellowish pink, almond, and cherry trees .
Peach gives a balmy and slenderly fresh relish to white meats, seafood, and fish so it frequently used by competition Pitmasters. It is much combined with Oak or Hickory when cooking gripe, wimp, or pork. It is normally used to smoke game birds .
Recipe for Whiskey Peach Smoked Pulled Chicken

Try this recipe for Whiskey Peach Smoked Pulled Chicken .

Pecan Wood

Pecan tree used for cooking wood
long-familiar in parts of the United States, the Pecan tree is often cultivated for its fruits adenine well as its wood. This species of Hickory is native to the Southern United States in the region of the Mississippi river and besides can be found growing in northern Mexico .
Pecan is widely used for wood-fired ovens. It gives a angelic flavor that is a fiddling smoother than hickory. Because it is not as potent and does n’t burn as hot, it is capital for smoking larger pieces of kernel, such as pork barrel roasts and Thanksgiving joker .
Pecan Wood Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe
Try this recipe for Pecan Wood Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich .

Walnut Wood

Walnut tree used for cooking wood
Walnut trees can grow highly large with many being arsenic tall as 131 feet. half of the universe ‘s total numeral of walnuts are produced in China .
Walnut is the perfect match for cooking fruits and vegetables. It brings out the season of vegetables and fruits, specially mushrooms and potatoes. If you love your food to have a big olfactory property, this is a capital wood to use !
Texas-Style Smoked Brisket Recipe
Try this recipe for Texas-Style Smoked Brisket .
experiment with different woods and diverse flavors to find what tastes best. Trust us, your kin and friends won ’ thyroxine mind being guinea fowl pigs for the delicious meals you are creating !

remark below with your favored wood you use for your woodwind fired recipes !

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