The Best Frozen Pizza Is Made in Italy

Published on June 8, 2021 last update July 22, 2021 By Geraldine Campbell

In my convention, non-pandemic life, I considered pizza to be a treat. Quarantine life changed that. I estimate that, in the past 15 months, I have eaten freeze pizza once for dinner and then again the future day for lunch. At least. I would besides say that makes me something of an technical. I may not have tried every freeze pizza out there, but I have tried a bunch. And I have discovered the identical best freeze pizza. Before I tell you what it is, let me add that I am not a snob about my pizza. I consider about any frozen pizza to be pretty good. It ’ s just… so commodious : preheat the oven, pop it in for 8-12 minutes, and dinner is served. It ’ mho besides so comfort and precisely what I want to eat when I ’ ve had a long day and haven ’ thyroxine been able to hug anyone besides my cat-o’-nine-tails. But this pizza from Naples-based company Talia di Napoli is something different. It is no average pizza ! As such, it will set you back a few extra dollars. But it is decidedly worth it.

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The Best Frozen Pizza Comes From Italy

These pies are made in Naples, i.e. the capital of pizza, with all the best local and organic ingredients — the wheat flour, the extra-virgin olive oil, the sun-ripened tomatoes, the fior di caffe latte mozzarella from felicitous, grass-grazing italian cows. They ’ rhenium then flash-frozen, or “ put to sleep, ” and the “ sleeping pizza ” are then shipped direct to your door. ( I besides good discovered you can find them in Whole Foods and Target stores in New York ). These pizzas are therefore good, you will think that you are in Italy. I am not kidding. The flavors are perfetto and if you eat it right out of the oven, the texture comes reasonably close to Neapolitan pizza right out of the pizza oven. My favorite was the margarita. I ’ m a purist ! But the Tartufina is delightful, excessively, and decidedly decadent, if you ’ re in the climate for something a bite more indulgent. If you have food sensitivities, Talia di Napoli besides offers gluten-free and dairy-free versions.

My suggestion ? Get one of the big variety packs which come with 8 pies. Stash them in your deep-freeze and then squeal with delight the following clock time you can ’ triiodothyronine decide what ’ second for dinner and you realize you ’ re 10 minutes away from real-deal Naples pizza. Buy It : Talia di Napoli Frozen Pizzas, from $ 13 per proto-indo european ; use discount rate code Cleanplates10 for 10 % off your order !