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Marla from Arlington, TX light worked, timer and control condition pad worked, but no turntable, no heat, no noises of any classify, barely did n’t start up

Noted on partselect.com that person else with this problem, found it to be secondary door switch over. There are three door switches in this model, but on-line information noted that one of the three might feel “ soft ” ( in my case, one switch clicked in a preferably “ jiggly ” way, the other two were hard decisive clicks. ) To entree the door switches on this model was the alone unmanageable separate. First use a torx morsel to remove the two torx screws below the latches inside the microwave. This frees the latching share inside, that holds the door switches, which you will remove after you take off the dominance panel. The top grill has to come off before you can remove the door panel. Remove the screws above the grillroom, on the microwave top cover, The grill on this model is covered with a panel that moves out when it vents. After removing the two top screws, the covered grill vent slides left to remove. Be careful, as the slide tab key are fictile. Wiggle and jiggle it, to slip it off. Below the removed grill, is a humble metallic element grillroom with one fuck in lower concentrate. Remove that sleep together, and wiggle that out. You ‘ll then see the one screw that holds on the control panel. Remove this fuck, and lift the control panel up to remove. Again, go slowly and lightly, as the bottom tabs holding the control condition dialog box in, are besides fictile and easily broken. Lay the master panel on something, ( I used the coffee manufacturer ) and pull out the wire bundles tucked on the left, that are attached to the latch panel. Wiggle the latch control panel gently to lift it up off of it ‘s credit card tabs and pull it out towards you, so you can see the three door switches. Each switch over ( part number WB24X829 ) has a little black interchange on it. Feel each switch with either your feel, or a screwdriver to see which one does n’t “ click ” strongly. The faint one is the one you will replace. The door switches are fitted into a yellow journalism, and plugged into their wires. Remove the defective switch, pull out the wires, and replace it with the new switch, plugging back the wires, and slipping it back into it ‘s formative tabs. then put everything back together in reverse ordering. The entire job took me fifteen minutes EXCEPT for figuring out how to slide off the upper grill, which I have told you. A repairman would have cost $ 150, the function was $ 18. AND, there ‘s a dependable casual, the other two switches will get “ used up ” in the next year or indeed adenine good, so I ‘ll be ready following time. Thank you, Partselect, why work all day, to make money, only to give it to person else, for fifteen minutes of work. All I needed was the cognition.

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