Bertello Outdoor Review

Like some other antic products we ‘ve tested here at GearLab, the Bertello Outdoor was launched with crowd-sourced financing, which tends to lend credence to the quality of a product. This multi-fuel oven comes standard as a wood-fired oven ( you can besides use charcoal and pellets ) but can well be converted with a boast burner fastening. The distinguish sport of this conversion is that it still includes a wood-fired tray. This addition lets you preheat the oven and light the wood using the propane burner, and then bake 12 ” pizza as a wood-fired oven .

Performance Comparison

While gas is convenient, it is simply hard to beat both the... While gasoline is convenient, it is just hard to beat both the aesthetic and singular flavors provided by cooking with a wood-fire. fortunately with the Bertello oven, you do n’t have to draw a hard line between the two options ! citation : Aaron Rice

Cooking Performance

The Bertello oven is possibly the most convertible of any we tested. While it blurs the lines between wood- and gas-fired ovens, we thought it best to consider each fuel type individually for indifferent comparison. This model comes criterion as a wood-fired oven, which is more forgive but less commodious to fire.

Slower cook times in the range of five to seven minutes put up more time to learn how to cook pizza by rights and give you more clock to prep in between firings. But with average stone temperatures of entirely 552°F, it is more appropriate to cook low- to medium-fired styles of pizza. Once you feel you have the necessary skills in place, the boast conversion unlocks the electric potential power of the Bertello oven. With this simpleton switch-over, average cook times drop down to good 90 seconds, as average pizza pit temperatures rise to an incredible 774°F .
Shown here with the gas conversion, there are other, more obvious... Shown here with the gas conversion, there are other, more obvious signs that this oven is firing at incredibly hot temperatures. credit rating : Aaron Rice
The Bertollo is the hottest oven we tested when using the flatulence attachment, capable of producing perfect Neapolitan-style pizza within equally small as 60 seconds. many companies market the might of a Neapolitan pizza oven, but Bertello is one of the few that sincerely delivers. While it is quite possible to achieve perfectly puffy, golden crusts when firing as a natural gas oven, the wood-fired style is more probably to produce brown, crisper — and sometimes ash-grey — crusts .

Output Power

The Bertello is at the top of the charts concerning utmost pizza stone temperatures as a gas oven. It is surpassed by very few other ovens, one of which is the Gozney Roccbox. The pizza stone is made with cordierite — the lapp material used in kiln postpone — which is one of the few materials able to tolerate temperatures above 800°F .

incidentally, cordierite is besides fabulously heat-resistive, which may seem counterintuitive but is actually the argue behind its ability to transfer heat directly into cooking the pizza crust, producing a comforting crunch when it is time to cut into your meal. Despite a matted exterior, the reflective, stainless steel inside does an excellent job of radiating estrus to evenly cook pizza on all sides — but again, only when the fire is burning .
A rolling flame not only casts convective heat over the top of the... A rolling flame not only casts convective inflame over the top of the pizza, but reflective, stainless steel steel sidewalls contribute to the radiative heat of this oven. credit : Aaron Rice
As a resultant role, it is more important to manage the estrus output of the Bertello oven because if you let the fire die down, both pizza stone and home oven temperatures will quickly follow befit. Surprisingly, even internal oven temperatures slump slenderly in contrast to the pizza stone. The average operate on temperature of the oven chamber hovers around 670°F .
While the internal air temperature of an oven needs to be in the... While the internal air temperature of an oven needs to be in the range of 800F to qualify as a Neapolitan-style oven, these are approaching near-optimal pizza stone temperatures around 750F. credit : Aaron Rice


While it may not be equally hot as a ceremonious Neapolitan pizza oven, it can produce choice pies in that style, thanks to a few key factors. The fabulously hot pizza stone gives the crust a promptly rise. At the same prison term, incontrovertible airflow directs flames to roll across the low ceiling of the oven chamber, evenly and efficiently cooking your cook toppings .

Whether you are firing with wood or propane, this oven produces a roll and coltish fire. You are given the ability to overlap the two fuel types, which can be convenient, chiefly because the gasoline burner can backup the wood fire. But the forest tray included with the adapter is besides shallow to build a fire bombastic enough to sustain even cooking one pizza.

A direct comparison of heat sources, with the original firebox... A send comparison of heating system sources, with the original firebox ( left ) set future to the gas-conversion ( right ), that still allows for small amounts of wood to be added to its shallow fire pan. credit rating : Aaron Rice
While we wo n’t go indeed far as to say it ‘s just for show, we ‘ll deem that it may be more for that “ wood-fired season. ” As a result, we suggest firing the Bertello as either a woodwind or gas-powered oven to avoid the type of multi-tasking where one does n’t end up doing either thing particularly well .
The hot Bertello oven definitely cooks fast. Be ready to turn this... The hot Bertello oven decidedly cook fast. Be ready to turn this pizza many times during its short baking time period to avoid burning the crust. credit : Aaron Rice

Ease of Use

As a wood-fired oven, the Bertello is one model that will about surely require the aid of a consecrated fire-tender. We feel this is a necessity, at least until you can master the skills necessity to tend to the oven and homework boodle and chop toppings simultaneously. Thus is the paradox of an efficient wood-fired oven : the fire can burn hot adequate to reach the extreme temperatures you desire, but that horizontal surface of inflame means that it can besides burn through fuel excessively cursorily. Because of the at odds performance, this oven earned an average score for facilitate of use .

While airflow moves in the right commission with the back cap on, whenever you remove this ceiling to load firewood, you experience a dangerous — and honestly, dangerous — measure of blowback that results in flames shooting out the back of the oven. fortunately, both can be avoided by using the more convenient gas burner. flush though the gas-fired option is simplified in a feel, the proximity of the flame to the top of the pizza means you must closely monitor and regularly turn the pizza to avoid it from turning into a black lump of coal .
The blowback from the firebox can be both surprising and... The blowback from the firebox can be both surprise and intimidating when you remove the back capital. This flaw makes it difficult to add woodwind fuel during the stoke phase. credit : Aaron Rice
One last criticism is immediately related to the size and human body — and frankincense portability — of the Bertello oven. A compress oven chamber, complemented nicely by folding legs, makes it easy to store and convenient to carry… in wood-fired shape. however, the gas attachment adds 10 inches to the length of the oven, hangs awkwardly off the binding of the back, and makes the hale box much more delicate to handle and move when compared to the tank-like lastingness of its original form .
Compact in its wood-burning format (firebox at the front)... Compact in its wood-fired format ( firebox at the front ), the gas-burner fastening seems unnecessarily retentive, and makes this otherwise streamlined oven a bit awkward to move around. recognition : Aaron Rice

Should You Buy the Bertello Outdoor?

The Bertello pizza oven could be considered a “ value-added ” product. We can not recommend strongly enough the extra purchase of the gas burner fastening — this will allow you to unlock the on-key capability of this compact power station. Assuming you purchase the conversion kit out, this is a in truth versatile pizza oven and is perfect for any chef who does not want to restrict themselves to entirely one fuel type. This oven presents an exceptional performance at a reasonable price, making it a valuable addition to any outdoor kitchen .
Regardless of how you decide to fire this oven, you can expect to be... careless of how you decide to fire this oven, you can expect to be mesmerized by this beautifully effective rolling flame. credit : Aaron Rice

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What Other Pizza Ovens Should You Consider?

As a relative newcomer to the pizza oven scene, the Bertello Outdoor is an award-winning kitchen appliance that has the likely for true greatness. With a few design tweaks, both control and ease of use could be enhanced to the benefit of the chef. however, the few drawbacks of this model may throw you off. If this is the case, the Gozney Roccbox is worth checking out as an alternative. It is one of our favored models that can besides run on multiple fuel types and needs virtually no tweak to produce the perfective pizza .
A hot and fresh pizza from the comfort of your backyard. The... A blistering and fresh pizza from the comfort of your backyard. The Bertello surprised us with its overall performance and the prospect for art to tied novice pizza makers. credit : Aaron Rice