How to get Fortnite’s new Pizza Party: Locations & what it does

You can use Fortnite’s new Pizza Party item to share pizza slices with your teammates. Here’s where you can find Pizza Party and how you can use it in Fortnite Chapter 3.

There is a short ton of fun to be had in Fortnite Chapter 3, whether by finding Klombo dinosaur around the island or unlock skins like the Hawkeye outfits. immediately, you can besides collect pizza in the game.

The Pizza Party item is another modern accession that greatly benefits your integral squad. You ’ ll besides need to know where to find it for a Fortnite chapter 3, Season 1 Quest that requires you to ‘ take pizza slices. ’
here ’ randomness everything you need to know about Pizza Party in Fortnite .

Where to find a Pizza Party in Fortnite

You can purchase the new Pizza Party item from the NPC Tomatohead at the Pizza Pit restaurant. You can find this location at the Tilted Towers POI which has returned to Fortnite Island .
here ’ s what you need to do :

  1. Head to the Pizza Pit restaurant
  2. Interact with Tomatohead to speak with him
  3. Select the Pizza Party item and purchase it
  4. Pizza Party will be added to your inventory

Purchasing the Pizza Party token will cost you 50 Gold Bars. If you don ’ metric ton have this measure saved up already then you can check out our detail guide on how to earn Gold Bars in Fortnite .
alternatively, you can besides collect a Pizza Party from Chests and Supply Drops or by destroying Loot Llamas. While this doesn ’ thymine undertake that you ’ ll find the detail right field away, it ’ second surely the cheaper option.

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What does a Pizza Party do in Fortnite

Fortnite ’ s Pizza Party item recovers your Health and Shield. You merely need to approach it and press the ‘ consume ’ button to use it. You can besides save it in your armory by pressing ‘ take ’ alternatively .

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While pizza slices can restore 100 Health, they will only recover up to 50 Shield. then, if you ’ ve already recovered your Shield, you may want to leave some slices behind for your teammates to use .
One chapter 3 Quest tasks you with taking a pizza slice from a Pizza Party. You can get this done by simply aiming and throwing a Pizza Party down to the grind like to how you would toss a grenade .
You can besides feed pizza slices to a Klombos dinosaur by throwing a Pizza Party near one of them. While Klomberries are their darling food, they won ’ metric ton mind eating the slices and leaving behind loot for you to collect .
That covers everything you need to know about Fortnite ’ s newfangled Pizza Party item. It can greatly help your integral police squad when your Health and Shields are low, so it ’ s worth going out to find the item .
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image credits : Epic Games