Some microwaves have filters (wait, what?). Here’s how to clean yours

Every once in a while we come across a life-altering houseclean hack that very blows our mind and we just stumbled along one peculiarly intrigue antic while perusing our TikTok feed. Until recently, we were n’t even aware that some microwaves have filters that need to be changed every few months, but TikTok user @ mamasknowbest set the record straight last month in an queerly hypnotize video recording that shows her cleaning the filter while she waits for her surrogate one to arrive in the mail.

In the television, the social media drug user explains that her microwave trickle needs to be replaced every six months and shows her followers how to extend the life of their current filter by cleaning it. first, she takes the protective screen off the acme of the microwave and unveils a trickle that has batch of sludge on it. She then sprays the cover with cleaner and removes the dirty filter before submerging it in a dip full of soap and water and shaking it around multiple times. future, she scrubs the top of the microwave ( near the vents ) with a buttery quick study and does the same for the protective cover. soon, she rinses everything off, puts everything back in its place and shows off the screaky blank percolate and microwave. The social media exploiter admitted that she “ had forgotten all about ” the clean hack in her caption, but we have to give her citation because we had no hint that we evening had to replace microwave filters. Looks like we ‘re not the merely ones who are fascinated by the curiously assuasive video. Since it was posted in early October, it has amassed over 2.8 million views !

Expert tips for cleaning microwave filters

After watching the video recording, TODAY Food was curious to know if our own microwave might have a percolate and if so, if good old soap and urine works well enough to clean it. So we reached out to lifestyle adept Jill Bauer to get the inside outdo.

“ Countertop style microwaves do not have filters that need to be cleaned. The type of microwaves that do need cleanse are the kind that are over your stovetop, ” she explained. “ only microwaves with a fan that recirculates atmosphere back to your kitchen have filters. ” Over-the-range microwaves typically have both a grease filter and a charcoal filter and they should each be handled differently when it comes meter to replace or clean them. here are Bauer ‘s top tips :

  • Grease filters: “This is often stainless steel and can simply be cleaned with hot, soapy water. Allow it to soak, if necessary. Let air dry and then reinstall. With regular cleaning and care, they rarely need replacing,” she said.
  • Charcoal filters: “They’re designed to help with odors, and should be replaced every six months. These really aren’t designed to be ‘washed’ because getting them wet actually negates charcoal’s ability to do its job. The charcoal has ‘pores’ that absorb odors and if you wash filters, it breaks down the pores and releases all of the particles that were trapped back into the air,” Bauer explained.

The life style adept besides added that it ‘s always a adept mind to clean around the area where the percolate is located. “ Wiping away the buildup of grease and dirt allows the percolate and fan to do its job more efficiently. A good predominate of thumb is to put ‘microwave deep clean ‘ on your spring and fall houseclean lists and that means you ‘ll remember to change and clean the filter regularly, ” she said.

While you ‘re at it, there are enough of other DIY clean hacks you can use on your microwave to keep it running well. For exemplify, you can use a shuffle of water and white vinegar to clean your microwave out once a workweek ( get all the details here ). Related: