Where Was Mystic Pizza Filmed?

Julia Roberts stars in ‘ Mystic Pizza, ’ a romanticist comedy-drama that was released in 1988. The film, directed by Donald Petrie, marked his directorial introduction along with Matt Damon ’ sulfur debut as an actor on the silver screen. other celebrated members of the ensemble include Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor, Vincent D ’ Onofrio, William R. Moses, and Adam Storke. ‘ Mystic Pizza ’ revolves around two sisters, Kat and Daisy Araújo, and their best ally, Jojo Barbosa. The three Portuguese-American girls have newly graduated high school and are waitressing at the local pizza parlor, Mystic Pizza. A big aspect of the film is its beautiful localization. If you are curious to know where the places used in the film are, we have you covered .

Mystic Pizza Filming Locations

Filming began on October 12, 1987, and rolled through for six weeks, last ending in December 1987. even though the diagram of the film is set in Mystic, the film uses locations from many neighbor towns. The actual Mystic Pizza restaurant, however, was not used due to a dearth of space and a discrepancy with the owners to close the restaurant for the duration of the inject. here are all the locations seen in the film.

Mystic, Connecticut

Screenwriter Amy Holden Jones was spending her summer around the quaint greenwich village of Mystic, Connecticut, when she came across the local anesthetic pizzeria called Mystic Pizza. She was inspired by the little shop and chose it as the epicenter of the floor about the three youthful waitresses. The real-life Mystic Pizza is located on 56 W Main St. in Mystic and is still operational. The restaurant besides sells the celebrated “ Slice of Heaven ” jersey that Julia Roberts can be seen sporting in the movie .

The setting where Jojo is seen yelling at Bill for changing his gravy boat ’ second name from “ Jojo ” to “ Nympho ” was shot on the scenic Mystic Bridge. The sequence where astronomer Kat delivers her lecture on navigating with stars was shot at the Treworgy Planetarium at the Mystic Seaport on 75 Greenmanville Avenue. Mystic Seaport was besides used in Steven Spielberg ’ s ‘ Amistad. ’

Stonington, Connecticut

The placement which was converted into the Mystic Pizza restaurant, as seen in the movie, is the construction that is presently the New England Science and Sailing Foundation, on Water Street in Stonington. The scene where Jojo and Bill have a walk and talk about the incidents that had gone depressed during their almost-wedding was besides shot in the vicinity.

In the movie, Charlie and Daisy have their beginning date at the Mystic Harbor Yacht Club. The placement that was used for this scene was Skipper ’ mho Dock restaurant, which has permanently closed. When Daisy impresses her puppy love Charlie ( Storke ) with her impeccable pool skills, they are at the Peg Leg Club, for which Zack ’ s Bar and Grill on 201 North Main Street was used .

The restaurant is presently operational as of December 2020 and is a town favored. All scenes at Charles ’ syndicate mansion, including the family dinner scenery where we see a new Matt Damon playing Charles ’ little buddy, were filmed in the Windsor Family House on Church Street. The construction is presently a private residence. aside from this, Groton, 730 State Pier Road, and Yale University were besides used as film locations .
The scenes showing the residences of the three girls were all shot in Pawcatuck, a quiet fiddling village in Stonington. The house used for the Araújo kin mansion is located on 187 Mechanic Street while the Barbosa family mansion was shot at 185 Mechanic Street. apart from this, Kat delivers pizza to her ma at Ferriera Lobsters. In real life, a restaurant called Ford ’ s Lobsters on 15 Riverview Avenue was selected for this scene. They remain temporarily closed as of December 2020 .
Rhode Island
The state of Rhode Island besides appears on the list of filming venues. Known for its arenaceous shores and colonial seaside towns, it made for a fit localization. Cast and crew headed over to the affluent greenwich village of Watch Hill and the town of Westerly to capture a few scenes for ‘ Mystic Pizza. ’

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