Every legend starts with a floor. From humble beginnings in a small Iowa town to 200 plus restaurant locations across the Midwest, Pizza Ranch has grown with patriotic customers and hard-working franchise owners. Striving to uphold the ship’s company ’ s Mission and Vision, each Pizza Ranch location is a part of our lore and can trace its roots back to the very begin of the floor .
Kick back, put your boots up and listen to where the caption began .

Humble Roots

When Adrie Groeneweg began testing pizza recipes in his parents ’ kitchen in the early 1980s, short did he know he was creating a recipe that would result in a resonant business success .
Our base beginnings can be traced to Hull, Iowa, the quaint hometown of Pizza Ranch President and founder, Adrie Groeneweg. Adrie was dividing his post-high educate days between welding and working at a pizza living room in a nearby township. Adrie ’ s curiosity surfaced as the 19-year old noticed a fortune of people from his hometown drive to Sioux Center for supper at the pizza parlor he worked at. Adrie went home at night and shared these observations with his forefather Bill.

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thankfully Adrie ’ s dad saw a fortune of potential in the pizza business and in his son. Bill found a build on Main Street in Hull that could be converted into a restaurant and urged Adrie to open his own pizza space. Adrie ’ s dad was besides bequeath to put his own funds on the note and signed the note at the deposit for this raw business speculation with an matter to pace of 18 %. nowadays the only things that were left were a mention and recipes. Adrie ’ s folks came up with the western theme idea and Adrie created the recipes. Pizza Ranch welcomed its first gear guest on December 21, 1981 .

Legendary Growth

Two and a half years after the Hull Pizza Ranch opened Adrie received an inquiry from a businessman in Mountain Lake, Minnesota, wanting to know if Adrie was concern in franchising his concept. As it turns out, the answer was yes and the first Pizza Ranch franchise was born in 1984 .
today, with more than 200 franchise locations in fifteen states, Pizza Ranch is the largest, most recognized pizza chain in the Midwest—and showing no signs of slowing any fourth dimension soon. In summation to the fabled snack bar and customer-first mentality, much of the credit for success of Pizza Ranch can be traced to a rock-solid foundation built upon Adrie ’ s father ’ second original “ pay it forward ” position .
Let ’ s take a drive rear in time and discover the important milestones Pizza Ranch has marked on the travel !

History Timeline

The original Pizza Ranch restaurant opens in Hull, Iowa .
year : 1981

A irregular localization opens in Orange City, Iowa and the noon snack bar is introduced .
year : 1983

The first Pizza Ranch franchise opens Mountain Lake, Minnesota .
class : 1984

Our fifth Anniversary and there are ten Pizza Ranch locations. We introduce coupon books to help local organizations raise funds. Our support of local fundraisers has been growing ever since !
year : 1986

Chicken is added to the menu and it cursorily becomes known as The Country ’ s Best Chicken ® .
year : 1987

Our 10-year anniversary, Pizza Ranch has expanded to 52 locations in five states .
year : 1991

We introduce Skillet Crust pizza and Cactus Bread® dessert pizza, offering guests a newfangled variety of choices .
year : 1993

Pizza Ranch celebrates its fifteenth Anniversary with 80 restaurants .
year : 1996

ranch Pack® Value Meals, Ranch Wraps and Mashed Potatoes and gravy are all added to the menu .
year : 2000

Our 100th localization opens, fair 22 years after our humble begin .
class : 2003

Putting impression into action, President Adrie Groeneweg unveils Pizza Ranch ’ s Mission and Vision Statements, renewing our committedness to glorify God by positively impacting the world .
year : 2004

endow Cards are introduced and guests love the re-loadable cards that make the perfect endow .
year : 2005

Twenty-five years after the first base restaurant opened, Pizza Ranch grows to 135 locations .
year : 2006

Pizza Ranch outgrows our corporate Headquarter ’ s original location in Hull, and a raw Pizza Ranch Restaurant Support Center is built in nearby Orange City, Iowa .
year : 2007

After hiring a give Culinary Research and Development Director, Pizza Ranch begins offering quarterly featured items. Some of these limited-time-only pizza and salads have been thus popular, they ’ ve subsequently been added to the menu, like Tuscan Roma. We besides started emphasizing our celebrated “ Buffet Your Way ” which allows our snack bar guests to request their favorite pizza and have the first slice delivered right to their table !
year : 2009

With 160 locations open by our thirtieth anniversary, Pizza Ranch launches the ranch Rewards program to thank guests for their loyalty. ranch Rewards members earn points every time they dine that add up to valuable rewards and receive other single offers and promotions .
class : 2011

Pizza Ranch Ranch Rewards releases an App in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. The app allows guests to store their ranch Rewards card information and wiretap to check in to a restaurant for a cardless have .
year : 2016

Pizza Ranch reaches 200 restaurant locations in 13 states with plans for cover growth. The launch of the newfangled pepperoni pizza marks a commitment to continuous improvement in our cravable food offerings .
class : 2017

Pizza Ranch launches Stuffed Crust pizza in all of its restaurants, continuing our promise in offering a assortment of cravable food on our fabled buffet .
year : 2018

Pizza Ranch is awarded America ‘s Best Customer Service and America ‘s Favorite Pizza Chain .
year : 2018

Pizza Ranch makes its way South ! In August 2018, Pizza Ranch expanded its territory by another submit – arkansas !
class : 2018

Pizza Ranch launches the FunZone Arcade Website, as the company adds on arcades to existing and new locations !
year : 2019

In midst of the pandemic, Pizza Ranch adapts to federal, state, and local health guidelines, temporarily introducing contactless buffets in about all of our locations .
year : 2020

Pizza Ranch adds a new fabled dessert option – the Chocolate Chip Cookie .
year : 2020

Pizza Ranch expands its menu to include Bake @ Home freeze pizza, including breakfast and traditional flavors .
class : 2020

Pizza Ranch adds boneless and traditional wings, just in time for The Big crippled !
class : 2021

Pizza Ranch adds on a weekend brunch snack bar in approximately 25 % of its locations. This brunch buffet includes menu items like, bacon, breakfast pizza, waffles, french pledge sticks, biscuits and gravy, and more !
year : 2021

Pizza Ranch expands The Country ‘s Best Chicken to include Chicken Tenders ! Paired with our lemony dipping sauce, these are must-have menu items .
year : 2021

Despite the pandemic, Pizza Ranch opens three new locations in June 2021 – Duluth, MN, Brookings, SD, and Champlin, MN – with more Pizza Ranch locations slated to open by and by in the year .
year : 2021

Pizza Ranch is blazing a raw drag, and expands to its 15th country – tennessee !
year : 2021

Pizza Ranch ‘s President and Founder, Adrie Groeneweg, has been chosen as the Iowa Restaurant Association ‘s 2021 Restauranteur of the class by the Iowa Restaurant Association.

year : 2021

Pizza Ranch celebrates its fortieth anniversary .
year : 2021