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Are you upgrading your appliances soon ? Do you need to replace that old refrigerator, deep-freeze, dishwasher, washing machine, dry, stove or early large appliance ?
If so, you might be able to sell your old appliance and get some cash for it. There are many places where you can sell old appliances that you are getting rid of when you purchase modern ones .
There are besides people who make a good living by selling used appliances for excess cash.

If you have old appliances you would like to get rid of, or if you think you might want to make a know sell used appliances, read on for some reselling tips .

Best Places to Sell Old Appliances

Most people choose to sell their appliances on their own through social media or online sites. The best on-line web site for selling appliances like washers or dryers for cash tends to be Craigslist .
here are some tips for getting acme dollar as you work to sell your old appliances on Craigslist .

1. Craigslist

There are reasons why some things sell faster than others on Craigslist. When you search to buy items on Craigslist, you ’ ll find some things going promptly and others sitting for weeks .
here are some keys for a quick sale if you are looking to sell your practice appliances on your own via Craigslist .

Be Honest About the Condition

People dislike having their time wasted, and I ’ thousand certain you do besides. When selling your used stuff on Craigslist, be honest about the condition of it .
If there are scratches or dents on the appliance, let people know. Be clear about how previous the appliance is and how much practice it has had .
For case, if you ’ rhenium selling a clothes washer you may have truly given it a run for its money if you have lots of kids .
however, if you are a single person or retire pair, you are credibly alone doing one to two loads a week .
People like knowing what the history of an appliance is before they go to look at it .

Take Good Pictures

Taking good pictures is samara to a fast sale on Craigslist. Make sure to use a halfway decent camera that gives a clear reflection of the condition of the appliance .
Include pictures of any damaged areas as well. The more a person knows about an appliance, the better judgment they can make if it might be the right one to fit their needs .

Check Similar Ads for Pricing Ideas

It ’ s a good theme before you price your appliance to make certain you have an idea of how much like items are selling for .
If you price besides eminent you could be holding on to the appliance for longer than you want to and end up lowering the price finally anyhow .
If you price excessively broken you may get rid of the item cursorily but you could be losing out on some cash .
As you try and gauge a competitive price, know that while the comparison items don ’ t have to match your appliance precisely, look for like models and what they are selling for .
precisely try and price your item in a range that will be certain to let buyers know they ’ re getting a good price .

Specify Your Location

location is important when selling used stuff on Craigslist – specially big tag items such as appliances .
many people want to drive around 5 to 10 miles for bulky items. Others will drive far just to get a cover. Be clear about where you ’ re at therefore people know right aside whether or not they want to make the drive to buy your item .

List the Appliance Specifications

appliance specification are besides authoritative for a quick sale. Most of the time you can find the spectacles for the appliance you ’ rhenium sell on the Internet and just imitate and paste them into your Craigslist ad .
If you can ’ thymine find on-line specification for your appliance, be sure to include the dimensions as you write up the ad .
Height, weight, and depth of an appliance is significant so that buyers know whether the appliance will fit in the space they ’ ve designated for it .

Title Your Ad in an Attractive Manner

As you write your ad, make sure to be a bit creative as you title it. Check out these two real number animation ad examples for refrigerators that were selling on my local Craigslist site .
Example #1: “ Old Refrigerator ”
Example #2: “ Vintage Kenmore Brand Refrigerator 21 cubic foot ”
Which listing entitle sounds more attractive to you and would make you consider reading on ? The second base example is decidedly more entice, flush though the first refrigerator might be a better bribe .
You want to pull out potentially attractive features for your appliance as you title. Key phrases in your title such as “ in bang-up condition ”, “ rarely used ” and “ like modern ” work well for getting stuff sold quickly .

Be Clear About Your Price

As you set your price, think about how uncoerced you are to deviate from that price. even if you are set on getting your highest price, think about how you would feel if the detail didn ’ t betray after a match of weeks .
Would you be will to go lower at that item ? If therefore, you may want to start out being more flexible. For example, you could say “ $ 200 or best extend ” .
Think excessively about what the minimal price is you think you would take, and good how set you are on that minimum monetary value. Try not to let emotion influence you as you determine your price .
Are you volition to hold on to the appliance longer to get your price or is it more important to you to get the detail off of your hands ?
If your chief concern is just getting the appliance out of your house, consider adding “ or best offer ” to your sale price .
Most Craigslist buyers are looking for a batch, and farce that is priced besides high or close to what they can buy it raw for is going to be more difficult to sell .

Mention Whether You Will Deliver or Not

many buyers looking for appliances have no way to come and pick them up. As a seller, it ’ second important to be clear about whether or not you will deliver, and if then what your charge for delivery will be .
Knowing that information could be key for some buyers and again, it will save time as it sifts through electric potential buyers .

Share What’s New on the Appliance

If you have recently replaced a separate on the appliance you are selling, it ’ second wise to mention that in your list. Knowing holocene upgrades or care improvements can help you sell used appliances faster .
For case, a person might be more likely to buy an older clothes dryer from you if they know you ’ ve recently replaced the inflame component .
Or if there is a particular function that is known to go bad on an appliance, a electric potential buyer will be more likely to purchase if they know you ’ ve replaced that part recently .
Any type of upgrade or holocene repair is full of life buyer data that needs to be shared on your listing .

State Why You are Selling

People frequently fear buying used items – particularly costlier items such as appliances – because they fear you ’ rhenium betray due to poor operation .
This is why it ’ south crucial to mention the real reasons you are selling the item. Are you upgrading from white to stainless steel ?
Is the current detail not large adequate to handle your needs, or is it just not working as it should ? Be honest and be open about the reasons you are selling so a potential buyer knows what to expect .
sometimes it can be helpful to provide some on-line links to information about the appliance you are selling in your list .
This gives potential buyers the whole floor on the appliance itself and can help encourage them to buy if the appliance has good reviews .
electric potential buyers on Craigslist are more likely to purchase from a seller who gets back to them cursorily .
As a seller, it ’ s authoritative that you list the contact information that will allow you to get buyer notifications cursorily and get back to them soon .
As an model, don ’ triiodothyronine use your e-mail address if you can ’ t access it from your earphone and rarely check it .
Use an access avenue that is common for you to use, such as your cell phone number, and get rear to potential buyers cursorily .
If a potential buyer doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hear back from you soon, they may equitable move on to another seller .
These are the tips that many people find helpful when working to sell appliances on Craigslist, but you may want to try another route : sell on Facebook .

appliances for sale on facebook marketplaceappliances for sale on facebook marketplace
Facebook Marketplace has grown over the past few years. Most neighborhood groups besides have a neighborhood buy and sell page.

The great thing about Facebook is most buyers are near you. This can be good for you if you are trying to get rid of your items fast .
neighborhood sell pages are a great way to buy and sell items. You and besides extend your search to community buy and sell pages. Some pages use the term solicit, barter or deal .
As with any social media selling foliate, make surely to vet your buyer. Facebook allows you to click on the buyer and seller profile and see if their profile is a legit page .

3. Garage sale

garage sales can be great venues for selling exploited appliances adenine well. Despite what some might think, there is still a large consultation out there for garage and yard sales .
Some people in truth enjoy finding deals in an atmosphere where they can come and look at stuff first gear hand at their appliance .
And you can post your garage sale listing on Craigslist besides, which could result in an on-line offer even before your garage sale starts .
When posting a garage sale listing on Craigslist, it ’ mho important to share a short number of what you are selling for the determination of potentially attracting buyers before the sale starts .

4. local anesthetic Appliance Stores

Another avenue for selling used appliances might be found with local appliance stores. many appliance stores have a “ used ” section in their stores, and some appliance stores only sell used or “ start and dent ” models .
Take some time to call local appliance stores and outlets and find out if they are interest in buying your used appliances, whether it ’ s a personal appliance or one you ’ ve purchased to resell. Check to see if they will give you cash or payout in the class of a rebate or instore credit .

5. local Scrap Metal Recyclers

many larger metropolitan areas have scrap metal recycle businesses that willingly pay for previous appliances, which can result in a fast manner to make money .
now, selling to a fight alloy recycler might take some exercise ; some recyclers only take the metal parts of the appliance which means you ’ ll have to remove any non-metal parts .
besides, it ’ mho important when calling recycling businesses to make surely they do take rubbish metallic element as not all recyclers do .
Scrap alloy recyclers by and large pay by the pound – and prices for recyclers can vary – so it ’ randomness smart to call a few trash metallic recycling yards before choosing which one to sell your appliances to .

6. local appliance Resellers

Along with stores that resell used appliances, you might besides be able to find local side hustlers that will buy your appliances for the sake of reselling them .
Although this route won ’ t catch you the most money for your appliance ( remember ; the goal of the reseller is to buy super gloomy and sell for a profit ) it might be a fast way to sell the token .
Check your local anesthetic Craigslist ads and local newspaper ads adenine well as you search for resellers who might be interest in buying use appliances .

Selling Appliances for The Most Money

Some people do run a dangerous side hustle where they are making money buy and resell used appliances .
You ’ ll need a hand truck or trailer to run an appliance sell side hustle, as you ’ ll want to be able to go cursorily to pick the appliances up from the sellers you find .
As you look for items that will resell promptly, you ’ ll want to look for three things :

  • Appliances that are in good shape or need minor repairs that you can make yourself
  • Appliances that are priced well below what you could resell them for
  • Appliances that aren’t terribly far away from your current location

Pick the right Items to Resell

As you browse a sell app for items to buy for resale purposes, you want to make certain that the items are either in bang-up work form or can be fixed with a effective scavenge or by replacing elementary parts .
Selling used appliances is credibly the best side bustle choice for people who know a little moment about how to repair appliances or are will to take some time to learn .
appliance repairs are frequently much simple to accomplish than you might think. When the inflame chemical element went out in our clothes dry, my husband spent a couple of hours searching the Internet on how to replace it .
adjacent, he ordered the part from a local anesthetic appliance parts store ( it only cost $ 40 ) and got the dry working again in less than three hours .
Doing that saved us over $200 on what the repair monetary value we were quoted from the appliance memory was, and he learned a valuable skill in the process .
Most appliance rectify international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate terribly unmanageable but you do need to know what you are doing. The Internet is a great resource for learning how to repair appliances .

Buy Appliances that Are Priced Well

You ’ ll have to be quick and check Craigslist often as you look for the items that are going for the best price and will make you the most profit as you resell them .
Check Craigslist or early sites every day, and check the “ free ” part deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. many people who are selling used appliances aren ’ thyroxine looking to make a huge profit – they barely want the detail gone .
They besides don ’ thyroxine want to have to pay to get rid of them, and many appliance retailers and junkyards do charge a tip for taking erstwhile appliances .
You may besides be able to negotiate a lower sale price if you can get the appliance picked up sooner rather than late .

Buy Items that Aren ’ t besides Far

When buying used appliances in order to resell them, it ’ randomness authoritative to take into account the gasoline you have to use when picking them up .
It may not be worth it to drive your truck an hour away to pick up an appliance you ’ ll only make a $ 50 profit on when you resell .
consequently, it ’ south chic to calculate the prison term and money you ’ ll spend as you consider how far to drive to pick up appliances that you can buy and sell for a profit .
If you are looking to make a occupation sell used appliances and do not want to travel besides far, look on Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay local anesthetic or OfferUp for finding estimable deals on appliances that you can resell for a profit .
You ’ ll have to put in some clock and money as you go to pick up the appliances, to get them in optimum shape as you clean them up, do some paint touch up and do minor repairs, but the profit you make on the resell could make it a worthwhile side hustle .

Sell Used Appliances to Replace Items

The other reason you might want to know how to sell exploited appliances for cash is if you are replacing older appliances for a fresh appliance .
There are respective reasons you might want to sell your old appliances :

  • The appliances may no longer be in the best working order
  • The features and benefits of the appliance may no longer fit your needs
  • You may be doing an upgrade for the purposes of remodeling

Whatever your reasons for selling your old appliances, there are ways you can get cash for them .

Having a store Pick Up Your appliance

Years ago, many bigger appliance chains used to pay you to haul away your old appliances but that ’ s not the character sol much anymore. Before you agree to have a store draw away your appliances, it ’ south important to know what their policy is for doing so .
here are some of the current policies for a few of the bigger stores that might be bequeath to take old appliances .

Best Buy

Best Buy will besides haul away your erstwhile appliances for a fee. If you are replacing an old appliance with a similar item, Best Buy will charge you $ 14,99 per item they haul aside .
however, if you are having them remove items that are not being replaced with similar items purchased from their store, they charge a $ 99 removal tip for each item .

Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores

Lowe ’ south will haul away your erstwhile appliances for exempt when you purchase a alike surrogate item – IF you buy the item using your Lowe ’ sulfur Business Credit report. I ’ ve hear they do make some exceptions in this sphere, but it ’ sulfur credibly a bright idea to contact your local Lowe ’ s store for their specific guidelines on hauling aside old appliances .

Home Depot

The Home Depot web site is pretty obscure about how much they charge to haul away previous appliances. The network web site merely states “ Haul away of old appliance at extra care. ”
again, it might be a estimable idea to call your local Home Depot shop for specific information as each store placement might have its own haul away rules .

Salvation Army

Although your purpose is to make money from the sale of an appliance, sometimes selling may be besides much of a harass, therefore making a contribution to a non-profit can be feasible as well. Check places like the Salvation Army to see if they will pick up your item and provide you a contribution dislocate that you can put toward your taxes .


The bottom line is this : you can pay person to haul away your erstwhile appliances, and you can besides pay to bring them to the local anesthetic rubbish cubic yard or trash cubic yard .
however, there are ways to make excess money by selling your old appliances, and it ’ s always nice to make a little money rather than spend a bunch for having person else take away your appliances .