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Supplies for Selling Pizza by the Slice

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods in North America, with approximately 3 billion pizzas being sold per annum in the US alone. With stats like these you can count on there being a local pizza shop in every city and small town across the area. Most times pizza is sold whole and placed in a absolutely designed box that customers can take home. however, many customers have no necessitate for a full pizza and come in search of a individual slice. Below are some of the necessity supplies that every pizzeria will need for selling sliced pizza to their customers .

Paper Plates

disposable composition plates are a cost-efficient and great way to serve up single slices of pizza for your customers. There are several unlike sizes of plates that can accommodate diverse proportions, ranging from 6 ” to over 10 ”. In accession, your pizzeria can decide between medium-duty or heavy-duty plates. These can not only be used for customers who decide to eat at the shop, but besides for customers who wish to take their slice on the go .

Paper Pizza Bags

Paper pizza bags are the arrant solution for packing up individual serve slices for the road. After placing a pizza piece onto a composition plate, you can simply slide your plate into a paper pizza bag and pass it to the customer. There are several different designs to choose from, all of which are cost-efficient and come in a variety of sizes in order to securely fit your plates and slices.

Pizza Slice Containers

Pizza slit containers are basically a pizza corner built for a slice, they offer the best grade of protection for your slices. not alone are pizza slice containers perfect on the fit, but they are besides compostable and environmentally friendly. They ship flat allowing for easy storehouse and they are quick and simple to put together when needed .

Other Supplies

There are many other materials that can be utilitarian and important when selling pizza. here are some other supplies that are substantive for running a pizzeria and keeping your customers satisfied .

  • Plastic Portion Cups & Lids – These little containers are the perfect solution for dipping sauce! Whether you have a homemade marinara that customers love or a bulk supply of creamy garlic and other popular dips. These containers ensure the perfect pre-portioned amounts make it into your customers hand!
  • Napkins – Every place that sells food needs napkins. Knowing that napkins will be an essential part of every order makes it the perfect item to bulk buy for cost savings and convenience. There are a variety of napkin qualities and purposes to choose from.
  • Grease Proof Pizza Liners – These pizza liners come in a variety of sizes that are sure to fit both your smallest and largest pizzas. They are perfect liners for protecting boxes from absorbing grease and keeping your customers pizza’s fresh and tasty.

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