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After Yang (kogonada)

Following his serenely stunning drama Columbus, video-essayist-turned-director kogonada headed to the future with After Yang. The gorgeous, moving play about what makes up a family premiered at last year ’ mho Cannes ( where our own Rory O ’ Connor was assorted ) and after a few tweaks recently landed at Sundance, where it received quite a ecstatic response. Starring Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, Justin H. Min, Sarita Choudhury, Haley Lu Richardson, and Clifton Collins Jr., it follows Farrell as Jake, a beget who attempts to repair the malfunction Yang, an android that was a companion to his young daughter. In his second have, kogonada perfectly depicts quite a apparently realistic near-future while still retaining the passive aesthetic sensibilities of his debut. – Jordan R .
Where to Stream: Showtime

Dear Mr. Brody (Keith Maitland)

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long before the days of going viral with a scam to share wealth with whomever retweets a comment, there was Michael J. Brody Jr., an Oleomargarine successor and alleged hippie millionaire who pledged to give away his wealth without thinking through an neat process. Surrounding himself by “ yes ” men, he becomes a submit of fascination on news programs in the New York City area, finally capturing the attention of manufacturer Ed Pressman, who takes possession of the letters as research for a future narrative film about Brody. – John F. ( wax review )
Where to Stream: VOD
Drive My Car (Ryūsuke Hamaguchi)

A wholly magnetize, irreducible film, Drive My Car accumulates its submerge emotional weight from countless elements : the ever-shifting countenance of Hidetoshi Nishijima ; the stoic closeness of Tōko Miura ; the revolving supporting hurl, each name more distinct and transfixing than the last ; the relax counterpoint of Eiko Ishibashi ’ s score. What Ryūsuke Hamaguchi has done here is nothing short of heaven-sent, a deduction of all these elements to create something both supremely purgative and continually tantalizing, in full delivering on its particular narrative throughlines while capturing all manner of mysterious routes that constantly move into the bang-up unknown. – Ryan S .
Where to Stream: HBO Max, VOD
Huda’s Salon (Hany Abu-Assad)

farseeing live the socially minded political thriller ! Thanks to filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, this long-underserved sub-genre––once perfected by directors like Hitchcock, Pakula, and Weir––feels briefly resurrected thanks to his modern picture Huda ’ mho Salon. Set in the West Bank and based on truthful events, the film concerns palestinian housewife Reem ( Maisa Abd Elhadi ) and the circumstances that are set in motion after a fatal stumble to a local salon run by a charwoman named Huda ( Manal Awad ). – Dan M. ( full review )
Where to Stream: VOD
Isabella (Matías Piñeiro)

Women from Shakespeare ’ s oeuvre find themselves reincarnated in contemporary South America through the holocene works of Argentine conductor Matías Piñeiro ( Hermia & Helena, The Princess of France, Viola ), which operate with non-linear structures concentrated on the intersection between the professional and familiar lives of actresses or aspiring artists. His unassumingly deluxe modern feature Isabella–which channels the central sister-brother dilemma in the british generator ’ second measure for Measure–examines two women ’ s unexpressed diffidence, their aversion to hazard, and conflicted career aspirations in an initially puzzling but ultimately reward break up narrative. – Carlos A. ( wax review )
Where to Stream: MUBI ( release for 30 days )
I Was a Simple Man (Christopher Makoto Yogi)

With his sublime sophomore feat, I Was a dim-witted Man, film director Christopher Makoto Yogi sees Hawai ’ i not strictly as tropical eden, but a placid, sacred stead with a spiritual identity constantly being threatened by cultural erasure and american imperialism. Oscillating between eerily pristine widescreen shots of Honolulu ’ s horizon and apparitional portraits of rural life, the film ’ s haunting filming echoes this tension through competing textures and hues. hush, Yogi ’ s quietly radical aesthetic manages to capture the soulful world of a anguished individual feverishly slipping from one earth to the next. – Glenn H .
Where to Stream: The Criterion Channel
Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson)

Paul Thomas Anderson ’ randomness disheveled period floor of the quasi-romantic friendship between precocious 15-year-old Gary Valentine ( Cooper Hoffman ) and unfledged, floundering 25-year-old Alana Kane ( Alana Haim ) brings the LA native back to his sun-kissed San Fernando roots. Hoffman and Haim, in their feature debuts, not merely lead this film untethered to a big-name actor, but carry it with the still of season performers. Licorice Pizza is less a standard love report than a lyric portrait of the thin, fragile line between adolescence and adulthood ; of two people with one foot in one earth and one foot in the early, intertwining somewhere in the middle at the most imperfect time. – Brianna Z .
Where to Stream: VOD

The Long Walk (Mattie Do)

modernization and traditional live clash to strong political consequence in Mattie Do ’ s third have film The long Walk. Its first few images see both an nameless flying ship traveling at heave focal ratio and a rusted-up motor scooter. We see crap roads and vegetables being sold in plastic bags in a farmer ’ randomness marketplace but currency is now paid through a digital chip in your wrist. “ Oh you ’ re using an old politics chip, ” the tender tells The Old Man ( Yannawoutthi Chanthalangsy ). It seems it ’ randomness already outdated. Things move fast in The Long Walk while others stay relatively the same. – Soham G. ( wide review )
Where to Stream: VOD
The Pink Cloud (Iuli Gerbase)

Iuli Gerbase ’ s The Pink Cloud starts off with a disavowal : “ This film was written in 2017 and shot in 2019. Any resemblance to real liveliness is strictly coincidental. ” indeed, it doesn ’ t take farseeing before the preternatural connections between Gerbase ’ second film and the real-life COVID-19 pandemic become quite unsettlingly clear, in what feels like the simultaneously most accurate and most dystopic depicting of life during a pandemic ( namely, during lockdowns of the first separate of 2020 ). – Brianna Z. ( full recapitulation )
Where to Stream: VOD
Pre-Code Paramount

One of the most celebrated additions to this month ’ south Criterion Channel batting order is a series dedicated to the films of Paramount anterior to the initiation of the Hollywood Production Code. From Lubitsch ( Trouble in Paradise and Design for Living ) to Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich ( Morocco ) to Dorothy Arzner ( Merrily We Go to Hell ) and beyond, one can partake in risqué delights, 30s-style, with this 20-film series .
Where to Stream: The Criterion Channel
West Side Story (Steven Spielberg)

Leave it to the overcome. We didn ’ t need a remake of a classical ; we didn ’ t truly want a remake of a classical. And even. Steven Spielberg ’ s long-in-the-making re-interpretation of West Side Story is his best film in a ten, arguably the best by anyone this class. Lush color, vibrant sets, and more star-making performances than you could count on one hand, this thing bristles with biography. Janusz Kaminski shoots the film like he ’ sulfur trying to get out of the way of Justin Peck ’ s beautiful stage dancing. At once an ode to the original film and a blistering newfangled adaptation, West Side Story is a marvel. – Dan M .
Where to Stream: HBO Max, Disney+
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