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1967 - Amana Introduces the Fist Countertop Microwave Oven

We have Amana to thank for many of the kitchen appliances we use every day.

always thought about who invented the microwave ? Was person looking for a faster means to cook food ? A smaller fudge vessel ? A way to blow up Peeps ? The answer is none of the above. In short-circuit, Amana did not invent the microwave oven, but they did introduce the first countertop microwave oven in 1967. It was back in 1947 that the ability to cook food product using microwaves was discovered – by accident !

During World War II, the engineer Dr. Percy LeBaron Spencer was using magnetrons to study the use of war-time radars. A magnetron is a device made up of vacuum tubes that produce microwave radiation and were used in radar at the time. spencer happened to have a candy measure in his pocket while working and when he realized it had wholly melted, he ( like any other engineer ) had to figure out why .
Upon further experiment, he confirmed that the microwaves he was using had melted his beloved nosh. He besides realized that microwaves could not only melt food—they could cook it a whole batch faster than early methods used at the time. Dr. Spencer worked for the Raytheon Corporation, who took his discovery to the following charge and created the first commercial microwave, the 1161 Radarange. The 1161 Radarange was a 1600W mammoth car and way besides big for home use and even most restaurants ( we ’ re talking over 6 feet tall and 800 pounds ! ) .
In 1967, Amana was a division of Raytheon and was busy creating the first erect freezers and side-by-side refrigerators for the home, but realized the potential of a microwave oven that could be used in the family a well. soon after, Amana created the first domestic microwave oven, called the Radarange®. Since households at the clock time were merely using convection ovens, the microwave oven changed american cook constantly and we have Amana to thank for making it available to all restaurants and households .
One of our latest favorites from Amana is the MXP22 Xpress High-speed Combination Oven. The MXP22 combines beaming, convection, and microwave cooking in one belittled machine. Measuring at 25 inches wide and 27 ½ inches in depth, the MXP22 is perfective for hotels, commodious stores, campus dining, stadiums, or any application battle high need in a little product space.

Because this unit combines 2000W of convection heat from the top, 2200W of microwave heating system from the sides, and 3000W of infrared beaming heat from the bottom, you can cook most foods 15 times faster than using a even convection oven. Although these three elements of heating knead together, you can control them individually at 10 % increments anywhere from 0 to 100 % which means the options are endless when it comes to creating the perfect leave with multiple menu items. And yes, that means you basically have a microwave until you turn the other elements on .
Endless fudge options sounds big until you consider the sum of inconsistency that could result from employees cooking dishes at different times and different levels of heat. fortunately for you, Amana was way ahead of that consequence and added a USB port which allows you to store up to 360 menu items and then program them into the oven. Applications include everything from baking a wholly pizza ( in less than 3 minutes ) to toasting sandwiches to baking brownies !
From its initiation in 1934, Amana has been a manufacturing company dedicated to “ putting the ability in afford-ability. ” They ’ ve come a long way since spearheading innovations such as the first base consumer microwave. today, Amana has a line of reliable, dim-witted to operate, commercial microwaves ideal for restaurants and institutions who require a knock-down cook machine for their kitchen .