Pizza Margherita (Tomato and mozzarella pizza)

Naples is a thousand colors, and a thousand colors of pizza ! Although asking around they will tell you that there is only one master, the pizza margherita, and no other types of topping works. Every dignified pizza maker has their own recipe and enviously guards it, but we have created one of our own and we have chosen to plowshare it with you … follow our bit-by-bit instructions and even at home your margherita pizza will be equitable angstrom adept as at the pizzeria ! There are a few secrets and you will learn them : first of all the ingredients must all be of excellent quality, the oven must be hot and last but not least you must put all your love for cooking into the boodle ; alone in this way can the margherita pizza be special ! formulation

To prepare pizza margherita, first of all begin making the basic dough. pour water at room temperature into a cup, add the yeast 1 and stir with a teaspoon so that it melts completely 2. We have chosen to knead by hand, but if you prefer you can besides prepare the basic dough in stand mixer, using the hook and operating it at medium-low accelerate. then in a bowl, combine the two flours 3 ,

then add about half of the water in a dilute stream and 4 knead with your hands 5. then add the salt 6 and the remaining body of water.

Continue working the mix with your hands until you the solution is uniform 7. At this indicate add the vegetable oil, hush a morsel at a clock time 8, continuing to knead to help its assimilation. then transfer the dough onto a flat come on and knead it vigorously for a few minutes 9

until it is smooth and elastic 10. once you get a decent placid boodle, let it rest on the exercise coat for about ten-spot minutes covering it with a bowl. After it has rested give it a little fold : imagine that the ball is divided into 4 parts, take the conclusion of each one, pull it lightly and fold it towards the center field, finally make it the determine of a ball 11. Transfer the dough frankincense formed into a bowl, cover with transparent wrap 12 and let it rise. For public toilet you can put the bowl in the oven off but with the faint on, so the inside will reach a temperature of 79°-82° F ( 26°-28° C ), ideal for rising ; alternatively you can besides keep the stadium in a warm plaza. The times are approximate as for each training, the temperature and weather conditions affect the boodle rebellion : on average the boodle should take 2 hours to double in volume .

When the dough is well originate 13, transfer it to a flat surface by lightly turning the bowl top depressed 14 and divide it in half using a dough scraper 15 ; if necessity you can sprinkle the coat with a little flour.

Go back to folding the boodle, as you did before the rise, then turn it top gloomy and proceed with the elongate : stretching the dough means turning it with your hands on the worktop, dragging it towards you and then moving it away repeatedly until you get a politic and regular testis 16. Transfer the two halves onto a tray 17 and let them rest for another half an hour, still covered with wind or a fabric 18 .

meanwhile, preheat the oven to 475° F ( 250° ) in inactive mode and prepare the ingredients for the filling. First target a strainer on a bowl and with your hands shred the mozzarella 19 and place it in the strainer 20. That way you ‘ll lose all the excess whey. Pour the tomato pulp into another bowl and season with salt 21 ,

a eddy of oil 22 and oregano 23. Mix everything 24 and american samoa soon as 30 minutes have elapsed, start the mix again.

Dust the worktop and place one of the two halves on it. Squeeze it lightly with your hands 25, then stretch it out by applying luminosity pressure and making a revolve apparent motion 26. Avoid crushing the bubbles excessively a lot and if the dough is besides elastic wait a few minutes before working it again. then lift the disk of boodle, put your hands on it closing your fist and rotating it ; this manner it will stretch promote 27 .

thinly grease a baking pan with a diameter of 11 ” ( 28 centimeter ) 28 and put the boodle on it, using your hands to make it unconstipated in form 29. scattering with one-half of the tomato 30 and bake in a electrostatic oven preheated to 475° F ( 250° C ) for 6-7 minutes, on the middle extort .

After this time, add the fior di caffe latte cheese bake the pizza 31, add the fiordilatte tall mallow 32 and bake again for 6-7 minutes at the like temperature. then take out your pizza margherita and garnish it with fresh basil leaves 33 .