15 Surprising Microwave Dangers And How To Avoid Them

Microwave Mistakes There ’ s no deny that the microwave is a useful and highly commodious appliance, but there are certain things you need to be aware of to use one safely. Just ask my youngest son Sten, who, as a young child, started microwaving some Cup Noodles without adding water system first. It by and large produced an impressive sum of smoke, along with an aroma of burn noodles and styrofoam that lingered in our kitchen for respective days. ( No real harm was done though and we always get a commodity joke out of remembering that incident ! ) But not all microwave mishaps are equally harmless as Sten ’ s ( thankfully ) was—more hazardous outcomes include explosions, leaching chemicals, and dangerous food. But the adept newsworthiness about these undesirable outcomes is that all of them are wholly evitable. nowadays I ’ ll be sharing 15 different behaviors to avoid when it comes to using your microwave ( that ’ s on top of “ microwaving Cup Noodles without water system, ” which was a freebie ). ; – ) I ’ ll tell you why each demeanor is potentially dangerous and offer safe alternatives, so that hopefully we can all avoid microwave mishaps in the future.

15 Things You Should NOT Do With Your Microwave

Defrosting Meat

1. Defrost Meat

The problem with defrosting meat in your microwave is that the heat much gets distributed through the kernel unevenly. The edges of your meat are probable to start cooking before the center even begins defrost, which can lead to bacterial growth that can make person brainsick. Safer Alternative: The USDA recommends either thawing food overnight in your refrigerator or cooking it directly from frozen. Steaming Eggs on the Stove

2. Cook Eggs In The Shell

Microwaving anything with a fast peel or husk ( like eggs, hot dogs, squash, etc. ) can be a hazardous business. The problem is that as the moisture inside them heats up, steam will start to build up. The steam can create pressure, which can build to the point where the food “ explodes, ” which is decidedly not a fix you want to clean up ! Safer Alternative: You ’ re better off cooking unharmed eggs in a a pot of boiling water, or in your Instant Pot. You can still heat up skin hard-bitten eggs in your microwave, but merely make certain to prick them on all sides with a fork to allow steam to escape. Related: 11 Surprising Ways Your Microwave Is More useful Than You Think Warming Breast Milk

3. Warm Up Breast Milk

The trouble with using your microwave to heat up breast milk is the same as with freeze kernel : the electric potential for uneven heating. Hot spots may develop in the milk when microwaved, which could well burn a baby ’ randomness mouth. Safer Alternative: The FDA suggests heating breast milk either by running it under hot water, or by heating urine on your stovetop, removing the pan from heat, then placing the bottle inside. You should still swirl or stir the milk to make certain it is a uniform temperature throughout, and test the temperature by putting a snatch of the milk onto the back of your hand. ( It should feel lukewarm, not hot. ) Heating Leftovers in the Microwave

4. Heat Leftovers In Carryout Containers

It ’ sulfur wide known that certain plastic products contain chemicals like BPA that can leach into food when heated. The effect of these chemicals is however being studied, but animal studies have shown that vulnerability to high levels of these chemicals can have a toxic consequence. So tossing your takeout container into the microwave may not be the best mind. More Ideas You ‘ll LoveMicrowave potato chips How To Make Potato Chips In Your Microwave Potato chips are the # 1 nosh food in America ! Believe it or not, we eat 1.2 billion pounds a year ! That ‘s a whole lotta chips … .or “ crispen ” as they … Continue Reading Safer Alternative: Look at the labeling on the container itself, and if it doesn ’ t say “ microwave-safe, ” transfer the food to a methamphetamine container or a microwave-safe plate. Microwaving Ceramic Dishes

5. Use Ceramic Dishes

While many ceramic dishes are absolutely condom to use in your microwave, not all of them are. For case, “ abject fired ” ceramics retain some of the holey nature of clay, meaning they can soak up moisture. That becomes debatable in a microwave, where that moisture can heat up and cause the ceramic to shatter. Safe Alternative: Make sure to check your ceramic dishes for a “ microwave-safe ” label. When in doubt, use a unlike dish. ( Oven-safe Pyrex glaze is constantly a safe bet ! ) Related: How to Clean Pyrex Dishes Boiling water in the microwave

6. Boil Water

You may have already heard about the hazards of “ superheated ” water, which can occur when very clean water system is heated in a microwave inside a very clean cup. Superheated water doesn ’ t show any signs of churn, but will release its stored heat ( internet explorer. explode ) when disturbed or moved. Your chances of by chance superheating water are abject, but it ’ second more likely if distill water is used. Safer Alternative: If you ’ re concerned about the possibility of superheating, put a wooden spoon or a wood raise stick in the container along with the urine to prevent the phenomenon. Or you can always just boil your water in a kettle hole rather. Heating raisins in the microwave

7. Heat Raisins

Some recipes call for raisins to be softened before using them, but throwing a crowd of raisins into your microwave is not the manner to do it ! Raisins will smoke in your microwave, and could even catch fuel. Safer Alternative: here ’ s how to safely use your microwave to soften raisins. Put the raisins in a microwave-safe bowling ball and cover them with body of water. Place a microwave-safe plate or lid on top, and heat the bowl of raisins for about 30-45 seconds. Let the raisins steep in the hot water for 5 minutes, then drain and consumption.

Heating plastic in the microwave

8. Think “Microwave-Safe” Means “Risk-Free”

The lone thing that a “ microwave-safe ” pronounce means is that a dish succeed ’ metric ton melt, break dance, or produce large amounts of insecure fumes or chemicals when microwaved, but any microwave-safe dish can be compromised. Scratches and changes in tinge can be indicators that a dish or container should be replaced. Safer Alternative: To reduce unnecessary risk, stick to using glass containers and high-fired ceramics in your microwave. Microwaving packaged food

9. Heat Packaged Food

The alone fourth dimension you should microwave food that ’ second silent in its original packaging is if the box clearly instructs you to do so. And even then, the box should be thrown aside after microwaving, because they ’ re typically entirely meant to be cooked once. Safer Alternative: If the promotion international relations and security network ’ t mean to go in the microwave, transfer the food to a microwave-safe plate or bowl before cook. Quickly Drying Clothing

10. Dry Clothing

Microwaving clothes is never a commodity idea. Rather than drying out the moisture in your clothes, microwaving it will equitable make the water very, actually hot, and you could easily burn yourself trying to handle the token. The estrus could besides damage the fabric or even ignite it, so it ’ s just a bad theme all the way around. Safer Alternative: If you need to promptly dry a clothing item, a hair dry can help. Lay the clothing item out flat, and blow the hot air from the hair dry towards it until it ’ sulfur dry ( or dry enough ). Disinfecting Sponges

11. Disinfect Dry Sponges

While you can use your microwave to disinfect your kitchen sponge, the leech MUST be wet ! Microwaving a dry leech is a quick way to start a fire, and no one wants that. Safer Alternative: Soak your quick study before microwaving it, and check out this link for entire instructions on how to safely disinfect a quick study in your microwave. Cooking Hot Peppers

12. Cook Hot Peppers

Like the eggs I mentioned above, peppers can besides explode when heated in a microwave. But hot peppers are even riskier to microwave because they contain capsaicin that can easily become airborne. not entirely will you have a hot pepper microwave explosion to clean up, but it will basically pepper spray everyone in the area excessively, causing afflictive burn in eyes and noses. Safer Alternative: When cooking hot peppers, stick to using your stovetop, oven, or broiler, and constantly be careful when handling them. Making popcorn in the microwave

13. Use Paper Bags

The independent issue with paper bags is that they can ’ t defy a batch of heat. They can start to smoke and may evening catch fire, which is why commercial microwave popcorn bags are made with a fabric that absorbs microwaves and protects the paper. Safer Alternative: You can still make your own homemade microwave popcorn—just use the glass stadium method I ’ ve outlined at this link. microwave mistakes

14. Use Dishes With Hidden Metal

You already know not to put metallic in your microwave, but some plates and containers may contain alloy in less obvious ways. Metallic paint on dishes can be debatable, and some takeout containers may have alloy handles or thwart linings. Safer Alternative: Again, make surely to look at each serve or container individually to check if it ’ sulfur labeled as “ microwave-safe. ” If it isn ’ t clearly marked as such, transfer your food to a different cup of tea or container before microwave. Microwave Mistakes

15. Run An Empty Microwave

While it ’ south not probable that anyone would run an empty microwave on aim, it can happen by chance. ( I once thought I was turning on the timer when I was actually turning it on. ) And that ’ s badly newsworthiness, because if there ’ s nothing inside to absorb the microwaves, the magnetron inside the microwave will absorb them alternatively and could be damaged. Safer Alternative: Simple—don ’ t run your microwave when it ’ second empty. Have you had any unfortunate microwave mishaps ?

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