How To Make Pizza Dough At Home

ever wanted to learn how to make pizza boodle at home ? It ’ second actually easier than you think ! Find out how long to bake pizza dough, how you can prebake pizza crust to avoid the boodle getting boggy, and lots of other homemade pizza tips and tricks .
Slice of homemade pizza My children frequently remind me that they never had pizza delivered to our house when they were growing up .
I figure with all the pizza they had at soccer, softball, and birthday parties in their lifetimes, the fact they haven ’ t had the experience of a Pizza man showing up at our door is not very a big cope .
Besides, when pizza is so easy to make at home, why fuss with delivery ? I prefer to use my own olive oil dough which I keep in the refrigerator. It is the arrant homemade pizza boodle.

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Homemade pizza with pepperoni

The Easy Secret of How to Make Pizza Dough at Home

I discovered this book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois and it taught me a life-changing philosophy on bread make .
sure it ’ s not actually five minutes. Mixing the boodle takes five minutes. then you let it rise for two hours. BUT once you have the boodle, the hard part is over and you have pre-made pizza dough ready to use .
now I constantly keep a tub of homemade pizza boodle in the electric refrigerator, and wonder why we weren ’ metric ton taught THAT in cooking school ? !
not only will you be able to make pizza in under an hour, but you can besides bake delightful bread ! The bible is a bread baker ’ second pipe dream ! My olive petroleum bread works big for a pizza dough recipe. You ’ ll conclusion up with a perfect crisp crust for your delectable pizza made at home .

Pizza dough before and after rising pictures in a bucketPizza dough after mixing, before rising, and two hours later, after rising.

Can You Refrigerate Pizza Dough?

Yes ! Once the dough is made, store it in an airtight container .
Whenever you want to bake a pizza, flatbread, pitas, or anything else with the boodle, just grab a hunk of boodle .

How Long Does Pizza Dough Last in the Fridge?

by rights stored ( in an airtight container ) pizza boodle will normally end anywhere from 5 – 12 days in the refrigerator or up to 3 months in the deep-freeze !
The storage time depends partially on the come of yeast in the dough, the less yeast, the longer it can keep .
If the dough has a sour smell or a dry feel and diminished texture, that can be a sign that it ’ s gone bad .
Pizza dough on cutting board

How Long Should Pizza Dough Rise?

once you ’ ve decided to make pizza and have your boodle out, you ’ ll need to rest the dough before rolling it out .
You ’ ve seen the shows where the pizza dough is being tossed and spun in the publicize by hand ? That boodle has had a prospect to relax. It ’ sulfur much easier to work with when it ’ mho occur to room temperature .
The total of time needed to rise will depend on how affectionate your kitchen is and how large the man of boodle is .
I normally plan on about 45 minutes to an hour, which gives me a gamble to prepare the toppings and hotness up the oven. If your kitchen is cooler, it could take deoxyadenosine monophosphate hanker as 1 1/2 hours .
Let the boodle sit on a well-floured board covered with a tea towel until it ’ s well-rested and you are fix to roll it out .

How Much Dough Do You Need For a Pizza?

The total of dough you want to use for your pizza depends on how blockheaded or thin you like your crust .
For a medium-sized pizza that ’ s medium thickness, calculate about 1 impound of boodle .
This pizza is pre-baked on a 12″ pizza pan. The more toppings you put on your pizza, the chummy the crust should be. If you want a slender and crisp pizza, practice fewer toppings .
rolling out pizza dough

Do You Need to Pre-Bake Pizza Crust?

Should you pre-bake pizza dough or not ? I ’ five hundred say yes, you should ! If you don ’ t pre-bake pizza crust, you ’ ll end up with a crust that has a inert bottom .
Pre-baking pizza dough ensures that the crust will continue to bake and crisp up and the cheese will melt without burn .
Although I use a pizza rock, I roll and pre-bake the crust using a pizza pan as a scout. I pre-bake it on the pizza pan and then finish it on a pizza stone .
Pre-bake the crust at 500 degrees F. for 5-7 minutes, or until it ’ mho beginning to turn golden, but inactive voiced. It might puff up in the center. That ’ south o. It will collapse after removing it from the oven .
raw pizza dough on a pizza tin

Can You Make Pizza Dough in Advance?

You can surely make pizza dough in advance !
While you don ’ t have to, if you are planning on making a lot of individual-sized pizza for a party, you can surely bake them several hours ahead of time until you ’ re ready to add the toppings and finish bake .
Making pizza boodle in promote can besides be capital for a DIY pizza night !
Keep them wrapped until ready to use. You can see this pre-baked pizza is ready for toppings and sitting on a pizza dabble. If you don ’ t have a pizza paddle, a reduce cookie sheet can be used to transfer the pizza onto a pizza stone .
pre-baked pizza crust

Do You Need a Pizza Stone?

You can make a pizza at home using just a pizza pan and a identical hot oven, but a pizza stone is relatively cheap and can be used for more than precisely making pizza .
The pizza stone helps make the bottom of the pizza crisp up .
When you are ready to bake ( oven preheated to 500 degrees ) your pizza, slide it from the paddle or cutting board immediately onto the hot pizza stone .
Pizza stone

Why is my Pizza Dough so Sticky?

Pizza dough is normally at least a little bite awkward, but it can become besides sticky ( to the degree where it rips ) if it absorbs besides much water or if it ’ s under-kneaded .
A neat whoremaster to help prevent pizza boodle from sticking is cornmeal .
Sprinkle yellow cornmeal on the pizza paddle or cutting board. then again, just before baking, scatter cornmeal liberally on the pizza stone. If you ’ ra not using a pizza stone, you can brush the bottom of the pizza pan with olive vegetable oil .
cornmeal on the pizza paddle or cutting board will help the uncooked pizza slide well onto and off of the stone .

Ready to Make a Homemade Pizza?

While the boodle is resting, you can begin assembling your ingredients .
You can use pre-shredded tall mallow or shred your own. A combination of cheeses works well excessively. Mozzarella is traditional, but you can besides use asiago, provolone, parmesan, or a combination. Mozzarella will give pizza that bum “ pull ” .
This pizza is a authoritative “ pizzeria ” combination of pepperoni, kalamata olives, and mushrooms, but you can besides add :

  • Italian sausage. Make sure you pre-cook the sausage before topping the pizza.
  • Peperoncini
  • Thinly sliced bell peppers
  • Prosciutto
  • Artichoke hearts

Remember the more toppings you add, the thick your crust should be. You can add crimson pepper flakes and fresh chopped basil or extra parmesan cheese after the pizza comes out of the oven .
Brush pre-baked pizza crust with tomato sauce .
Pizza sauce on pizza clear with your choice ( or combination ) of cheese .
Pizza with cheese Add the pillow of your toppings. I like to add the pepperoni first and fill in the gaps with the mushrooms and olives .
Pizza with toppings

What’s The Best Way to Cut a Pizza?

I ’ ve found that culinary scissors are the best way to cut a pizza because you get a much cleaner piece .
antique pizza cutters can besides work well but you ’ ll sometimes have to roll over ( cut ) a descry multiple times to amply cut through the pizza crust .
Cutting a pizza with culinary scissors Some of the items used in this stake are available at my Amazon Affiliate Store .

Slice of homemade pizza

Homemade Pizza


With this easy refrigerator dough, you can have delicious, homemade pizza ready in under 45 minutes!




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Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time














  • 1 beat pizza dough
  • 12 ounces mozzarella cheese, grated
  • 2 ounces pepperoni
  • 1/4 cup black olives, pitted
  • 1/4 cup mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon crimson pepper flakes ( optional )


  • Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees F. If using a pizza stone, make sure stone is in the oven to pre-heat as well.

  • Pre-bake crust for 5 to 7 minutes on pizza tin until light golden on the bottom. You don’t want it completely baked.

  • return to the oven and bake until cheese is champagne and hot .
  • Return pizza to oven using a pizza paddle or the back side of a cookie sheet to slide the pizza back onto the pizza stone.

















Saturated Fat:


















Vitamin A:









Tried this recipe ?

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Let us know how it was! If you ’ ve hang in there with me this long, here ’ s a video of my very first pizza with homemade dough .
Homemade pizza, made with Artisan olive oil bread dough. One of my other front-runner pizza is the Grilled Pizza with Pesto, Smoked Mozzarella, and Fresh Ricotta .
How To Make Pizza Dough At Home