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If you have chosen to go for Over-the-Range model for your interior interior decoration, then the next obvious question that comes to mind is “ What size cabinet for over the compass microwave ? ”. Let us first review what an over the range microwave actually is good so that we are on the same page. This is because many confuse OTR ovens with built-in or over the counter microwave models .

What is an Over the Range Microwave?

a pot on the stove and the microwave above it An Over-the-range (OTR) microwave combines a microwave with a range hood.

A rate hood is a device that has a fan that is used above a fudge area in the kitchen to remove airborne substances like fumes, smoke, and steam from the air out. basically, with an OTR microwave, you get a two in one device that makes working in the kitchen more enjoyable and effective. The best partially is that it gets installed in a cabinet above the cooking area. These are not the like as built-in microwave ovens which generally fit in to the wall or inside the cabinetwork. In other words, the act not have a range hood or ventilation underneath. Read in Detail :

What Size Cabinet for Over the Range Microwave?

These devices need to be installed in a cabinet with very specific dimensions. Installing one without proper considerations of the available space can leave you disappointed at best and with an awkward kitchen with goodly installation charges at worst. here are some of the things you will need to consider before you carry out an facility

1. distance Between Cooktop and OTR Bottom

microwave otr height guidemicrowave otr height guide The Height of the cook space is an important factor to consider as it will dictate the size of the microwave you can buy. The minimal recommended altitude of the cabinet space between the top of the cooker and the acme of the OTR microwave is 30 Inches. It can be more, but any less could limit the size of pots you can use on your cooker, disrupting the relief of cooking. This outdistance can allow you to install a 17-inch tall microwave and however have 13 inches of useable space remaining. With more outdistance, you can install and use a larger microwave. You must note that the the higher the distance, the more unmanageable it would be to reach the oven or peek through it .

2. Width of the Cabinet

The width of the cabinet is besides identical important. Most of the OTR ovens have a standard width of 30″ inches. therefore, you should design the cabinet with an bearing to provide no more and no less than 30″ of width .

3. Depth of Cabinet

With many cabinets, the average depth is about 12 inches. This compared to the 15-16 inches of depth that the average OTR microwave has can spell a problem for some users. however, this may not be a huge problem for most people.

One of the things you will need to look out for here is the door clearance. If you have a wide-opening doorway, and your whole is fit snugly inside the cabinet, you may find it difficult to swing the door open completely. Another important circumstance when deciding on the depth is where the ventilation fans underneath will be located. You need them to be as directly above the cooktop as potential. last, if your cabinet international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine deep adequate, you will notice the oven sticking out which may look surly .

4. Height of the Cabinet

The average height of an OTR microwave oven is about 17″. therefore, considering the earlier measurements discussed in distributor point # 1 above, you will have about 13″ of distance left between the cooktop and the bottom of the OTR microwave oven. 13″ distance is the minimal you should aim for. The more the gay. If you have a tall oven i.e one with 18″ height, then you will need to adjust the cabinetwork accordingly while maintaining that 13″ distance from the cooktop .

When to Use an OTR Microwave?

OTR microwaves are bang-up for space-saving purposes. Since most of the disk overhead quad in a kitchen remains fresh, using an OTR microwave can make use of this space and help with evacuating smoke and fumes from the air. Space savings are the greatest advantage of these two-in-one devices. If you want a crop hood that can clear away the dirty air from your cooking area then this is besides a effective way to go at it. The include fans with OTR microwaves will help with this task .


The cabinet needs to be improbable adequate to allow sufficient space that can accommodate the altitude of the microwave and still leave behind sufficient space for your cook pans. besides, be careful that it is not excessively tall as the microwave should not be beyond the reach of its users as this would defeat the aim of having it in the first place. An OTR microwave oven that is difficult to reach is a health gamble as it can cause accidental spills. The OTR microwave needs to be cautiously mounted so that it can get easy access to power. Proper mount will besides ensure that the device is held firm in target and it doesn ’ t fall off leading to injuries or device price. You must note that the ventilation exhaust on the bottom of an OTR microwave is far weaker than a dedicated range hood. While the OTR microwave has an average fan accelerate of 300 CFM, compass hoods can reach about 900-1000 CFM at an average. besides Read : How many watts in a microwave oven ?


here we answered a common question “ What size cabinet for over the stove microwave ? ”. There are a few requirements for the size of the cabinet that should be used to accommodate an over the range microwave and fortunately most of these measurements are almost standard.

These devices are normally mounted above the cook area sol first, you ’ five hundred need enough clearance from the cooktop to allow comfortable cooking and to accommodate the size of microwave you ’ re installing which is broadly 17″ in acme. The width should besides accommodate the device and allow you to open and close the microwave ’ randomness doors freely. fortunately, the width is a standard 30″. The depth should be boastfully adequate to accommodate the microwave, although there shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be much to worry about if it sticks out a fiddling .