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If you have a microwave oven, you may realized a curious short button called “ Power Level ”. So what is exponent flush in microwave oven and why does it matter. Basically, the power level is the amount, or the percentage, of the total power being delivered to the food. Think of it as the heat settings on a normal oven. However, unlike normal ovens where you set temperatures, here you select the fraction of the total power. Most people who use microwave ovens are oblivious to the world power levels. however, they are of critical importance for certain tasks. In this article we talk in depth about what are exponent levels, how you select them and why they are important.

What is Power Level in Microwave Oven?

As mentioned earlier, Power Level set in a microwave oven allows you to set the percentage or the amount of the entire end product power, in electrical power, that microwave oven should operate at. Most digital microwave ovens have 10 exponent levels settings, each corresponding to a 10% increment. Therefore, on a microwave oven with 10 Power Level settings, selecting “ 1 ” would operate the microwave oven at 10 % of the entire output might, “ 2 ” would operate it at 20 %, “ 3 ” at 30 % and so on. While most barely the soap Power Level i.e 10, and never bother to change it always again, the measure of Power Level serves very important function when cook .

A note On Input and Output Power

You will notice that microwave ovens, like most appliances, have an remark office and an output ability rate. basically, the remark power is the power disembowel from the wall socket, whereas, the output exponent is the might converted into microwaves for heating the food. When we talk about Power Level selection, we are referring to the output power selection NOT the input power selection. Take for case a microwave oven with a 1500W stimulation and a 1000W output office. If you select Power Level “ 1 ” here, the might delivered to your food will be 100W ( 10 % of 1000W ) and NOT 150W ( 10 % of 1500 ). besides Read : Microwave Wattage Input or Output – Which One Matters ?

What is Power Level Important?

power level selection microwavepower level selection microwave Most people do not pay much heed to the Power Level choice. however, home chefs who are particular about their cook are quite well versed with its benefits. We discuss how selecting the Power Level is different from microwave to microwave below. however, here are some cosmopolitan uses at different output baron settings .

1. Warm ( Power Level 1 or 10 % ) – Approx 100 Watts

This is the lowest power level setting on a microwave oven which corresponds to 10 % of the total output power. This excellent for keeping food warm, softening cocoa or cheese. It is besides an excellent choice for slow and even defrosting

2. Low ( Power Level 2-4 or 20 % -40 % ) – Approx 200-400 Watts

This is an excellent choice for defrosting your food fairly promptly and besides evenly. This is besides much used for simmering rice, preparing sauces etc .

3. medium ( Power Level 5 or 50 % ) – Approx 500 Watts

Anything that requires slow cooking and baking for foods that need time to settle, this is an excellent option. Slow-cooking cooks the food thoroughly and gently while making sure it does not dehydrate or over cook at any identify .

4. Medium-High ( Power Level 6-8 or 60 % -80 % ) – Approx 600-800 Watts

This world power level is excellent for reheating purposes. It is fairly quick a well as gentle on already cooked foods. This is besides great for roasting meats or baking. It is by and large recommended to use Medium-High Power Level for a shorter bridge of prison term for crisping along with Medium Power Level for a slow-cook over a longer bridge of meter for meats and other chief naturally dishes .

5. High ( Power Level 9-10 or 90 % -100 % ) – Approx 900-1000 Watts

Anything related to liquid, this is the power level to go for. For reheating milk or soups, or boiling water, 900 watt should have adequate cooking exponent. This is besides an excellent settings for cooking foods that can be fast-cooked like fish, grind kernel etc .


power Levels have an significant routine in cooking presets. If your microwave oven comes with park cooking presets such as defrost, beverages, popcorn etc, then basically world power levels are at knead here. When you select a sealed preset, the microwave sets the correct Power Level ampere well as the cook cycle for you.

For exemplify, when you select “ defrost ”, the microwave sets the exponent flat to somewhere in the lower range .

Multi-Stage Presets

Some microwave ovens are multi-cookers. They have options to cook rice, oat meals, eggs, pizza, pasta, and all sorts of cooking items automatically for you. These are senior high school tech microwave ovens that come with detector technology angstrom well as Multi-Stage cook. Multi-stage cooking allows the microwave oven to change the Power Level midway when cooking. For example, when preparing kernel, the oven may start at a medium power grade for decelerate cooking the inside and then mechanically change it to high for short while to cook it from the outside .

How is Power Level Selected and Represented?

What is Power Level in Microwave OvenWhat is Power Level in Microwave Oven There is single criterion for selecting the baron charge on microwave ovens. For most digital microwave oven, the Power Level survival is done via pressing the appropriat e “Power Level” button and voyage to the desired selection via the LCD screens, for the others it is different. Some ovens may have a manual knob selector for Power Level. Others may have preset buttons such as Low, Medium, Medium High, High etc

Power Level Increments

While most microwaves have a total of 10 Power Level settings or 10 increments of 10 % each, others may have fewer or more. For exemplify, some may feature 11 or even 12 Power Level section, others may have 7 or 8. In such cases, it is preferable to refer to the manual to find out what amount of output power, in watts or percentage, each increase corresponds to .

How Does a Microwave Oven Regulate a Certain Power Level?

Inverter Microwave OvensInverter Microwave Ovens For those who want to get into the nitty game science and details of how the might levels, we will talk about it briefly here. The way a certain Power Level is regulated depends upon the type of electrical device installed for baffle and stepping the input signal voltage down .

With a transformer

Most of the microwave ovens use a transformer for regulating the Power Level. Transformers work on the principle of turning the Magnetron Assembly ( the component that actually produces microwaves ) ON and OFF sporadically to maintain a certain power floor. For case, if the Power Level selected is 100 %, then the Magnetron may be ON for 100 % of the cook cycle meter. however, if the Power Level is 50 %, then it may be ON for half the time and OFF for the early half .

With an inverter

Some rare microwave ovens, particularly those from Panasonic, ditch the heavier transformers and repair to using inverter circuits. These circuits have the intrinsic mechanism to continuously extradite equitable the come of baron as is needed by the selected power floor to the Magnetron. In others, an inverter lap does not turn the Magnetron ON and OFF and alternatively supplies a constant stream of Power. Inverter microwave ovens are newer and are by and large more expensive. besides Read : What is Microwave Oven Inverter Technology ?

Final Words

In this article we talked extensively about what is Power Level in microwave oven. The key thing to remember here is that correct use of power levels can enhance your cooking experience. While most home users just set a certain exponent flat and never bother with it again, a home-chef would be a lot knowing in this regard. Some foods require high heat, others require lower. Thus Power Levels give you a set more dominance on your cook .