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Mushrooms on a pizza ? absolutely. While they are a more controversial crown than pepperoni or sausage, they are surely not about ampere hated as pineapple or anchovies. however, the type of mushroom you use can make all the dispute in the overall taste of the pizza. For this calendar month ’ mho blog, we are going to discuss some of the different types of mushrooms typically used on pizza .
As we discussed in our October 2020 blog regarding where pizza comes from, ( you can read it here : Where Did Pizza Come From ? ) pizza has been around for a actually long clock time in one form or another. The addition of mushrooms international relations and security network ’ thymine quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate well documented. There are enough of fantastic mushrooms in Italy vitamin a well as any other area primitive pizza can be traced. It is safe to say people have been eating mushrooms on pizza far longer than pepperoni. Pepperoni wasn ’ t even invented until the early twentieth hundred ( read more on that here. ) however, the combination of pepperoni and mushrooms cursorily became identical popular. Some polls have rated it as the 5th most democratic 2 topping pizza combination available .
But what types of mushrooms are good for pizza ? There are several options, some better than others. But the most common mushrooms used on pizza are button, shitake, portabella, cremini, and morel mushrooms .
Button Mushrooms

This is the most coarse type of mushroom and typically the first kind that comes to mind when one thinks of a mushroom. This small white mushroom when sautéed with garlic, salt, and olive anoint goes quickly from ordinary to extraordinary .
Shitake Mushrooms
A bite more complex thanks to a natural buttery flavor not found in other types. They besides tend to carry a a lot smokier spirit when dried. A season that gets far amplified by the hotness of a pizza oven. For some, that relish becomes excessively solid .
Portabella Mushrooms
many people eat broiled portabella mushrooms are get the contiguous think that they need to eat them more frequently. They offer a a lot meatier texture not found in any other vegetable. Portabella mushrooms are a undertake crowd-pleaser.

Cremini Mushrooms
The in-between ground between button and portabella
Fun fact… portabella mushrooms are just button mushrooms that have been given much more time to mature. The in-between point = cremini mushrooms .
Morel Mushrooms
identical visualize. Nutty, down-to-earth deep relish. not very common to find these because they are a lot harder to come by. But if you can, they will change your life.

We have two types of mushrooms on our menu at Ultimate California Pizza. The first option is the more common clitoris mushroom. This mushroom you will find on some of our gnarled Creations like the Pasadena or the Kahuna. You can besides find them on some of our disgusting Wheat Pizzas like the Berkeley, or The Lite Works. They add a mild flavor to the pizza and since that flavor intensifies as it cooks, it is a perfect mushroom for pizza. The early choice is a marinade portabella mushroom. We slice them and then marinate them in-house. The profit of a portabella mushroom is that chewy, meaty texture and a smoky, down-to-earth flavor. When paired with the balmy spice from pepperoni and creamy flavors of mozzarella cheese, they all combine for an highly flavorful pizza we call the UCLA .
You can besides find both types of mushrooms on our Build Your own Pizza department of the menu. You could create any combination of pizza you want with ampere many mushrooms that you could desire !
At Ultimate California Pizza, we love mushrooms. We want to share them with you ! What is your favored mushroom combination ?