Top 18 Pizza Hut Crust Types (Detailed Temporary & Seasonal)

Pizza Hut Crust Types

All Pizza Hut Crust Types You Should Know

Pizza is a favorite food for most people. There are many types of pizza crusts to choose from, including the classic reduce and crisp New York vogue.

In addition to this, there are besides blockheaded and downy deep dish pizza vitamin a well as thin and chewy Neapolitan-style pizza. This list includes all 14 Pizza Hut crust types – with impermanent or seasonal worker admit !
The last sentence is engaging because it asks the lector if they want more data on what type of pizza crust they prefer. It prompts them to click on the article for more information .

List of 18 Pizza Hut Crust Types with Detailed Seasonal Information

The last conviction is besides relevant because it tells the reviewer that this tilt includes all 18 Pizza Hut crust types – with irregular or seasonal worker include ! This quote allows the drug user to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ impermanent or seasonal. ”

1. Cheesy Bites Crust (Seasonal)

Muffin pan stylus pizza crust loaded with cheese in every morsel. Topped with our classic marinara sauce and mozzarella tall mallow blend. Cut into 32 pieces per club. Goes well with any of our sauces or toppings !
This bite-sized pizza crust is childlike and easy to eat. It is perfect for children and any size group, because it ’ s easy to parcel and playfulness to eat. People can choose their own sauce or toppings to put on this crust besides !

2. Hand-Tossed Traditional Crust (Available All Year)

Our original recipe thin and crisp pizza crust, available all class hanker. Our classical red sauce is piled on acme of newly shredded mozzarella cheese .
This quote allows the user to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ authoritative red sauce. ”

3. New York Style Crust (Available All Year)

Our master recipe thinly and crisp pizza crust topped with our blue tomato-based “ red hot ” sauce, sliced onions and mozzarella cheese blend. For an even spicier experience, try adding Pepperoni !

4. Thin & Crispy Crust (Available All Year)

A delightful combination of bracing California adult tomatoes are blended with garlic before being spread over our original recipe thin and crisp pizza crust and topped with mozzarella cheese .

5.The Stuffed Crust (Available All Year)

A delectable hot hand-tossed, melted three tall mallow blend is stuffed into our crust and topped with a marinara sauce. You ’ ve just found a new favorite !

7. Thin & Crispy Toasted Pepperoni Crust (Seasonal)

We start with our classical thin and crisp pizza crust loaded with pepperoni flavor from particularly selected flavors then

6. Pan Pizza Crust (Available All Year)

You asked for it, so we made it ! Our pan dash pizza has all the lapp flavors as a full size, but in a share controlled single serving pizza – perfect for sharing or enjoying alone – grab one nowadays at your local Pizza Hut restaurant .
This quotation mark allows the exploiter to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ dowry controlled. ”

7. Hand-Tossed Pan Pizza Crust (Available Seasonally)

Like our original pan pizza with all the capital taste of traditional hand tossed pizza ! The mozzarella tall mallow baked into the crust adds a particular allude. Thin and crispy boodle topped with our creamy pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and your choice of toppings .
This quotation allows the user to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ mozzarella cheese baked into the crust. ”

8. Deep Dish Crust (Seasonal)

A delightful combination of fresh California grow tomatoes are blended with garlic before being spread over our cryptic dish crust and topped with mozzarella cheese. Topped with a blend of italian cheeses and savory pepperoni, blimp and pork .

9. New York Style Thin Crust (Seasonal)

Our original recipe slender and crisp pizza crust topped with our piquant tomato-based “ red hot ” sauce, sliced onions and mozzarella cheese blend. For an even spicier experience, try adding Pepperoni !
The crimson sauce is spread over the dough giving you vibrant relish in every sting ! Perfect for parties or large gatherings when served by the slice. Goes well with any of our sauces or toppings ! Let us know what your front-runner combination is !
This quotation allows the drug user to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ both crimson hot sauce and pepperoni. ”

10. Pan Pizzeria Crust (Seasonal)

Like our classical Pan Pizza with all the great taste of traditional hired hand tossed pizza ! The mozzarella tall mallow baked into the crust adds a limited touch .
Thin and crispy boodle topped with our creamy marinara, mozzarella cheese and your option of toppings. Go for it—try both our bum bites crust and this one to compare them side-by-side !

11.. Veggie Lover’s Deep Dish Crust (Seasonal)

A delectable combination of bracing California grow tomatoes are blended with garlic before being spread over our vegetable fan ’ s deep cup of tea crust and topped with mozzarella tall mallow. Topped with a blend of italian cheeses and savory pepperoni, sausage and pork barrel .
This quote allows the exploiter to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ vegetarian pizza. ”

12. Hawaiian Style Crust (Seasonal)

A delicious combination of our homemade sweet and lemony barbecue sauce topped with ham, italian blimp, bell peppers, onions, pineapple and mozzarella tall mallow. This is a bang-up combination of flavors that will have you coming back again and again !
This quote allows the exploiter to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ hawaiian dash. ”

13. Four Cheese Gourmet Crust (Available All Year)

Like our Gourmet Cheese Pizza, but with even more of the delightful four cheese blend .
Toss some bum bites crust on your ordering to see what you ’ ve been missing ! This is another great pizza option for parties or large gatherings when served by the slit. Goes well with any of our sauces or toppings ! Let us know what your front-runner combination is !
This quote allows the user to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ more than barely one type of tall mallow. ”

14. Meaty Crust (Seasonal)

Like our original recipe thinly and crisp pizza crust piled high with overact, pepperoni, blimp and mozzarella cheese. Forget about counting calories – this hearty proto-indo european has enough protein and spirit to satisfy anyone !
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15. Cheese and Tomato Crust (Available All Year)

A delightful combination of our creamy tomato sauce and mozzarella tall mallow. Topped with our authoritative red hot ! This is a great means to add some spice to your regulate ! Go for it—try both our bum bites crust and this one to compare them side-by-side !

16. Favourite 5 Pizza Crust (Seasonal)

A delicious combination of fresh California grow tomatoes are blended with garlic before being spread over a blend of italian cheeses layered between two contrasting flavors – hot “ red hot ” and creamy alfredo. Topped with a blend of italian cheeses and mouth-watering pepperoni, blimp and pork .
This quote allows the exploiter to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ 5 different types of toppings. ”

17. Gluten Free Crust (Available All Year)

A delightful combination our mozzarella cheese baked into thin gluten free crust topped with tomato sauce, zucchini & red onions. once again we give your taste buds a delightful dainty at Pizza Hut ! With its alone blend of spices and herb, this has become one of our most popular pizza in all the country !
This gluten free pizza combines three things : thin crust, vegetable toppings and loss sauce ; which tells the user they will get their coveted pizza, by listing these three points .

18. Buffalo Wing Crust (Seasonal)

A delicious combination of our white creamy sauce topped with buffalo stylus chicken, mozzarella cheese and cheddar for your tasting joy ! This is a great way to add some spice to your order ! Goes well with any of our sauces or toppings ! Let us know what your darling combination is !
This quote allows the drug user to know that they will get what they came looking for, by including “ Buffalo Style. ”

Which Pizza Hut Crust Is The Best?

The best one will depend on what you are looking for in a crust. The restaurant tries to cater to different palates. The crusts are made in different ways for different customer tastes and preferences .
In the next section you will know how you can tell which Pizza Hut pizza crust is being served to you, so that you get the right pizza experience every time .

7 Main Pizza Hut Crust Types & Its Variations

1. Hand Tossed Crust

This is Pizza Hut ’ s original crust, and though it might not be my personal front-runner, it deserves credit where credit is due .
It has a nice crisp grind on the outside with that key signature piano doughy center that somehow magically gets more doughy each clock time you bite into it no matter how many times you ’ ve ordered this crust before ( I don ’ metric ton know how this works either ) .

That being said I can see why some people like this one better than any other, but for me I prefer the newer Crispy Crust or even their Stuffed Crust over this one .
however if you are ever visiting Pizza Hut during those special times when they have the miniskirt stuffed pizza with this crust you absolutely must try it out, as my taste buds explode from joy each fourth dimension I order one .

2. Crispy Crust

This is a variety of their Hand Tossed crust that has been baked to perfection which gives it a dainty chewy crunchy center and a crisp outside .
Crispy Crust
As for me this is my favorite character of Pizza Hut crust by far, but if you have any kind of lactose intolerance then I would advise against getting this or their farce Crust as most people who are lactose intolerant won ’ metric ton be happy with either of these being beneath them in their stomachs after eating excessively much 🙁
besides earlier this calendar month Pizza Hut launched an original recipe ( whatever that means ) adaptation of the Crispy Crust with white pizza toppings which I absolutely love, and will credibly eat more than I should if my family doesn ’ metric ton hold on buy it for me .

3. Stuffed Crust

This is basically your Hand Tossed crust wrapped around a wonderfully obscure center of cheese ( I imagine this would be what being in Willy Wonka ’ south Chocolate Factory would feel like ) .

They have recently started offer stuffed crusts on both their original recipe pizza arsenic well as their new oven bake ones so there are enough to choose from all with different levels of affluence .
besides they precisely recently added bacon to their stuff crust lineup which gives you an extra layer of relish for all those bacon lovers out there !

4. The Edge

This pizza crust is basically like if their Hand Tossed and Stuffed Crusts had a child, which probably happens all the time in Pizza Hut ’ mho test kitchens ( at least I hope it does ) .
It has that crisp outside texture of the Crispy Crust with the lend profusion of their stuff crust inwardly. If you can ’ thymine decide between these two favorites then why not merely go for this one ?

This is decidedly my 2nd favorite kind of Pizza Hut crust ( tied with Original Recipe ) because it combines everything I love about both kinds into one supremely holier than thousand pizza experience !
They have been promoting their new oven bake pizza as having “ The boundary ” besides which give you that fantastic crunchy-chewy good that I love so much. Try it out nowadays !

5. Thin ‘N Crispy

This is basically their Hand Tossed crust with all the flavor of their oven baked pizza, which sounds like an absolutely fantastic theme to me !
If you are looking for something crisp & crunchy in the number of Pizza Hut crust types but want more than barely a thin crust then this might be worth trying out as they have both cheese & pepperoni flavors ( and probably sausage ones excessively ) .
even though there aren ’ thyroxine any stuff crusts in the Thin ‘ N Crispy lineup I ’ megabyte reasonably certain you ’ ll find something you like here if you don ’ thymine mind giving up your heart-stopping cholesterol promote it delivers every time you take a bite into one of these badly boys .

6. Stuffed Crust Hand Tossed

This is Pizza Hut ’ s answer to Little Caesars ’ “ Hot n ’ ready ” Stuffed Crust line-up which basically means it ’ s the same thing as their Stuffed Crust but you can get it Hand Tossed rather of having to order one of their oven baked pizza .
therefore if you want to try out farce crust but don ’ t have people at home uncoerced to wait around for your pizza then this option might be perfect for you .
They besides offer this kind of crust on both original recipe & modern oven baked pizza ( and credibly even more varieties by now ) .

7. The Edge Hand Tossed

Another kind of the previous entrance in this Pizza Hut crust types list ( and probably one of the most interest ones ), it ’ south basically like handing tossed crust ( the crisp kind ) with the delicious bum good that their Stuffed Crust provides .
I ’ m not certain if this is part of their oven baked lineup or if it ’ s just another variety of gorge crust, but careless you should try to get your hands on one sometime for a decent confusion in textures & flavors .

10 Favorite Temporary Or Seasonal Pizza Hut Crust Types

1. Holiday Crust

This is their normal Hand Tossed crust, but with the summation of some gay vacation toppings on crown ( like M & M ’ s or sugarcoat canes ) which makes for a very interesting & tasty know. They seem to entirely offer this kind of pizza during the holidays, but if they ’ re put up it then why not give it a judge ?
I ’ m not certain if there are any kinds of stuff crusts that come in this flavor, but I ’ ll keep you updated when something comes up about them !

2. Pepperoni Pan Pizza

This pizza combines everything that makes regular pan pizza sol great into one brilliant experience ! You get all that nice crisp bread from both their hand Tossed and Thin ‘ N Crispy crusts, but you besides get a decent layer of pepperoni on top which can add a whole new dimension to your future pizza feel .
I ’ m not certain if they have any kind of stuff crust available for this type or not, but it seems like a identical concern estimate and might be worth trying in the future .

3. Triple Treat

This is a seasonal worker offering from Pizza Hut that combines 3 unlike flavors in one pizza to make an experience unlike any other ! You get their Hand Tossed crust with Cheese Triangles & Cheese Breadsticks topped with Pepperoni & Cheesy Breadstick Dipping Sauce .
The only thing I dislike about this one is the fact that they advertise these breadsticks as having mozzarella cheese, which fair seems wrong, but I ’ molarity sure it ’ s just a error in the ad .

4. Spinach Alfredo

This is Pizza Hut ’ s flavor-of-the-month for October 2013 which uses their Oven Baked crust with Alfredo sauce rather of part of their Stuffed Crust lineup.

If you are looking to try something new & different then this might be worth trying out at some orient since it ’ s probably not very common so far ( and therefore credibly not well known by most pizza fans. )

5. Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza

This one was apparently introduced around 2009 or 2010, which if that is indeed true then I must have missed it somehow ! Anyways, what you get here is basically the lapp thing as their normal Hand Tossed crust but with a storm measure of tall mallow on top to make for a identical interest dainty .
I ’ m not certain if they have any early varieties of stuff crust available for this type or not, but it ’ s decidedly worth trying out somewhere at some point !

6. Pepperoni Brick Oven Pizza

This is a nice alternative to their convention pepperoni pizzas by offering you a reduce layer of crisp boodle underneath rather of the usual doughy version that most other pizza chains use .
It seems like you can order this matchless as both an master recipe and Thin ‘ N Crispy pizza which is quite interest since those kinds normally only come with their Stuffed Crust batting order ( which would kind of defeat the determination hera ), but I guess it ’ south worth a attempt if you actually want to find out .

7. Pepperoni Pizza Sandwich

This one is similar to the Brick Oven version, but rather of thin boodle they make their Hand Tossed crust imitate both sides of this bus treat !
It ’ s decidedly quite interesting for them to take reasonably of a gamble with something like this since it might not be well received at first base, but I think it could be pretty popular if they advertise it by rights and give people the veracious incentives to give it a sample .

8. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

This pizza is kind of unvoiced to describe then I ’ ll put my own psychoanalysis down here : “ This is what happens when you cram bacon & cheeseburgers into your pizza crust and make a delicious bite out of it. Granted, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sample anything like a cheeseburger or bacon, but you can still tell that those are the main flavors that they ’ re going for. ”
In any case, I wouldn ’ t be surprised if this one is besides available as part of their Stuffed Crust lineup which means you ’ ll bring to choose from one identical interest season combination .

9. Pizzasaurus Rex

This pizza was obviously introduced in 2011 and contains Pepperoni bits & detachable arms so you can eat without having to worry about getting your hands dirty !
It ’ s decidedly an matter to mind and since there doesn ’ thyroxine seem to be much competition for this kind of thing then possibly Pizza Hut will release more pizza with these kinds of features in the future .
I ’ m not sure if they did or not though, but that ’ s actually for you to find out on your own ( if you ’ re into that classify of thing. )

10. Tex Mex Pizza

well here we have a pizza with the perfect combination of flavors : cheese, Tomato Sauce & Taco Meat !
These seem like such convention foods that it ’ second actually quite surprising to see them put together like this, but possibly the developers knew something we didn ’ t and were spot on about what people enjoy eating since it is available as contribution of their Stuffed Crust lineup .
Either way, it calm seems very matter to for some rationality so I hope more pizza with like ideas will show up in the future .

History of Pizza Hut

The inaugural Pizza Hut restaurant opened on June 15, 1958. Since then the party has operated more than 7,300 restaurants in 105 countries and territories around the populace .
Pizza Hut is an american restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes & desserts. The parent company is Yum ! Brands, Inc., which is headquartered in Plano, Texas, United States…
Pizza Hut ’ s international presence includes Canada and Mexico in North America, India ( not to be confused with the unrelated pizza chain Pizza Hat ) in Asia, Australia, Vietnam & United Arab Emirates in Oceania .
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What is the buttery crust at Pizza Hut?

Ans: Pizza Hut ’ s buttery crust is a wrinkle, flaky yeast boodle that has been brushed with a generous parcel of garlic-infused melted butter before being baked to a golden brown .
The smack and texture of the crust make it singular from other Pizza Hut pizza .

Is there any difference between Pizza Huts in Australia & England?

autonomic nervous system : In Australia, they use less salt in their food than what Americans have experienced. The shape of the boxes are besides slenderly smaller. ultimately, Australians have not seen stuffed crust or hand-tossed pizza variations even. They do offer a vegetable pizza random variable .

What are the four different types of crust Pizza Hut has?

The 4 Pizza Hut crust types are original, pan, thin ‘ nitrogen crisp and hand-tossed .
original – This is your basic cheese or pepperoni Pizza Hut pizza that comes in a 16″ size. It ’ s made with their key signature pantry crust. Original-style crust pizzas bake up softer than early styles to provide a rich, flavorful free-base for our huge range of toppings .
Pan – A abstruse dish-style crust available in 12″, 14″, and 16″ sizes which provides excess crunch along the rim while being soft & chewy in the middle .
Hand-Tossed – Largely adopted by consumers looking for something between traditional pan style and thinly nitrogen crisp, hand-tossed crust offers layers of buttery flavor with every pungency .
Thin ‘ n Crispy – A ace crunchy, flimsy style sauce-to-cheese proportion that has the smack of a Chicago Style pizza without all the work. Thick or thin, Pizza Hut pizza boodle is made newly day by day .

What are the different types of cheese used at Pizza Hut?

American Blend Cheese is their standard character of cheese used to cover your front-runner toppings when ordering pizza from them or in pitch .
The second type is Triple Mozzarella Blend which gives an even richer taste by adding more mozzarella, provolone and cheddar topping on lead of it .
The third magnetic declination is Parmesan Blend which basically consists of grated parmesan and romano to match your taste bud .

What is the best pizza crust and cheese made at Pizza Hut?

While it does depend on personal predilection when talking about Pizza Hut crust types, pan crust + american blend tall mallow has been voted as their best sell combination for years now .

How much salt do they use in their pizzas?

The sum of salt varies depending on unlike regions equally well as what types of foods ( pizzas/pastas ) are ordered from them. strategic arms limitation talks levels have been gradually reduced over the last few years due to health concerns regarding sodium inhalation .
For comparison, a slit of their thick-crust pepperoni pizza contains aboutmg of sodium while a slice of thin-crust pepperoni pizza contains about milligram of sodium .

Do they use real onions and mushrooms to make their pizzas?

Ans: Yes. They do use real, actual mushrooms and onions on their pizza bases where possible/available at that storehouse. This is one of the many reasons why their pizza taste good .

Which crust is thicker Pizza Hut?

Ans: Pizza Hut ’ s thin ‘ n crisp crust is thinner than their original and pan-style pizza crust. It was described as having a “ crisp, crunchy texture ” by The Age newspaper in 2007 .

How much does an American pizza from Pizza Hut weigh?

Ans: 500 gram to 600 gm depending on the storehouse or placement where you bought it from. The specific burden depends on how many toppings you added onto your order deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as what type of the crust it has been made from .

Is hand tossed thicker crust?

Ans: The hand-tossed crust is slightly thicker than the reduce nitrogen crisp and master. It was described as having a “ crisp, crunchy texture ” by The Age newspaper in 2007 .

How many calories are there in a slice of Pizza Hut pizza?

Ans: A slice has between 250 to 500 calories depending on the sum of tall mallow and sauce they put on it equally well as your toppings added onto it .
There is high cholesterol and sodium message within their pizzas then people with high lineage pressure or heart problems should be careful when eating their pizza .

What size pizza does Pizza Hut serve?

Ans: They have 7 unlike sizes which include Personal Pan ( 10″ ), Small ( 12″ ), Medium ( 14″ ), Large ( 16″ ), X-Large ( 18″ ), XX-Large ( 20″ ) and XXXL 26″ Pizza .

What is a pan pizza?

Ans: The Pan crust style has a slightly dense crust than their thin n crispy/original which gives it a cryptic dish texture. It is higher in calorie consider due to its pantry spirit and softer texture .

How many slices does an XL pizza from pizza hut have?

Ans: In cosmopolitan, there are 12 to 18 pieces in one Pizza Hut XL size depending on how big the slice is cut into when placing the toppings onto the base .

What are the Pizza Hut Wing flavors?

Ans: They have many wing flavors with their most democratic being BBQ, Buffalo and the classical Hot Wings .
The one you are most probable to find at Pizza Huts are the buffalo wings since that is their most stock token among all of their hot products/flavors .

How long do pizzas from Pizza Hut keep?

Ans: They should be eaten a soon as you arrange them, there is no actual clock frame set in which they should be consumed either. however, since it does depend on what toppings you ordered and how fresh or kept up that store was at the time of cooking your pizza then there are sealed things to take into consideration .
For case, if you ordered pepperoni and mushrooms chances are that those were the first base toppings made ( since those are normally second/third most ordered ) and frankincense will hush be relatively newly due to modest measure of people who order them unlike say chicken which is often ordered in boastfully quantities so it will take longer to be made .

What is the difference between deep dish and thin crust Pizza Hut?

In general, there are two chief differences in both styles of crust which are that thin has been compared to being crunchier while deep dish tends to have more tall mallow on top of the crust a well as on the bottom of your pizza pie .
deeply Dish pizza tend to have more cheese than pan pizza, while dilute crust pizza are generally crispier than deep-dish varieties .
The term “ thick crust pizza ” is much used by many restaurants in Australia to describe pan style or traditional pan vogue pizza rather than their thick kind of hand tossed/deep dish. That ’ s why there is confusion when asking for a thick crust using these terms .

Which is better fresh pan or classic hand tossed?

Ans: It depends on the individual who is eating it, by and large you would get a stronger more fiery season from a piquant pepperoni pizza if ordered from an original/thin nitrogen crisp floor so if you love spice this would be for you .
however, a pan style will have a downy and more doughy texture to it so if you prefer things softer and with less bite then you ’ ll enjoy their classical hand tossed more .

Does Pizza Hut use different sauces?

Ans: Yes they do, each different style has a alone sauce base to it. In Australia they have Hot north blue which comes with a compact tomato based sauce and in the US they have their authoritative hot which is besides made from a tomato base but has extra spices in it for more spirit .

What is thin crust?

Ans: Thin crust refers to a pizza that is flimsy and has a crispier texture than focaccia boodle. The condition “ reduce crust ” dates back to the early on 1950s in Chicago, when Frank and Sam founded their pizzeria known as Uno ’ sulfur Pizzeria ( immediately there are over 300 Uno ’ mho ) .
prior to this meter, pizza were much viewed as an ethnic food of italian lineage ; however, the founders of Uno ’ sulfur began marketing their restaurant as an alternative to the existing italian restaurants in Chicago at the time .
This tactic work and allowed them to grow their business even further by word of talk throughout surrounding neighborhoods and city suburbs .
They began selling large numbers 50-inch ( 127 centimeter ) pizza which they primitively called “ pizzas-by-the-foot ” until a neighbor suggested that they call them by the name we know now as – Thin Crust .

Final words about Pizza Hut Crust Types

With 18 Pizza Hut crust types, 2 sizes, and 4 sauces to choose from at Pizza Hut, there is certain to be something for everyone .
From the Hot Dog Bites topping that alone comes in a 9-inch pizza size or during their limited time promotion of March Madness basketball tournament on ESPN3 ( during which they offered free pizza with any purchase ) to the thick Sicilian crust choice available class round ; you can ’ thymine go wrong when it comes to ordering your following pizza !
Whether you want an extra crisp thin crust like our original pan pizza or prefer one of our many flavors like garlic butter breadstick or beloved sriracha BBQ chicken, they have what you need .
Pizza Hut strives to provide the perfect pizza every clock, which is why they offer 18 different Pizza Hut crust types. Whether you ’ re looking for a soft and chewy flimsy crust or crisp pan pizza, we ’ ve got something that will satisfy your crave ! Read more: How Long Is Pizza Good For In The Fridge ? circus tent 10 Best Electric Pizza Oven 2022 ( From Customer ’ s Review )

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