What Is Trim Kit For Microwave Oven? Definition & Top 5 Best Microwave Trim Kit

Microwave ovens come with Trim Kits to give them a neat arrangement and aesthetic appeal after mounting. The design besides promotes airflow, which is required for all microwaves for effective operation. This guide will discuss the microwave oven Trim Kit, its function, sizes, and whether you need one for your appliance. A Trim Kit is relevant if you install a built-in microwave in your newly kitchen. besides, if you want to change your microwave oven from a countertop to a built-in invention, you will require the Trim Kit to give your initiation a clean finish. But let ’ s first understand what a trim kit for a microwave oven is .

What Is A Trim Kit?

A Trim Kit is a modest frame that includes three ducts ; the upper, lower, and rear, which attaches to and encases your microwave inside the cabinetwork cutout. It comes unassembled with respective other parts discussed further in this guide. Before we move on, you need to understand that Trim Kits are not standard and arrive with different designs which match specific microwave models.

So, when looking out for a Trim Kit, you must first consider the model you have in your house. That gives you the properly design, dimensions, color, and aesthetics. besides, you don ’ t have to worry about the Trim Kit for a built-in microwave as the manufacturer includes the equipment in the appliance packaging. The right Trim Kit will match your countertop or built-in microwave oven and provide you with the compulsory airflow. That said, A Trim Kit is a corresponding attachment that gives your built-in microwave oven an integrated flashy look in the cabinetry. The Trim Kit also helps you transform your countertop microwave oven into a built-in range. The Trim Kit design flawlessly arranges a microwave oven inside cabinetwork to give you the desired built-in effect. This design includes panels with side, bottom, and down layers that, when you assemble, give you a box with a space for fitting in your oven. To emphasize further, built-in microwave Trim Kits are promptly available for all models. however, if you want to convert your countertop microwave oven into a built-in, you have to consider the model as some countertop models can not transform into built-in ovens. With such a microwave in your kitchen, you have limited choices. You may have to put up a countertop purpose until its animation ends or upgrade to a newer built-in model .

At A Glance! The 5 Best Microwave Trim Kit

Trim Kit – Is It Really Necessary?

If you intend to have a built-in microwave design or convert your countertop into a built oven, you will require a clean-cut Kit. The built-in microwave comes with the equipment necessity to finish the edges. Countertop microwave ovens do not come with Trim Kits. You have to make a separate order. The model ’ s handiness will depend on microwave ovens that do not have Trim Kits. If you are lucky to have a Trim Kit design available in stores, you will flawlessly transform your countertop invention into a built-in appliance. But what are the benefits? Is it in truth necessary ? Have a look;

To Improve Ventilation

Microwave Trim Kits come with ventilation, so you do not need to install extra vents. Once you buy your equipment and install it properly, it will work efficaciously as a trimming frame to give your oven big aesthetics and breathing. The air will vent out through the top and from the sides. During installation, take care not to block the vents. Blockages can cause your microwave to malfunction and even cause extreme damages to your appliance. Be sure to provide a one-inch clearance beyond the boundary of the skeleton. That valuation reserve will allow proper airflow. If your microwave oven is the 27″ model, give 1 1/8″ valuation reserve at the top,1 1/4″ at the bottom, and 1 1/16″ on the sides. The allowance will allow an overlap of the Trim Frame over the ends of the cabinet cutout. On a 30′′ model, leave 1 1/8″ at the top, 2 1/16′′ at the bottom. The same applies to the sides for the overlap of the ensnare over the edges of the cabinet cutout .

To Give Your Microwave Oven The Built-In Effect

You do not have to stick with your countertop microwave oven plan. It is possible to upgrade to a built-in effect. To give your microwave oven the built-in effect, you need a frame of reference known as a microwave Trim Kit. The kit is available in major home appliances stores and comes in many models and brands. Whether it is Samsung, LG, GE, or any early type of microwave oven, you will find the right size and design to fit your appliance .

To Create More Counter Space

A typical kitchen worktop has got respective appliances, including a blender, toaster, microwave, and many more. every prison term you add a new device to the already existing ones, the placement consumes rejoinder space, leaving you with no board for preparing your ingredients. A Trim Kit for a microwave oven will solve this perplex. It converts your countertop microwave to a built-in type, giving you a cute kitchen design and more counter space. Designers execute a trim Kit in a dim-witted initiation on a cabinet opening in your kitchen.

Once the oven is out of your worktop, you will find it easy to maneuver about and enjoy your kitchen experiences .

  • Aesthetics

Your kitchen looks neat and brassy when you incorporate your countertop microwave in your cabinetwork. The placement itself is aesthetic and considered is one of the most beautiful modern kitchen designs .

  • Worktop space

No one likes working in a crowd kitchen worktop. A worktop with more than two appliances can be confusing and dangerous to work around. Plus, the sockets may not be adequate to hold on to all the plugs. Mounting your microwave is necessity as it is compact and absolutely fits a cabinet .

  • Airflow

The fact is, you can not stash your microwave in a cabinet and assume that you have a built-in effect. apart from the aesthetics, your appliance has to vent. A fail ventilation damages microwaves as there is no sufficient airflow. You will find the vents on the sides and top. A Trim Kit will allow your microwave to vent appropriately. Read More:

What Do You Get With A Trim Kit?

A Trim Kit comes as a spare frame with amphetamine, lower, and rear ducts for attaching and encasing your appliance in your kitchen cabinetwork cutout. When you buy the Trim Kit, it is usually unassembled and comes with several parts;

  1. Trim frame
  2. Bottom duct
  3. Anti-tip bracket
  4. Screws
  5. Side duct
  6. Bottom bracket
  7. Upper duct.

Assembling the above parts depends on the manufacturer ’ south guidelines. That shouldn ’ t be demanding. The results will be a box structure for fitting in your oven. First, go through your users ’ manual to do the slowly forum as processes differ. And as we mentioned earlier, Trim Kits are specific to models, but you will still find some microwaves sharing this part of equipment. When buying the kit out, ensure that the dimensions and color match your requirements. We recommend that you go for a specific post that matches your oven model. You will find arrant Trim Kits for LG, Samsung, GE, Ramtons, et cetera. The ideal equipment will fit snuggly and give you a flawless look .

Trim Kit Sizes

major brands built-in able countertop microwaves are available in 24″, 27″ and 30″ sizes. The Trim Kits besides come in unlike sizes to fit your oven. Usually, the hatchway of the assemble frame should be shorter in height than that of the oven. The cause is that only the oven ’ mho confront, excluding the feet, will be visible on the frame ’ south hatchway .

Determining The Trim Kit Size

Most microwave brands offer 27″ and 30″ broad Trim Kit options. These measurements will always reflect on the Quick Specs or the on-line intersection scout. To get the right trim frame size, consider the width from one english to the other and not diagonally. That is the 27″ or 30″ width of the outside dimensions of the Trim Kit. note that the difference between the 27″ Trim Kit and the 30″ one is alone the skeletal system. Everything else, including the upper and lower ducts, are the lapp. As you consider the microwave installations, be careful with the Trim Kit width, matching the ovens. And that includes 27″ or 30″ wall oven installations. We hope that will help you determine the correct Trim Kit size for your oven. If you can not capture the measurements adequately, contact your technician or us to get you the right regular .

What Is Included In A Microwave Trim Kit?

A standard microwave Trim Kit is a human body that comes with several components. Each manufacturer tries to have the best pieces in the box vitamin a much as potential. But there are several parts that you will find included in a microwave Trim Kit;

  • Trim frame
  • Bottom duct
  • Anti-tip bracket
  • Screws
  • Side duct
  • Bottom bracket
  • Upper duct

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A Trim Kit for the microwave oven gives your appliance an excellent finish up. The kit allows you to mount your oven and, at the same time, saves your kitchen worktop space. If you opt to have your microwave on a shelve or cabinet, the kit offers sufficient ventilation to allow airflow. With the provisions, your appliance will enjoy a hanker animation and at the lapp prison term give you tranquillity as you don ’ t have to keep on moving your oven .