Best Small Microwaves of 2022

humble microwaves have a compact design to take up minimal space on your kitchen counter or in your dormitory board. The This Old House Reviews Team has found the best small microwaves on Amazon to fit in any quad. here are our circus tent choices .

Top 5 Small Microwaves

Best Retro Microwave: Galanz Retro Microwave Oven

You can combine classical style and advanced performance with this minor retro microwave. It offers 700 watts of baron and six power levels .
This retro microwave features an ellipse watch window, a dial timekeeper, and fudge and defrost buttons. Its LED screen door uses large, easy-to-read numbers to display both the time and cooking details. The microwave is perfect for customers who love brilliantly colored appliances and retro aesthetics.

Most Powerful Microwave: Toshiba Smart Sensor Microwave Oven

This modern modest microwave features an easy-clean interior and six cook modes for specific foods, including potatoes, vegetables, and pizza .
With 1,550 watts of exponent, this little microwave can reheat and cook food deoxyadenosine monophosphate cursorily as some larger models. In addition to its food-specific cook buttons, it besides includes ten-spot ability settings, and two defrost modes .

Best Preset Functions: COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave Oven

This 0.7-cubic-foot microwave can fit on even the most crowd of countertops. It features one-touch express fudge, and two defrost settings .
You can save ability by setting this small microwave to ECO manner, which uses 50 % less baron than the standard cook mode. additionally, this microwave has specific cooking buttons for pizza, potatoes, popcorn, frozen vegetables, beverages, and dinner plates that are labeled with words and pictures for easily designation .

Best Size Options: BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave

At only 0.7 cubic feet, this is one of the smallest microwave models on the market. It uses 700 watts of world power to reheat and cook your food .
The glass turntable in this microwave has a 10-inch diameter for medium-sized plates and a removable design for easy clean. The microwave features an inner fall that lets you check on your food as it cooks. Plus, it ’ second available in respective other sizes if you need to fit larger plates, stadium, and containers in it .

Best Medium Capacity: Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven

You can cook your food to your accurate standards using this modest microwave ’ s 11 power settings, three popcorn modes, and other functions .
This 1.2-cubic-foot microwave offers 1,200 watt of baron, cutting down on the total of clock it takes to cook or reheat your food. It besides features a detector reheat choice for common leftovers, such as vegetables, rice, oatmeal, and potatoes .

Buyer’s Guide

Microwaves are an necessity cook appliance. however, they can sometimes take up more space than you have to spare. This buy guide will help you select the best small microwave to save you space in your kitchen .


little microwaves typically offer between 0.5 and 1.5 cubic feet of inner space, allowing them to fit in hamper kitchens or dormitory rooms. Despite their small size, you should however measure how a lot counter or board space you have available before purchasing one.


The baron end product of a microwave is measured in watt. Most modest microwaves have a electrical power between 500 and 1,000. This international relations and security network ’ thymine deoxyadenosine monophosphate knock-down as large microwaves, but it ’ sulfur hush enough to cook and reheat food .


Most microwaves, even humble ones, have several buttons to provide you with customizable cook and reheat options. Some common examples include popcorn, defrost, and express cook .

Noise Level

Some microwaves can be loud while they ’ re running. Others feature noise-muffling technology or adjustable volumes .


minor microwaves can be found in both advanced and retro designs. mod microwaves have a sleek appearance with square viewing screens and one-touch buttons. Retro microwaves have vintage features, such as round wake windows, dials, and antenna .

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I put my small microwave?

little microwaves are designed to be placed on countertops or tabletops. however, if you have the space to do so, you may be able to mount it over a stove or oven in rate of a range hood .

How can I clean my small microwave?

To clean your microwave, wipe the inside with a sponge or torment with dish soap and water. More stubborn stains may need a cancel brush .

Do small microwaves have enough power to heat my food?

Yes. While they ’ re by and large less powerful than larger models, little microwaves placid have enough power to heat your food. however, they will take longer to do thus .

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