The Best Countertop Microwaves for All Your Quick-Cooking Needs

We independently research, examination, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our summons. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. To help narrow down your choices, hera are the best countertop microwaves. When looking for a countertop microwave, there are a few features to consider. On the technical foul side, the size of your microwave matters—anything besides big or little may not work in your kitchen. then there is design ; sleek, modern, and old-school-style microwaves all have the latest engineering to fit your needs. finally, consider extra cook capabilities : Some countertop microwaves can grill, some have a sensor-cook ability, and others double as convection ovens. With the right symmetry of style, ability, and features, the Panasonic Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology is our darling model. Though many of us sometimes take them for granted, countertop microwaves are actually a helpful summation to your kitchen. They do more than precisely heat food ; they can defrost, keep food warm, and are programmed to cook certain foods easily, like popcorn, leftovers, and fixed meals.

As you may already know, a countertop microwave is unique in that you sit this cook appliance on top of a kitchen buffet, unlike its drawer or over-the-range counterparts. But quite a kind can be found even within the category of countertop microwaves—for exercise, some are simple and no-frills, while others are high-tech. This 1000-watt life-size microwave is about 37 pounds and has an inside capacity of 1.1 cubic feet. The appliance is perfective for people who need a bombastic interior for big plates or cooking utensil. Inside, you ’ ll find a 12.5-inch field glass turntable that can handle any dinner plate. This microwave comes with a child safety lock, six one-touch cook programs, and a sleek LED display. Plus, you can defrost by either time or slant, and there ‘s even a memory function that can store previously used cook settings. Need a broad countertop microwave with a courteous design, a roomy inside, 10 world power levels, and four color options ? then this Farberware microwave can provide you with everything you need. What We Do n’t Love : noisy when in manipulation, interior is not well-lit What We Love : knock-down and heats promptly, broad, big at defrosting freeze food and large portions of kernel, easy to clean The modern, slick stainless steel outside, which makes the microwave both a smasher and easy to clean, is not to shabby, either. This 1000-watt microwave is perfect for people who want the option to cook their food regularly and use it as a traditional oven. It comes in stainless steel, which makes it slowly to clean, and has a chic detector that cooks pre-programmed foods like pizza and vegetables efficaciously. What ’ second evening better are its automatic features like car bake and car roast ( up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit ) and the ability to mute the buzzer of the microwave wholly. Need an effective microwave that has a large department of the interior size and high-tech features ? then the Toshiba Convection Microwave Oven is a must-have. What We Do n’t Love : space around appliance ( including the crown ) gets truly hot, identical bombastic footprint, has a learn arch What We Love : satiny outside and broad interior, can do to types of cook in one, quick heating system, easy to clean The 700-watt microwave comes with a child lock, eco manner, and nine car preset modes. The buttons on this countertop microwave aren ’ t the standard display ; rather, there are logo computer keyboard designs and a knob to turn your microwave on to its desire fix. There are besides extra features that pleasantly surprised us about this little microwave that could : There ‘s a handy mute button to turn off the “ finished fudge ” alarm, and the there ‘s besides a feature of speech the company calls “ position memory, ” where the turntable returns to its original position when it ‘s finished heat. This retro-style microwave is on the small side, weighing 24 pounds, and it includes a 10-inch turntable. It ‘s perfect for people who want something unlike to fit their old-school aesthetic, or something little enough to fit in bantam spaces. If you ’ re into vintage-looking kitchen appliances with advanced features, the Comfee ’ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven is for you. What We Love : humble footprint, cute vintage design, good for those with small spaces or those who do n’t use the microwave frequently Weighing only 21 pounds, this compact microwave can fit smaller items easily, such as warming mugs and smaller plates of food. It comes with 10 office levels, a kitchen timer, and a child lock. If you need a modest microwave, this can easily be placed in your kitchen without taking up space reserved for your kitchen tasks. When you ’ re looking for something that is small, easy to use, gets the job done, and comes with high-tech features, then the AmazonBasics Microwave is an excellent choice. Alexa-compatible, this microwave can cook your food with the sound of your part. What We Do n’t Love : You ‘ll need to buy an Echo if you want to use voice commands, takes longer than modal to fudge, will not fit a regular dinner plate What We Love : Echo integration is easy to set up, does not need voice manipulate to operate, great for little spaces, helpful for those visually mar

This 700-watt microwave is perfect for people living in a small distance and looking for a no-frills option without all those extra features that will remain fresh. This 23-pound microwave, which includes a 10-inch turntable, has all the basic necessities for preparing a meal. There ’ s an express cook choice that can cook your food in minutes, an auto-defrost have, and a child lock to ensure younger children are safe while this microwave is in practice. All in all, there are 6 presets ( including pizza and frozen vegetables ), a timekeeper, and an “ total 30 seconds ” choice under the LED display. Everyone has a budget, and a fortune of microwaves can get into the triple digits for a quality one. The Danby countertop microwave, though, is all about choice on a budget. “ I love this microwave. It was a major upgrade from the humble one I had for 10 years. It is gigantic so it fits anything you can imagine, it heats up leftovers so well and evenly using just the one-touch Sensor Reheat release, and the defrost setting very does an amaze caper of defrosting freeze proteins without cooking them around the edges like most microwaves. ” — Eric Handelsman, Senior Vice President, Dotdash Meredith Food & Drink Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this countertop microwave has inverter engineering to cook your food all the means through, and this includes a Turbo set for faster defrost. You ’ ll besides find that this 1200-watt microwave has early appealing features, such as its Genius Sensor, which reads the total of steamer from the food you ‘re cooking and mechanically adjusts its modes ( such as cook or defrost ), world power degree, and times. Inverter technology delivers evenly cooked food by providing a pour of exponent in all directions. This means warming it up evenly and thoroughly, eliminating those dreaded hot spots. What We Do n’t Love : A spot loudly while it cooks, some say clock is difficult to read

Final verdict

If you ’ rhenium looking for a bare microwave that is cheap and relatively compact, but still mighty enough to heat quickly and evenly, then the Panasonic 1200-Watt Countertop Microwave, which comes with inverter engineering, is for you ( scene at Amazon ). If you need a quality appliance with all the necessity features, but on a budget, then the Danby Countertop Microwave is another capital option ( view at Amazon ) .

What to Look for When Buying a Countertop Microwave


People living in smaller spaces might find that they need to purchase a less mighty countertop microwave, while those with larger spaces can opt for a larger one with more features. The length, width, and depth count on the brand and dash. If you know that you ’ ll spend a lot of time using your microwave, then the interior size will besides matter because your microwave will be merely arsenic good as what you can fit in it when feeding yourself or your syndicate .

electrical power

Simply put, a high-wattage countertop microwave will cook your food faster. This doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean that a low-wattage microwave is inferior ; it will just take longer to cook your food. Most microwaves on the commercialize will range from about 600 to 1,200 watts. Some of the smaller microwaves will have lower electrical power, so it is authoritative to look at the specifications if a higher electrical power is desired .


Weight is another thing you ’ ll want to think about with countertop microwaves. Are they movable ? typically, more expensive and technologically grok countertop microwaves will have a batch of weight unit on them, particularly if they are made from stainless steel sword. But certain brands have the best of both worlds, lighter weight, and advanced features .


First-time owners of a countertop microwave should opt for a no-frills microwave to keep down the cost and for practicality. All basic microwaves should have the ability to reheat, defrost, and set the ability horizontal surface. If you ’ re looking for something more high-tech, then detector cook, removable racks, convection, and grilling are a few features to look for in more expensive countertop microwaves .


How do you clean a microwave ?

Using a solution of warm citrus and water or vinegar and water can clean a microwave in a pinch. What helps even more is cleaning your microwave regularly to keep it functioning well over meter .

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