Best 1100 Watt Microwave With Expert Recommendation

A low-watt microwave can seriously jeopardize your possibilities of elevating your cook to modern levels. To solve the problem, you ’ ll have to go with the best 1100-watt microwave .Best 1100 watt microwave in-between low-wattage microwaves and potent, 1500-watt units, the 1100-watt microwave provides the perfective libra in terms of cooking power and time. not alone will it allow you to cook firm compared to an 800-watt unit of measurement, but you won ’ thymine risk overcooking your foods. Finding the best model international relations and security network ’ thyroxine always easy, though. That ’ mho why we scoured the market and found the most promising 1100-watt microwaves. Check them out below .

Why an 1100 Watt Microwave?

sometimes, going for the best microwave under 1100 watt international relations and security network ’ t a good estimate. Low power could make your food come out mushy, tasteless, and boring. The microwave oven may not be the supporter of your kitchen, but it ’ s the best load-bearing actor, and more might means better results.

Another problem that a higher might solves is the celebrated hot spots. Low-power microwaves (in the 700-800-watt range) are too weak to heat food evenly. Whether you ’ rhenium defrost, cook, or reheating food, your dinner may come out overcooked in some parts and still frozen or undone in others. now, you may think that 1000-watt microwaves are more powerful than 800-watt ones. therefore, why an 1100 watt microwave ? Easy. You need an 1100-watt microwave because in the microwave oven world, each extra watt of power matters, reducing the cooking time and improving the results .

What is the difference between 1000 and 1100 watt microwaves?

technically, the difference between a 1000 and an 1100-watt microwave is 100 watts. You may believe it doesn ’ t matter, but it does. Every extra watt in your microwave will give it more power and efficiency. But it ’ s not alone about the baron. It ’ s the execution, as any good cook knows. Taking on a virtual model, a 1000 watt microwave takes about 10 minutes to defrost and cook a pizza. If you upgrade to an 1100 watt microwave this 2022, you can reduce the cook clock to about eight minutes, and your pizza will be crispier in all the good places .

Advantages and disadvantages of 1100 watt microwaves


  • Cooks faster and more efficiently
  • Higher temperature gives you more cooking options
  • Generally higher capacity compared to lower-wattage models
  • More pre-programmed cooking options and power levels
  • Affordable compared to higher-power models


  • It could be harder to learn how to use it efficiently
  • Higher electricity usage

What bells and whistles matter for an 1100-watt microwave?

Microwaves in this category come with numerous bells and whistles. Some of the most important include :

Power levels

As explained above, most 1100-watt microwaves have excellent cooking power. Various power levels, generally ten or more, also allow you to cook food to perfection .

Pre-programmed cooking settings

Most microwave ovens in this category come with at least six pre-programmed cooking settings that use a cinch .

Convection cooking

not all 1100-watt microwaves boast convection cook, but those that do make excellent choices for a tiny kitchen or RV .


Higher-tech microwaves in this range feature self-cleaning options that make it easier to remove grease and grime from your appliance .

What can you cook in an 1100-watt microwave?

Depending on the type of microwave oven you buy, you can cook anything from simple to elaborate meals. Most 1100-watt microwaves feature smart sensor cooking settings that allow you to defrost and cook meals without worrying about setting the right time and baron. These ovens calculate the cooking time and exponent automatically based on how much vapor comes out of your food, preventing overcook. You can also use your oven to make hot drinks, cook casseroles, reheat leftovers, or make pizza and popcorn.

Best 1100 watt microwaves reviews

1. Panasonic NNSG676W 1100 Watt 1.3 Cu.Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

This countertop microwave impresses with a large capability and a 12.4-inch diameter turntable. It ’ s an excellent choice for small to mid-sized families who most need a microwave to defrost and reheat foods .1100-Watt-PANASONIC-microwave however, you can even make good use of seven pre-programmed cooking settings and ten power levels for perfectly-cooked meals every time – besides thanks to the inverter engineering .

Why we love it



keypad-of-1100-microwave The 1.3 cubic feet capacity is an excellent choice for most households. This oven can hold up to 35.2 pounds and fits dishes up to 12-inch in diameter .

Ease of use

Like all Panasonic NN models, this microwave has an intuitive control panel makes it easy to operate. One-touch buttons give peace of mind when you ’ re in a hurry .


This microwave oven has a satiny plan that fits in modern and vintage-style kitchens alike. The blank end and minimalist control jury enhance its aesthetics .

What could be better

Moisture sensor

The detector cook sometimes fails to detect the come of vapor coming out of your food, resulting in an wrong adaptation of the power level and cook time. You may want to keep an eye on your food regardless of the selected option .

Heating efficiency

Hot spots are a common happening ; that ’ s why you should stir the food mid-cycle to ensure tied cooking .

2. Sharp R-1214 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave

With a compact outside but large interior, this microwave is a great choice for larger families. It has a capacity of two cubic feet and ten power levels. Another foreground is the over-the-counter facility .Sharp-R-1214 You won ’ thymine have to worry about counter space or sacrifice any space in your kitchen cabinets. fair keep in mind that this international relations and security network ’ t an over-the-range microwave – it has no fans and can ’ thyroxine absorb odors, vapors, and fumes .

Why we love it

Keep Warm function

sharp large adequate to hold meals for a large party, and with the Keep Warm Plus function, this microwave oven allows you to keep your food warm for up to half an hour. The defrosting function is besides far more effective than the usual, allowing you to set times and exponent levels specific for assorted types of food.

Control panel

Designed with ease of use in beware, this microwave oven has a control panel placed at the bottom of the unit preferably than on the side. This allows for an easier operation, placing the button within easy reach and the display at eye level .

Instant action keys

Aren ’ metric ton you tired of losing clock time when making selections ? The instant natural process keys on the computer keyboard allow you to activate detector cooking for assorted foods in the blink of an center. We besides like that the options include one-touch settings for heating up to six cups of water – ideal for when you want to make tea or cook pasta .

What could be better


A poor design of the vents could cause the oven to overheat if you don ’ t leave enough headroom at the second during facility. When this happens, besides much vapor inside the oven could fog the glass door, preventing you from keeping an eye on your food .


Although the microwave oven comes with installation instructions, mounting it over the counter can be long-winded. furthermore, the unit doesn ’ t come with all the facility hardware .

3. Magic Chef MCM1611W 1100W 1.6 cu. ft. Oven

Magic Chef ’ s countertop microwaves impress at the first glance, and this model is no unlike .Magic-Chef-microwave It is a compendious microwave compared to early microwaves on this number, but it ’ s perfect for small kitchens, single professionals, and couples living in tinier apartments. It besides comes bum – fair what you need if you ’ re on a budget .

Why we love it


Magic-Chef-MCM1611W With a 1.6 cubic feet capacity and auto cook menus, this microwave is undeniably designed to make your life easier. It has no special bells and whistles, but sometimes all you need is a cheap microwave oven that does its caper .

Power levels

With 11 different power levels, this microwave presents a lot of opportunities if you want a product that allows you to cook a variety of foods .

Compact size

Made of stainless steel and boasting a countertop initiation, this microwave uses saturated blank to present a design perfect for most kitchens, not only for its discolor but because, at 12.8 inches across, it can fit in any place you need .

What could be better

Door issues

sometimes the doorway can be unmanageable to close. The hinges are not of the best timbre and break easily. Using rectangular dishes is besides not an option with this unit because the door could pop open as the turntable tries to spin the tray .


Because of its pack outside compared to its capacity, the whole can overheat easily. For this reason, this unit is more suitable for those who most need it for its defrost and reheating capabilities rather than full-meal cook .

4. Farberware FMO11AHTBKB smallest 1100 watt microwave

Made of brush stainless steel sword, this microwave oven from Farberware Professional is the concluding to make it to our list. Ten power levels and seven cooking programs make it an excellent choice tied for beginners .Farberware-1.1-Cu-microwaveopen-size The appearance is satiny and advanced, but the unit besides suits a traditional kitchen. The large home is easy to clean, and a poser with instructions and cook options inside the unit makes it even easier to use .

Why we love it

Easy cooking

cooking-features Whatever you want to cook, rest assured that this whole makes it superintendent easy. In summation to the seven cooking programs, you can also choose from three defrost options, four melting settings, and three softening choices .

Convenient defrosting

This microwave oven allows you to defrost by time or weight ; these settings make it easily to thaw your foods to perfection .outer-size-of-the-1100-watt-microwave

Multi-stage heating

We all know how detector cook works, but this microwave oven takes detector cooking to the adjacent floor. The multi-stage heating adjusts the cooking time and powers mid-cycle for more flavorful cook with minimum risks of burning your food .

What could be better

Interior light

The LED inside the oven is not brilliantly adequate. You may have to struggle to see the food without opening the doorway .


The microwave possibly has some firmware issues that could cause the computer keyboard to block now and then. You can solve the emergence by unplugging the appliance for 20-30 seconds, but doing thus each clock it glitches can be long-winded .

Best 1100-watt microwaves comparison table

  Panasonic NNSG676W Sharp R-1214 MagicChef MCM1611W Farberware FMO11AHTBKB
Capacity 1.3 cu. ft. 2.0 cu. ft. 1.6 cu. ft. 1.2 cu. ft.
Max power 1,100 watts 1,100 watts 1,100 watts 1,100 watts
Power levels 10 10 11 10
Cooking programs 7 11 6 7
Installation Countertop Over the counter Countertop Countertop
Price $$$ $$$$ $$ $

How to clean an 1100-watt microwave oven?

houseclean is not the most pleasant of chores, but cipher said that being a cook was glamorous. fortunately, cleaning an 1100-watt microwave is easy .

You’ll need

● One damp, clean sponge ● A microwave-safe bowl ● 2 cups of water ● Dishwashing soap ● Microfiber fabric


The foremost thing we have to do is to take the sponge and clean the microwave of all the crumbs and solid leftovers. next, take the microwave-safe bowl, add two cups of water, and heat for 3 minutes. The steamer produced by the water will soften the grease and dirt, making them easier to remove.

If your microwave is very dirty, you can use white vinegar instead of water. You should always use white vinegar if you want to remove odors. adjacent, take out the turntable and wash it with dishwashing soap. Most microwave turntables are not dishwasher-friendly, so you should clean the dish by hand. last, rub dry the microwave with a microfiber fabric. That ’ s it .

Final Thoughts

As you can see, having a good microwave in your kitchen is identify to effortless fudge. We hope this steer can help you find the best 1100-watt microwave for you .