White Pizza (Pizza Bianca)

White Pizza This three cheese white pizza (pizza bianca) is an explosion of flavor: creamy ricotta, stretchy mozzarella and savory Parmesan cheese!
White pizza
Love cheese and love pizza ? Great. then here ’ s your person checkmate pizza : White Pizza, aka Pizza Bianca ! This recipe uses ricotta cheese to make a creamy white sauce to spread on the crust ; its seasoned with a little salt and garlic for good measure ! then it ’ second topped with stretchable mozzarella and savory Parmesan cheese. Move over, pizza sauce. This white pizza will give you a run for your money .

What’s white pizza, aka pizza bianca?

White pizza, or pizza bianca in italian, is a pizza made without a crimson tomato sauce. rather, a white pizza uses either a white-colored sauce or a fine brush of olive anoint over the boodle before topping it. The white sauce can be a cream sauce like an alfredo, or a soft cheese like ricotta cheese .
Who wants to spend prison term making a egg white sauce, when you can good use ricotta cheese ? Season it with garlic and salt, and tastes flush better than a sauce that takes time to make and dirties your pans.

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White pizza

How to make white pizza

White pizza has become one of our new syndicate favorites, around hera ! It joins Pizza Margherita as one of our subject classics. Because you don ’ t need to make a sauce, it ’ mho easy to make ! The only part with technique required is the homemade pizza dough. here are the basic steps for how to make white pizza ( or go proper to the recipe ) :

  • Make the pizza dough. See below for our base recipe and a few easy alternatives.
  • Season the ricotta. Mix it with some salt, pepper and minced garlic. This brings big flavor to the ricotta, which can sometimes taste bland on its own.
  • Top with mozzarella and Parmesan. These hold the pizza together and bring just the right texture.
  • Bake! Bake just 5 minutes until the cheese is melted and enjoy! Note that we cooked our white pizza in a pizza oven, so the top may be more browned than a pizza that comes out of the oven.

Ricotta cheese brands vary, so season to taste!

Ricotta is a voiced italian cheese that ’ s most excellently used in lasagna recipes, but it ’ mho perfective on pizza, excessively. One thing to note about it : there ’ s a lot of variation in ricotta cheese brands. Some taste delightfully creamy and flavorful as is, some are reasonably bland .
Take a short preference before you mix together the seasonings for the ricotta pizza. then adjust your salt subject as you go ! You may need a little more or less than the recipe calls for.

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White pizza

Homemade pizza dough options!

There are several ways to make a ashen pizza, aka pizza bianca. The most traditional means is using our pizza dough master recipe below. But there are a few alternative methods that are a little quick and easier arsenic well ! here our top options, listed in regulate of preference :

  • Best pizza dough: This Pizza Dough: Master Recipe makes the most authentic Italian pizza bianca. Stretching the dough takes a bit of practice, but it’s not hard: head to How to Stretch Pizza Dough. You also need some equipment (see below).
  • Thin crust. This Thin Crust Pizza Dough is easier because you can roll it out into a thinner, crispier crust. Same equipment required.
  • Naan or flatbread pizza. To make a quick and easy pizza, try our Naan Pizza or Flatbread Pizza using storebought flatbread.
  • Pan pizza. Or, make this white pizza as a pan pizza in a cast iron skillet! It takes a little longer, but it’s easier because you don’t have to stretch the dough.

Pizza making equipment

There are a few pizza qualification tools you ’ ll need to get the problem done ! here ’ s what you ’ ll need :

  • Pizza stone: A pizza stone is what makes Italian pizza crust crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Here’s the best pizza stone we’ve found, plus care tips.
  • Pizza peel: When you use a pizza stone, it’s easiest to use a pizza peel to transfer the pizza onto the hot pizza stone in the oven. We recommend this Standard pizza peel or this Conveyor pizza peel.

White pizza

More classic pizzas

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This white pizza (pizza bianca) is…

vegetarian .

What to serve with white pizza

This white pizza is begging to be accessorized with a salad ! here ’ s what we ’ five hundred commend :

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