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The appeal of personal pizza is childlike : It ’ sulfur designed for diners craving something tasty and cheap, delivered to the table preferably cursorily. By definition, a personal pizza should be an adequate serve for one person ’ s meal. While there is no definitive size, individual-sized pizza normally range between 6 to 8 inches, says Tom Lehmann, director at the American Institute of Baking in Manhattan, Kansas .
Operators can rejoice at the fact that personal pizzas bake at the same oven temperature as regular-sized pies. According to Lehmann, the modal boodle weight for an 8-inch thin crust personal pizza is 4¾ ounces. Dough weighs 6¾ ounces for an 8-inch compact crust personal pizza. Since larger pizzas take a few more minutes to come out of an oven, smaller pizza means faster delivery to diners and more tables turning .
Chris Presutti, sales coach at Tomanetti Food Products, a par-baked crust manufacturer and allocator in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, says their 7-inch pizza crusts have grown in popularity more recently. “ With the economy, everyone wants something cheap on the menu. A little pizza is identical cheap, ” he says. “ It keeps people eating out for lunch. The food price for the pizza on average is 80 to 85 cents, add in a toast and small english, and your food cost is only a few dollars. That ’ s a nice profit margin. ”
Vito Racanelli, Jr., chef/owner of Onesto Pizza & Trattoria in St. Louis, Missouri, says : “ Personal pizza are a great way to get people to try more pizzas. They decidedly help us sell more forte pizza. ”

One year ago, Racanelli added his version of a personal pizza — a 10- to 12-inch pizzette ( $ 6.95, with up to three toppings for 75 cents ) to the menu. For $ 8.95, diners can rate mini versions of specialization pizza such as the margherita, chicken pesto or huffy Cajun. The pizzette ’ s food price is lower than regular-sized pizza, says Racanelli, since it requires fewer ingredients, but the labor cost is higher since more pizzas need to be made .
At the Fox ’ s Pizza Den localization in Lagrange, Georgia, the 5-inch Bambino was in the first place geared toward children, but therefore many adults requested it they added it to the main menu. “ We sell 25 to 30 Bambinos a day, ” says franchisee Dave Dopp. “ We decidedly couldn ’ t take it off the menu. A distribute of people would be harebrained at us. ”

Dopp estimates the Bambino has a 27 percentage food price. “ It ’ s equally elementary to make as regular pizza, ” he continues. The pies specially help operators capitalize on lunch specials. “ The markup and profit for personal pizza should be the same as regular-sized pizza, but if you only offer life-size pizza during lunch, you may be losing business to sub shops and firm food restaurants who offer lunch specials, ” says Lehmann. rather, he suggests, operators menu a $ 5 personal pizza lunch limited that includes a balmy swallow and chips. Lehmann besides advises limiting the offer to the lunch daypart. “ It erodes aside from bigger meals, ” he explains. “ An individual pizza costs around $ 3 for dinner, while a 12-inch humble will cost around $ 7. I ’ vitamin d quite customers ordering a belittled and take it home. ”
Racanelli limits pizzettes sales to lunchtime since dinner service produces larger arrest averages — with the exception of Monday, which is “ Customer Appreciation Day ”. “ When people split a pizzette at lunch and I get a smaller check average, it doesn ’ thymine bother me. But I do want to increase the arrest average at dinner. ”
however, operators may want to consider restricting delivery orders to a minimal of two personal pizza or limiting personal pizza for dine-in and carryout business only. “ What does it cost to deliver a pizza ? Add in insurance, natural gas and manner of speaking charges, and I ’ d have a problem purchasing it as a buyer, ” says Lehmann.

“ Personal pizza are decidedly worth the time, ” he continues. “ You could credibly sell slices just american samoa well, but most people perceive individual-sized pizza better than slices. They think fresh-baked and are will to pay more. ” ?
personal Pizza Tips
? Control your sauce. “ The hardest thing about individual sized pizza is over saucing because it ’ s so small. very watch when you sauce. If you put besides much sauce on it will become bathetic, and the toppings will slide off, ” says Dave Dopp, owner of a Fox ’ s Pizza Den franchise.
? Consider using a coat pan. “ An 8-inch personal pizza corresponds with a common coat size. If you are looking for individual-sized pizza pans, go to a used bakery equipment supplier and buy individual coat pans, ” says Tom Lehmann, a director at the American Institute of Baking.
? Start small. “ When you first introduce personal pizza, limit it to one meal menstruation and see how it goes, ” recommends Vito Rancelli, Jr. chef/owner of Onesto Pizza & Trattoria .
Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman is a freelance writer in Louisville, Kentucky. She covers food, business and life style trends .