What Is Grandma Pizza and Where Does It Get Its Name?

Each merchandise we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our column team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. never hear of this Sicilian-style pie ? You actually should remedy that ASAP. What Is Grandma Pizza and Where Does It Get Its name ? When you think of “ New York pizza, ” you probably imagine a thin and round of golf Neapolitan-style pie. But there ‘s another, less well-known type of pizza that originated in New York — and if you ‘ve never heard of it, we should remedy that right now. hera ‘s what you need to know about Grandma pizza, the nostalgic Italian-American pizza that deserves a spotlight in your recipe box.

Homemade Pepperoni Sicilian Pan Pizza

Homemade Pepperoni Sicilian Pan Pizza

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What Is Grandma Pizza? 

Grandma pizza is a Sicilian-style pie that originated in New York. It has a dilute crust and it ‘s cooked in a squarely pan. Since it was created by home cooks in Long Island, Grandma pizza is traditionally made without a pizza oven.

noteworthy for its distinctly slender crust, Grandma pizza is cooked in an olive oil-coated rectangular pan and topped with mozzarella tall mallow and tomato sauce ( the sauce is typically layered over the cheese — not the other manner around ). It ‘s cut into square pieces for serving. Related : italian Recipes That Would Make Your Nonna Proud

Grandma Pizza vs. Sicilian Pizza 

The chief remainder between Grandma pizza and sicilian pizza is the treatment of the boodle. sicilian dough is left to rise after it ‘s stretched into the pan, resulting in a downy crust. Grandma dough, interim, is cursorily placed in the oven with little to no rising time. This is the reason Grandma pizza crust is dense, thin, and crisp.

Grandma Pizza History

Though the accurate lineage of Grandma pizza is unclear, many people speculate it can be traced back to Italian-American grandmothers living in Long Island in the 1970s. As first-generation italian immigrants, these women were probable trying to recreate a proto-indo european they remembered from their family country with ingredients they had on hand. Grandma pizza sounds like “ pizza alla casalinga ( housewife-style pizza ), the kind of pizza you ‘d get in Italy if you were invited to person ‘s home, ” Michele Scicolone, italian food expert and co-author of Pizza : Any Way You Slice It, told serious Eats in 2008.

How to Make Grandma Pizza at Home

Grandma pizza is becoming increasingly popular in NYC restaurants, but you may have a hard clock finding it on menus outside New York. Do n’t fret, though ! You can easily make this cracker-barrel favorite in the comfort of your own kitchen with this simple recipe “ My four kids and conserve are not constantly comfortable to please when it comes to food, specially all in one meal, ” says five-star commentator Lisa Kelley. I made this recipe today and everyone LOVED it ! ” Get the recipe : Grandma Pizza