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900-watt microwaves are decently firm cookers with broad interior capacities, 1 kilowatt is the standard for many commercial light-duty microwaves, and the 700-watt microwave is ideal for RV or solar battery microwaves ( they don ’ triiodothyronine overload the batteries and can plowshare power with early appliances ). In regards to 900-watt microwave vs 1100-watt microwaves, which one will win ? 900 watts is a good begin microwave power while many commercial microwaves are rated as medium-duty at 1.1 kilowatts .

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900-Watt Microwave vs. 1,100-Watt Microwave

You might believe that there ’ s little difference between 900 watts or 1,100 watts. It ’ randomness good 200 watts between the two, right ? however, those 200 watts actually make all the remainder, flush if it ’ second just a minute of cooking time or four potatoes.

hera are the relative stats between a 900-watt microwave and a 1.1-kilowatt microwave. obviously, 900-watt microwaves are slightly cheaper than their 1,100-watt counterpart .

Wattage Average Microwave Price Price Per Watt Number of People Served Reheating or Cooking Time Output per Hour
900 watts $84.63 $0.094 4 to 6 people 4 minutes and 3 seconds 13 baked potatoes
1.1 kilowatt $104.61 $0.095 6 or more people 3 minutes and  10 seconds 17 baked potatoes

In terms of price per watt, 900 watts actually give you a cheaper rate of price per watt arsenic well as a cheaper median microwave price. This is dry seeing that the 1-kilowatt microwave actually offers the best price per watt ( $ 0.090 ) compared to these two other types .

Why is 900 Watts the Best Wattage for a Microwave?

900 watts is the best electrical power for microwaves because it balances outsize ( capacity is proportional to wattage ) and speed of cooking ( faster than 700 watts and close to 1 kilowatt in adeptness ). With that said, if you ’ re driving an RV, you need a 700-watt microwave alternatively .900w combinationmicrowave This is besides genuine if you live in a little apartment and you ’ ra economic when it comes to your electricity charge. You can besides go down to around 650 watt, which has serviceable reheating ability but it might be besides slow for the taste of many modern households. 650 to 700 watt is less probable to overload your solar batteries while camping or your recreational vehicle ’ second barrage when it ’ s being used with other

Is 1.1 Kilowatts Too Much for a Home Microwave?

It ’ s not unusual to get a 1.1-kilowatt microwave for a medium-duty commercial microwave for use in convenience stores and provide. however, what about light-duty home microwave units that don ’ thyroxine want you to use the device 150 times daily ? At most you ’ ll use it 6 times a day at most. 1,100 watt of power might seem excessive, but it might besides be worthwhile for those who can afford it. There ’ sulfur no hard and flying rule banning you from using a 1.1-kilowatt microwave for light-duty reheat purposes, if only to achieve lightning-fast microwaving action. convection microwaves or 4-in-1 microwaves require more electrical power excessively in order to work their other modes, so they ’ re worth the excess watt for maximizing their capabilities .

How Do You Know the Wattage of Your Microwave?

The electrical power of your microwave is listed on the box, the front of your microwave, or the user manual. You can besides look it up on-line by searching for the shuffle and model of your unit. When listed on the front man, you should see a issue that ’ s at least 500 followed by a “ w ” afterwards.

How Do You Know the Wattage of Your Microwave You can besides look inside the microwave if it ’ s not on the battlefront of the unit of measurement. Inside the device where you cook your food you should find a pronounce. It contains the product or model number, manufacturer, and the number of watts it uses. When searching for the electrical power of your microwave, put into Google the manufacturer identify followed by the product numeral to see its specification or its Amazon page where the electrical power is most likely listed .

How Much Can You Afford to Spend on a Microwave?

This is something entirely you, the lector, can answer. We can assist you by giving you an idea of how much these microwaves price. The higher the electrical power the more the microwave will cost. On average, a 900-watt microwave costs about $ 80 or more. A 1.1-kilowatt microwave costs around $ 100. Most microwaves that cost under $ 100 have wattages less than 800 watts. 900-watt microwaves can cost about $ 100 ascribable to early spectacles like being a convection oven or offering a fiddling extra in terms of capability or manufacturer reputation. By spending an extra $ 50, you should find a decent 900 watt to 1.1-kilowatt microwave that plays around the light-duty to a medium-duty range of quality microwave action .

What’s the Highest Wattage and Standard Size of a Microwave?

The highest electrical power is round 2.4 kilowatts and they ’ rhenium rare heavy-duty commercial microwaves of the heavy-duty variety. These atrocious microwaves typically weigh 70 pounds, cost upwards to $ 2,000, and is rated for commercial function at restaurants. A residential, consumer, or home microwave typically maxes out at 1.3 kilowatts. It only serves about 6 or more persons at most in contrast to multi-use commercial microwaves that serves hundreds .

How Do You Tell the Size of Your Microwave?

As for size, it can mean either oven capacity or the dimensions of the microwave. The bigger the dimensions of the microwave the more space it can allow for the oven capacity, which is measured in cubic feet. On average, the oven capacity of the microwave is 1.5 cubic feet. The smaller consumer microwave capacity is at 0.6 cubic feet and the largest capability is 2.2 cubic feet for commercial units. The microwave home should have the spectacles for it listed. To calculate the cubic feet of the device, multiply the length to the width and to the height .

To Sum, it All Up

The 200-watt difference between a 900-watt microwave and a 1.1-kilowatt microwave international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine negligible and can mean the deviation between a minute of save cook time and 4 baked potatoes per hour. It ’ south however up to you if that extra 200 watt is worth the excess $ 20 or so in terms of price. 900 watts is a nice serviceable microwave power charge that won ’ t have you waiting everlastingly to get your food cooked in an uneven manner as a 700-watt microwave would. Most family don ’ metric ton want that extra 200 watts or even 100 watts if you ’ re using a 1-kilowatt model rather.

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