Can you cook a digorno’s pizza after its been thawed for 1 day

Yes, it should be .
That is – if it has been thawed, and safely stored ( refrigerated, or in safe temperatures in whatever way ), then it should even be safe to eat. If it has been left out on a counterpunch, or in otherwise insecure conditions for more than a few hours – then it is adenine dangerous as the conditions have made it, and it is your decision what you will risk. But safety-wise, while being freeze is condom, not being frozen does n’t mechanically make it insecure – not any more than any early kind of food that might be defrosted before cooking.

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You might notice some changes in texture, and you will have to alter your fudge times, if you ‘re cooking from thawed alternatively of frozen. Your bake time will be shorter, for one, since the pizza does n’t have to come up to temperature. You might want a lower temp and slower fudge method, so it is easier to keep check when it ‘s done ( I normally do 350 and keep see, while some freeze ask for 400 and specific times ). It might be easy to over-bake, since the instructions are expecting the pizza to be thawing. It might come out a small differently – if it was intended to be baked in the bare single-foot, but now must have a baking sail underneath because it ‘s floppy, or possibly if it was self-rising, and spent a small of that rise in the thawing – but I would expect changes to be relatively minor, or directly related to the change in baking method acting ( crisper/softer crust from baking sheet or moister/dryer tall mallow from temp and time switch ).

I believe many manufacturers include instructions not to thaw the pizza because the results are more consistent if the march is, it is one less varying for them to worry about – and therefore thawing the pizza means it is one more for you to worry about.

If it helps, I ‘ve done this – dissolve and baked a freeze pizza ( it was thawed so it could be divided and baked over a match days, and so was ‘fresh bake ‘ each time alternatively of dried from reheating ). I did n’t have any particular issues with it, beyond having to change the cook method acting to one suited to a non-frozen pizza. then again, I planned to do this – so you might have more issues with a rising pizza or if you ‘re pickier about the consequence being precise or predictable .