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The Best Microwave Under 200$ Reviews, Tips and Buying Guides

Are you in the grocery store for the best microwave under $200 ? If therefore, you ’ re surely not alone. When it comes to appliances, there ’ s no question that microwaves are some of the most democratic. After all, who doesn ’ t love being able to promptly heat up food without having to fire up the oven ? And, when it comes to choosing a new exemplary, there ’ s no need to break the trust. In fact, there are some great microwaves available for under $ 200. But how can you know which option is best for you when there are sol many to select from ?
Best Microwave Under $200 If you ’ re in the market for a newfangled microwave, but don ’ metric ton want to spend a luck, then you ’ ll want to check out our reviews of the best microwave under 200. We ’ ve got tips on how to choose the right one for your needs and buying guides that can help you find the best deal. So whether you ’ rhenium looking for a minor countertop model or something larger that can handle family-sized meals, we ’ ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for ? Start browsing nowadays !

What Is A Microwave?

Microwave ovens heat food by taking advantage of microwave radiation, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The microwaves bounce around inside the alloy box and penetrate the food, bombarding the water and fat molecules in everything from vegetables to meat and causing their social organization to collapse and re-form into fresh shapes — this produces the heating system we feel while we stand near a working microwave oven .
A basic microwave oven consists of : A magnetron that generates microwaves A waveguide that carries them into the cook bedroom Two antenna that air and receive energy to/from an antenna on clear of your microwave oven A control condition control panel with buttons for setting baron level, clock time, etc.

Reviews of The 9 Best Microwave Under $200 on Amazon in 2022

hera are the top-rated microwaves under 200 dollar to buy .

Top 1. Panasonic NN-SD67LS Microwave Oven

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The Panasonic NN-SD67LS Microwave Oven has a satiny and elegant design that is appropriate for any modern space. The best countertop microwave under $ 200 has a square shape and is more mod than conventional ones because it has no handles, making it easier to store in the cabinet without causing any problem. The minimalistic tones of black and grey are appropriate for any modern home .
It has frosted glass doors and interior lighting, allowing you to see inside even when the door is closed. The merchandise ’ sulfur capacity is 1.3 cubic feet, which is sufficient to cover the demands of your entire class. Microwaves come with ten distinct cooking modes, including automated and detector fudge for common items. This device has three power settings, allowing you to personalize and quickly industry butter popcorn .
This product ’ randomness touch gore is truly simple to operate. To adjust the allow world power, just compress and hold the touchpad for 30 seconds. This microwave oven can keep your food warm for up to 30 minutes, ensuring that you constantly have hot food. A 12.4-inch glass turntable is included in the broad interior and is ideal for holding any merchandise .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 35.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21.22 x 17.44 x 11.81 inches
  • Capacity: 1.3 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 1100 watts
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Handle-free design for easy storage
  • Equipped with frosted glass doors and interior lights
  • Large capacity 1.3 cubic feet
  • 10 different modes such as automatic or sensor cooking
  • Easy-to-use touch panel


  • The top does not insulate well and is extremely hot to the touch

Top 2. Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) Microwave Oven

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Toshiba is a well-known name in home and kitchen appliances, particularly the best microwave oven under $ 200, and the Toshiba ML2-EC10SA ( BS ) Microwave Oven is no exception. Its alloy expressive style is both modern and classic, and it will go with any kitchen. This model, unlike the Panasonic NN-SD67LS, features a door with a more commodious manage. It besides gives you a capital imagination thanks to the frosted glass and inside lights .
With 1.0 cu foot of quad and a knock-down motor of 1000 watts, the Toshiba ML2-EC10SA ( BS ) is ideal for individuals who want to explore a kind of cuisines. You can comfortably heat your darling dishes, exsiccate, or grill food with 10 might levels. This microwave oven includes built-in convection baking technology to ensure that hot tune is distributed evenly and that food is not burned .
The control empanel is easy to operate and features a huge LED display that displays the countdown fourth dimension. The touch dialog box is elementary to operate with merely one partake, and the clock knob is particularly useful. In addition, as compared to standard microwave ovens, it can save 50 % of the energy. This product besides comes with a bang-up 10-preset menu to choose from. It besides features a kid safety lock, making it fabulously safe .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 40.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 20 x 12.8 inches
  • Capacity: 1.0 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 1000 watts
  • Material: Metal


  • Modern and convenient design
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful capacity with large capacity
  • Wide choice of cooking options available
  • Amazing convection technology


  • The oven must be preheated if you want to use the convection mode
  • Longer warm-up time than other appliances

Top 3. SHARP ZSMC1441CB ​Microwave Oven

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The SHARP ZSMC1441CB Microwave Oven, like the Panasonic NN-SD67LS, has a handleless door purpose. It is a reasonably space-saving device thanks to this feature, and it is perfective for any storage area. Any kitchen will look great with this modern black dash. It includes four exceptionally durable fictile bases that help to keep the tabletop cool by limiting the amount of heat that comes into contact with it. The food is heated inside is visible thanks to the frost methamphetamine .
This best countertop microwave oven under $ 200 offers a high capacity of up to 1.4 cubic feet, making it the second-best among the clear nine devices we looked at. As a result, this is a family-sized product that is allow for large households. It boasts a herculean output of up to 1000 watt and ten adjustable power settings to fit each model. You can use the Auto Thaw option to swiftly defrost food according to its weight .
It has 6 cook modes that you can pick from well, including a separate modality for melting chocolate. All you have to do is modify the allow clock and mode for up to 30 seconds with just one touch. The countdown timer will besides be displayed on the LED expose for easy alliance. It comes with a child guard lock, which is ideal for families with short children. This unit includes a 12.8-inch detachable and easy-to-clean turntable .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 32.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16.1 x 21.3 x 12.4 inches
  • Capacity: 1.4 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 1000 watts
  • Material: Steel


  • Space-saving and easy to store
  • 10 different power levels
  • Auto Defrost mode lets you defrost food quickly
  • 6 cooking settings are available
  • Child safety lock


  • Non-slip resistance is not good

Top 4. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

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Amazon ’ s best-seller pick for the best microwave under $ 200 is the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven. This merchandise, which has approximately 40,000 evaluations on Amazon, appeals to customers because of its authoritative design, which can be worn by everyone. This device has a large size and exceptionally commodious stay-cool wield doors at an highly low price. The item takes up a bunch of kitchen counter quad, yet it ’ mho arduous enough that it doesn ’ t move when the door is opened .
The device has a capacity of up to 1.2 cubic feet and an output of 1100 watt. You can well thaw a hale chicken with this capacity. It ’ s perfect for reheating or defrosting democratic foods. In 45 seconds, this product can even melt the cheese. This merchandise besides offers six settings that you may choose from with a single touch .
The reach panel is comfortable to operate with good one affect and cleans up cursorily with a warm towel. The pre-set countdown time is displayed on the LED display. The self-set number plate allows you to modify the fudge time to your like. This best microwave under $ 150 not only defrosts good but besides functions as a master toaster .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 34.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.14 x 20.51 x 12.83 inches
  • Capacity: 1.2 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 1100 watts
  • Material: Stainless Steel 


  • The stay-cool handle is extremely convenient
  • Large product capacity up to 1.2 cubic feet
  • 10 powerful power levels.
  • 6 preset cooking settings
  • Easy to use and also very simple to clean
  • Can act as a toaster


  • No child safety lock

Top 5. Amazon Basics Microwave

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The Amazon Basics Microwave is the next product on our number of the best microwave under $200 picks, with a basic and highly modern stylus. This device, which has received positivist feedback from over 30,000 customers, is particularly apt because it can be operated via part commands. This microwave is finished in rich black color and is very easy to clean. It takes up short space on your stovetop and comes with a stay-cool treat to keep you safe while using it .
The capacity of this microwave is 0.7 cubic feet. It includes a 10-inch turntable that holds 3 ounces of popcorn. It makes defrosting and reheating freeze foods quick and childlike. To fit your demands, you can choose from ten-spot unlike baron levels. Controlling and using this product is tied easier with Echo devices .
Despite the fact that the Echo device is not included in the bundle, it is a good value for the money. Simply ask Alexa to turn on the microwave, and then use your voice to manage all of the settings. This device is besides extremely safe because it has a child lock .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 21.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 10.1 x 14.1 inches
  • Capacity: 0.7 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 700 watts
  • Material: Metal


  • The color is a rich black and it’s really easy to clean
  • It won’t take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter
  • When you hold it, the stay-cool handle keeps you safe
  • Ten different power levels
  • Voice commands can be used to set all of the information
  • There is a child lock available


  • Uneven heating ability

Top 6. Nostalgia MCMO9FTSG Microwave Oven 

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The Nostalgia MCMO9FTSG Microwave Oven is a must-have for anyone looking for ex post facto flare and a kitchen that feels like it belongs in the 1960s. For homes furnished in this dash, the microwave with the nostalgic brand and blueprint is a perfect intersection. It ’ s a vibrant mint green color that brightens up the room. Furthermore, everything is concentrated and wonderfully constructed, from the door handles to the shapes .
This is a covenant microwave with a 0.9 cubic foot capacity, therefore it ’ sulfur best for couples. The Nostalgia MCMO9FTSG has a 900 Watt capacitance, which allows it to heat food promptly. It comes with pre-programmed cook settings that are simple to select. Reheating and defrosting with a delay timer for maximal efficiency. In addition, the rapid cook procedure can begin in less than 30 seconds .
mechanical buttons make up the control dialog box, which is bare to operate. Everything is unapologetically ex post facto, from the buttons to the chrome-plated door handles to the elegant plastic base. It besides contains a digital clock with an LED display that shows the countdown time clearly. Customers can choose from a range of tinge options for this product. With a child-safe lock, it ’ s besides highly safe .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 33.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 18.3 x 13.5 inches
  • Capacity: 0.9 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 900 watts
  • Material: Glass


  • Eye-catching with retro style
  • Built-in pre-programmed cooking settings for your convenience
  • Delay timer for maximum efficiency reheating and defrosting
  • Start the quick cooking process in just 30s
  • Various color choices


  • Small capacity

Top 7. Galanz GGSWWA16BKSA10 Microwave Oven

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On our list of items, the Galanz GGSWWA16BKSA10 Microwave Oven has the largest capability. It besides has a very strange and up-to-date design. The door is designed to seem like a flat-screen and has exceptionally attractive doorknob. The product ’ second base has been particularly built to be both attractive and well-insulated. This appliance is extremely versatile, and it can entirely replace both a convection oven and an breeze fryer .
This best microwave under $200 has a big 1.6 cubic foot capacity. Convection engineering is built into this appliance, allowing hot air to circulate 360 degrees inside the oven, allowing food to cook faster and more evenly without burning. It besides has TotalFry 360 Technology, which allows you to air child crisp foods with less oil than you would on a regular burner. It besides includes sensors to ensure that your food is properly toasted while preserving moisture .
This 3-in-1 product besides takes less clock time to cook than common ascribable to the combination of several diverse features. The product can besides be used just using the product ’ s highly responsive tint panel and one-touch apparatus. The LED jury is besides quite large, making it easy to keep track of how a lot clock time is left. It besides comes with a number of extras, including a glass turntable, an atmosphere fryer kit, and a non-stick turntable .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 44.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎21.75 x 22.94 x 12.69 inches
  • Capacity: 1.6 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 1000 watts
  • Material: ‎Stainless Steel


  • Modern and elegant design
  • Huge capacity up to 1.6 cubic feet
  • Convection technology makes hot air circulate 360 degrees
  • TotalFry Technology 360
  • A large number of accessories were included


  • The quality of the glass turntable is not so good
  • Longer air frying time than conventional air fryers

Top 8. Farberware FMO11AHTBSB Microwave Oven

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If you ’ re on a tight budget and want the best microwave under 150, the Farberware FMO11AHTBSB Microwave Oven is a must-have. The product is black in color and has a satiny and mod feel about it. The outside shell is made of stainless steel, which is incredibly durable and strong. The contour treat is comfortable to hold and keeps you warm. It ’ s not excessively big, so it saves room and doesn ’ t take up besides a lot counter space in the kitchen .
Its 1.1 cubic foot capacity is precisely right for your class, neither besides bantam nor besides large. Up to 1000 watts of power for quick and vigorous warm and defrost. Due to its capability to defrost by system of weights, this product allows you to get the most out of your defrost time. It besides has six automatic cook modes for coarse foods including popcorn, pizza, freeze food, and potatoes .
It besides allows for immediate and easy warm of leftovers in 1 to 6 minutes. It ’ randomness besides a childlike device to operate, with a one-touch command jury. The dish ’ south countdown is shown on a large LED blind. With a pull the leg of guard lock in, it is besides regarded as a relatively safe item .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.2 x 16.93 x 12.03 inches
  • Capacity: 1.1 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 1000 watts
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Extremely durable and sturdy stainless steel case
  • The rounded handle is easy to grip and well insulated
  • Save space
  • 6 automatic cooking programs
  • The ability to quickly reheat food


  • The door is hard to close
  • Noisy operation

Top 9. Black+Decker EM720CB7 Microwave Oven

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The Black+Decker EM720CB7 is the final examination product on our list of the best microwave under $200 picks. This is one of Amazon ’ sulfur Choices, with over 11,000 ratings and a monetary value of a fiddling under $ 100. Despite its cheap price, the design of this item will not disappoint you. Because it does not take up a set of kitchen counter space, this is a bantam device that is appropriate for one person or a match .
It has a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet, which is quite minor, but it has all of the necessity functions. You can vary from 1 to 6 minutes at 100 % capacity with simply a energy of a release. You can swiftly cook, reheat, or thaw food with 10 different might settings. Timed defrost and highly flying weight defrost are the two options for defrosting .
It ’ s a product that ’ s actually elementary to operate, with a responsive one-touch command jury. The time is besides displayed in an LED display that is highly sharp and easy to read. It comes with six pre-programmed modes for common foods like pizza, potatoes, popcorn, and so on. A built-in methamphetamine turntable that can be removed for clean is besides included with the device. It features a child safety lock, which is a courteous feature .

Technical details

  • Item Weight: 23.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 13 x 10.2 inches
  • Capacity: 0.7 Cubic Feet
  • Power (Watts): 700 watts
  • Material: Metal


  • Cheap
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Reheat and defrost quickly
  • 6 pre-programmed modes
  • Child safety lock is relatively convenient


  • Small capacity

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Microwave Under $200

Because there are indeed many little microwaves on the market, you may require aid in determining which one to purchase. here are some things to consider while looking for the best microwave under 200 .


A bantam microwave oven is typically ten inches high, ten inches wide, and ten-spot inches trench. It should be able to heat enough meals for one or two persons. There are, however, respective sizes available, such as a small microwave oven that can hold six to seven quarts of food, which is ideal for larger families or individuals who must prepare for a boastfully group of people at the lapp meter. Some large microwaves even have two distinct controls : a cook digital timer and a built-in clock for supernumerary appliance .

Power (Wattage)

The world power of a microwave oven, besides known as electrical power, is the moment thing to consider when purchasing one. The higher the electrical power, the more it can do in a short sum of fourth dimension. Because most microwaves have a baron evaluation of 600 to 2,000 watts, if you bought one that doesn ’ metric ton appear herculean adequate to cook or warm food adequately, it may not be ampere brawny as you thought. Consider the size of your family and how much each individual broadly eats before deciding on a electrical power scope .

Design features

Rotating trays, control panels, child safety locks, and automatic pistol shut-off are all included in the design. Because the rotating tray rotates, it can make it easier to remove hot food items. Check to see if the rotate plate is moving properly. If you want a microwave with a manipulate control panel on the presence, some designs feature controls that are angled toward you, making them more visible than controls that are directly facing you. If your device is mounted high on a wall, controls that are oriented towards you may make it easier to access them .


Because food cooked in a microwave oven reaches well higher inner temperatures than food cooked in a convention oven, any bacteria present is killed, so you don ’ t have to worry about your family becoming disgusted from eating reheated leftovers or other foods. It is wholly safe to use a farseeing as you follow the directions on how to operate the oven properly, and large-capacity microwaves come with numerous safety features .
Child guard locks prevent children from operational appliances by accident, consequently this feature of speech may keep your children safe when using microwaves. automatic rifle shut-off protects your microwave ’ second electric components from overheating .


A compact microwave oven ’ south best feature is that it heats food faster than a traditional oven. besides, because it cooks with address heat and high-frequency waves quite than roasting or baking like an oven, the quality of the food is better. When heated in a microwave oven, even frozen entrees taste great. Another advantage of microwaves is that they do not require preheating before heating your meal, unlike conventional ovens, which take time to reach the proper temperature .


Microwave ovens are priced differently depending on their electrical power, size, and features. small microwaves are sanely priced. If you want to save money, an energy-star-rated microwave is a way to go because they use less electricity than conventional microwaves. Most retail stores and on-line websites, like, carry energy Starsmall appliances like microwaves, but make certain to verify whether a seller offers barren transport before making a buy ; otherwise, you may end up paying more ascribable to extra transportation expenses .

Advantages of The Microwave 

Microwave ovens have a issue of advantages over conventional ovens .

Quick speed

The chief one is the rush at which the food can be cooked. When you put a dish in a regular oven it actually takes much longer to cook than if you used a microwave. This makes microwaves perfect for those that are pressed for prison term or those who want their meal cursorily without spending hours cooking it .

Great for making stews and soups

Another advantage of using a microwave is that they ’ rhenium great for making stews and soups arsenic well as other dishes that tend to need long dense cook times as they don ’ thyroxine frequently go dry. alternatively, these foods heat up actually promptly and stay damp throughout the process thanks to all of the urine in the food .

Cook more evenly than conventional ovens

Microwave ovens besides by and large cook more evenly than conventional ovens and can be used to make all kinds of common dishes such as roasts, pizza and pies. It doesn ’ t matter if you ’ re cooking something that traditionally takes a long time to do, equitable cover it with some foil and pop music it into your microwave and it will come out perfectly cooked without any one partially overcooking while another separate is placid raw, which is frequently an issue when using early methods .

Less risk of burning yourself

Another advantage of microwaves is less gamble of burning yourself during the fudge march than there would be with a traditional oven. The walls of a regular oven can get fabulously hot so you need to use gloves to take the food out when it ’ south done whereas a microwave stays relatively cool throughout .

Ideal for cooking fast meals

The amphetamine and ease of consumption make microwaves ideal for cooking fast meals in a haste but you can besides cook quite complicate dishes without besides much trouble. There are even recipes designed specifically for microwaves to create tasty treats with the minimum amount of fuss, such as raspberry cheesecake or cocoa patty. These kinds of things would be unmanageable to do in a traditional oven but are simple with a microwave. In addition, microwaves come with their own range of accessories that allow you to grill kernel, reheat foods, and defrost freeze foods quickly and easily .

How To Use A Microwave Step By Step?

Microwaves are actually pretty sophisticated pieces of technology, so unless you want to come out with an undercooked meal, it ’ second best to learn some useful tips and tricks on how to use them effectively. here ’ s our template for how to use a microwave tone by footprint .

Step 1: Place The Food In The Correct Position

This sounds like common sense, but not everyone follows proper food placement protocol. For best results, put your food in a glass or ceramic smasher and place it in the middle of the turntable. If you ’ re cooking something that needs to be stirred mid-cooking ( such as rice ), make certain to lay it on its side so it cooks evenly. Remember : metal pans and trays will block microwaves from reaching your food efficiently, so they should never be used .

Step 2: Cook With A Bit Of Water

Most people know that adding water – even good a small bite – can help soften hard vegetables such as carrots, but you might not have known that adding one tablespoon of water system per cup of dry quinoa can actually double the cooking rate and reduce overcook .
The water system doesn ’ thymine necessarily have to be added to the food itself – just adding it to the cooking smasher can make a difference, excessively. besides, remember that you should never microwave vegetables with metal pieces ( such as aluminum foil ) – this may cause your vegetables to discolor or become bully, sol always use field glass or ceramic dishes alternatively .

Step 3: Cook Plates And Bowls Separately

plastic containers are credibly okay for reheating leftovers, but when it comes to microwaving plates and stadium, plain erstwhile plastics just don ’ thyroxine cut them. If you ’ ra design on cooking anything in a plate or bowl integrated with plastic, stick with using plastics made specifically for use in microwaves .

Step 4: Keep The Door Closed

This might seem like a weird point, but it ’ south important to remember it. Microwaves alone take a relatively unretentive amount of time to heat up food and drinks, and if you keep the door exposed, then microwaves will escape your oven – and your money .

Step 5: Use Timers Wisely

about everyone knows that microwaves can be used as cooking timers, but make certain you use them correctly. This means turning off the oven every now and then mid-cooking ( such as when making rice or oatmeal ) because overcooking something for an prolong period doesn ’ t inevitably mean it will come out tasting better .
Overcooked vegetables are besides ruffianly to eat, and overcooked rice can come out clumpy rather of downy. If you want the best tasting results when microwaving something, testing its temperature sporadically is constantly a good estimate .

Some Tips To Maintain The Quality Of The Microwave

This article will provide a few tips on how to take concern of your best microwave under 200 $ oven to make surely that it serves you for a long clock time and ensures excellent food preparation, basically by taking proper care during custom .

Do not put metal inside

You should make sure not to place any metallic element utensils in the microwave oven as this might cause sparks, frankincense damaging the inside line of the machine. This besides applies when you clean your microwave oven from inside since sometimes residue from sponges or cloths may include metallic fiber which will end up causing sparking if they touch the walls of your device .

Do not heat for more than 5 minutes

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want your food or fluid to heat evenly, it ’ s best not to stand for more than five minutes. Basically, the microwaves which are produced by the device will be absorbed by the food alone after some time .

Regular cleaning

You should always clean your microwave oven after each use so as to remove all portions of food that remained stuck on the walls since they may cause long-run damage. besides, never use alloy items when washing inside the oven since this can ruin its inside liner .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To acquire the most valuable information, follow the normally asked questions about the best microwave under $ 200 .

Why do microwaves only penetrate the food to a depth of about an inch?

Microwave ovens only emit radiation from the magnetron at a frequency of about 2.45 gigahertz, which corresponds to a wavelength of approximately 12.24 centimeters ( 4.8 inches ) in publicize. This means that lone those molecules with dimensions smaller than about 0.12 centimeters are excited by the microwave energy. such molecules can be found throughout the food, but largely in the water capacity of foods since microwaves are readily absorbed and reflected by water molecules .

Why don’t microwaves leak out from their closed cavity?

Microwaves are reflected by the alloy mesh in the door of a microwave oven, which prevents them from escaping. additionally, since microwaves are non-ionizing radiation, there is no mechanism by which they can cause familial mutations or cell price due to prolong exposure .

Do microwaves heat food evenly?

Microwave ovens use a character of energy known as non-ionizing radiation. This means that microwaves are unable to stop molecules from vibrating, so the movement of the vibrations is merely “ stored ” in the food for an clamant before being released into surrounding space. The frequency at which microwaves oscillate determines what they are able of heating. The microwave frequency of 2.45 GHz is best for heating water molecules and does not penetrate the food very far ( a centimeter or two ).


Whether you ’ re looking for the best microwave under $200 to cook your favorite television dinner or need to reheat leftovers, we hope our reviews and recommendations have helped you find the best one. here are some quick tips that will help you choose which is right for your needs : ­­ Microwaves with convection ovens can be used as an all-in-one appliance ; microwaves without this feature of speech may not heat up the food evenly because they don ’ metric ton circulate heated air out throughout the outer space. This means it ’ s possible for food in different areas of the oven to burn while other parts remain raw .
With the criteria mentioned above, we have selected Galanz GGSWWA16BKSA10 as the best microwave under 200 dollar with a slick modern plan with ultra-modern convection technology. With this microwave, you can replace it with a convection oven or an air out fryer. This 3-in-1 appliance is a great benefactor that every kitchen should have !