The Me-n-Ed’s Story | Modest beginnings to 40 years later!

Modest beginnings to 40 years later!

The pizza world has never been the lapp since the first Me-n-Ed oven was fired up in Sacramento, California, in 1958. Russ “ Me ” Johnson and Ed Sandlin didn ’ thymine set out to build a pizza living room empire – it merely happened .
From their humble beginnings, Russ and Ed began selling Me-n-Ed ’ randomness franchises throughout California while operating their own restaurants around the San Francisco Bay area. Expanding into Fresno, Russ and Ed met Ben and Marcella Watters, who ran a board theater and quickly became known for their frequent visits to Me-n-Ed ’ randomness. As the floor goes, during one particular travel to, a potted plant in the restaurant caught Marcella ’ s eye. She had to have it. When the owner refused to sell it to her, Marcella bought the entire restaurant. The establish was hers…along with the franchise rights to Me-n-Ed ‘s .
Marcella and Ben moved the restaurant from the original Fresno location to a newfangled site on Blackstone Avenue and joined forces with Bob Cox, who worked with a local baker to perfect a recipe for Me-n-Ed ‘s signature thin crust pizza dough, which has since become the stuff of legends .
Through the mid-1960s, the Me-n-Ed ’ south appoint continued to expand throughout Fresno and Orange County, along with a reputation for making some of the best pizza west of the Mississippi. In the summer of ’ 62, Doug Price ( Marcella ’ s 15-year-old nephew ) ventured to Fresno from North Battleford, Saskatchewan, to soak up the California sun and work at Me-n-Ed ’ sulfur.

By the prison term Doug graduated three years former, his Aunt Marcella and Uncle Ben had moved to Orange County, where they were operating Me-n-Ed ‘s restaurants previously owned by Bob Cox. Doug left the prairies and headed to Orange County to go to college, but his plans quickly changed, and he ended up where he actually belonged – working for the syndicate business, Me-n-Ed ’ second.

The Watters continued the Me-n-Ed ’ mho expansion into Santa Ana, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Long Beach. then, in 1969, the Watters brought the Me-n-Ed ’ randomness name north of the bound to Burnaby, where the inaugural Me-n-Ed ’ sulfur in Canada opened that summer – managed by 21-year-old co-owner Doug Price. ‘
Before retentive, the Burnaby Me-n-Ed ’ second had become a community fastness – albeit more of a public house than a restaurant. Customers would line up to listen to a barrelhouse piano and savor Me-n-Ed ’ s now-famous pizza along with a cold beer. As other neighborhood pubs began popping up through the years, the Me-n-Ed ’ south atmosphere shifted to one of family, where it remains .
flush immediately, some 40 years since Me-n-Ed ’ randomness first base came to Canada, you ’ ll still find that same cosy, neighborly feel that put us on the map – whether you ’ re visiting a Me-n-Ed ’ south in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam or Langley.