15 non-food uses for Glad Press’n Seal

When Glad Press ’ n Seal first appeared on the market, I saw it as an expensive version of plastic wrap and couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see how it would be worth the supernumerary money. After seeing it in natural process at a acquaintance ’ second theater and ultimately purchasing my own box, it ’ s decidedly something I plan to keep in stock certificate .

It differs from cling wrap in that it creates an actual seal against a variety show of surfaces, including plastic, paper, wood, alloy, foam and glass. Since it creates a varnish, you only need to use the exact sum of product to cover the detail. For example, you can tear off just the total to cover the rim of a bowl ; with credit card wrap, you need to wrap it further down the bowl to achieve flush a little, though not leak-proof, seal which creates more waste .
My favorite thing about Glad Press ’ newton Seal is that there are lots of uses for it other than food memory or transportation. here are some of the ones I like best :

Kitchen savers

  • Line your fridge and pantry shelves with Press’n Seal and you won’t have to scrub off sticky messes when they get grungy. Just remove and replace. A week after I lined my fridge shelves, I had a package of meat leak onto the shelf and it prevented the “juice” from leaking underneath. I just replaced the Press’n Seal on that shelf. While you’re working with the fridge, cover the top of the fridge to prevent it from getting grimy.  This also works well on top of kitchen cabinets.
  • Cover cookbook pages to keep them clean while you’re cooking. You can also stick a recipe card to a cabinet with Press’n Seal to keep it clean and at eye level.
  • I like to use my laptop in the kitchen to view online recipes. You can cover the keyboard and open ports with Press’n Seal to prevent ingredients from getting inside, and you can still use the keyboard.
  • Cover the counter when rolling out pie crusts or cookie dough. The dough won’t slide around, and it will be easy to toss the mess at the end.
  • Line the bottom of your garbage can with Press’n Seal in case of spills or sticky messes.

Uses with kids

  • Cover the table area with Press’n Seal to prevent kids’ art messes from getting on the table. We saved our table from black marker when our friend’s child wanted to do a project. Since it sticks down, it won’t slide around like newspaper.
  • Stick a sheet of Press’n Seal to kids’ shirts during art and crafts or baking if you don’t have aprons.
  • Cover the highchair tray or placements with Press’n Seal for easy cleanup with messy food.

Personal uses

  • Make little pouches for doses of medication or vitamins when you don’t want to carry the whole bottle. Cut a small piece, place your pills in the center of one side and fold over so the wrap seals to itself. Your medicine will stay clean in your pocket or purse for later.
  • Press’n Seal is great for crafting and keeping small items like beads or pieces of paper for collages together. If you’re using glitter, work on top of a piece of Press’n Seal for easy cleanup.
  • Press’n Seal can be used for stenciling, embroidery and quilting projects and will stay put better than paper.
  • Need a lid for your cup at the beach or on the go? Seal the top with Press’n Seal and poke a straw through the center. Bugs will stay out and it will be spill-proof unless turned completely upside down.
  • Wrap your phone, keyless entry remote, and wallet in Press’n Seal to keep everything dry around the pool, beach, in the rain or on a boat .
  • Wrap your toothbrush head in Press’n Seal for traveling instead of using a toothbrush holder that may not be very sanitary. Take another little piece with you to wrap it up if it’s wet on the way home.

Home uses

  • When painting around objects that you can’t move (such as toilets or appliances), cover with Press’n Seal. Paint may leak under the edges, so don’t use it for a hard line, just as a way to prevent drips or accidental paint swipes.
  • Line paint trays with Press’n Seal for easy cleanup. If you aren’t finished with the job, wrap the brushes in Press’n Seal and store in fridge to keep the paint from hardening on them.

Press ’ north Seal international relations and security network ’ t going to save you tons of money, but you may find uses for it that make your life sentence elementary and stress rid. Do you have any unusual uses for Glad Press ’ n Seal ? Let us know in the comments .
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When Glad Press’n Seal first appeared on the market, I saw it as an expensive version of plastic wrap and couldn’t see how it would be worth the extra money. After seeing it in action at a friend’s house and finally purchasing my own box, it’s definitely something I plan to keep in stock.