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Plastic dinnerware is an casual staple in most homes. Today ’ s huge selection delivers far more than sparse plates in bathetic designs. Thanks to innovations in plastics, many dinnerware sets are practically unbreakable and dishwasher-safe. Some sets are even made specifically for microwave use .
here at Simply Smart Living, we have many years of hands-on experience testing the peak tableware brands. We love keeping up with the latest trends and innovations in the market. You can immediately find most of our front-runner brands for sale on Amazon .
If you ’ re on the hunt for plastic tableware for any cause — casual use, outdoor dine, kids ’ tables, or just for playfulness — you ’ ll find plenty of choices in my Ultimate Guide To The Best Plastic Tableware. These collections are from manufacturers that I know — and love. I think you will, besides .

Gibson Studio Melamine Plastic Tableware

Gibson Studios carries a huge selection of melamine plastic dishes
Gibson Studio’s best-selling Mauna melamine tableware offers a rustic patina finish in several colors.

Melamine tableware by Gibson Studio is hard to beat. There ’ s a huge assortment of styles and designs, and complete sets are very economically priced. Gibson besides offers very nice finishes ranging from rustic patinas to sleek modern looks. It besides leads the gang in cosmetic sets. so any your style, Gibson Studio probably has the tableware to match .
Amazon carries an enormous excerpt of Gibson Studio melamine tableware. Gibson dishes are besides available in kitchen and department stores, but Amazon has the largest choice that I ’ ve seen year-round .

Customer reviews of Gibson Studio melamine dishes are beneficial overall. It ’ mho made of quality melamine formative which is dishwasher-safe and very break-resistant. It ’ s not recommended for microwave use, however, we cover microwave-safe dinnerware later in this review if that ’ s what you ’ ra looking for .

Merritt International Plastic Dinnerware

Merritt plastic dinnerware comes in an array of colors and styles
Merritt International offers an array of plastic dinnerware styles and specializes in earthy, naturalistic styles and artsy patinas.

Oh, the many merits of Merritt ! This trend-driven manufacturer creates standout fictile tableware collections all crafted in durable, dishwasher-safe melamine plastic. If earthy, countrified, and natural designs are your style choice, be certain to look up Merritt .
Amazon carries the largest excerpt of Merritt tableware on-line. You can besides find it locally in smaller department stores and mugwump sellers .

notice ! Merritt tends to change their tabletop designs every few years. If you find a style you love, consider buying a few extra pieces — you may not find it late on .

Le Cadeau French-Inspired Melamine Plastic Dishes

Capri melamine plastic tableware is Le Cadeau's top selling design
Hand-painted styling makes Capri Melamine Tableware one of Le Cadeau’s all-time best-selling plastic tableware designs.

Le Cadeau ( meaning “ the endow ” in French ) truly is a give to anyone searching for super high-quality plastic dishes with a touch of Provence. Scrolled edges, countrified patina, stoneware feel, and bright hand-painted designs create a in truth divine collection .

Le Cadeau is a bit costly compared to other plastic tableware options. however, if you seek the best in melamine plastic dishes and serving pieces in a compass of sizes, styles, and designs, look no further than Le Cadeau

Certified International Plastic Dinnerware

Certified International crafts plastic plates and bowls that closely mimic stoneware
Certified International’s Vera Cruz melamine dinnerware collection delivers a stoneware-like look in durable melamine plastic.

Certified International makes both ceramic and durable melamine plastic tableware in many terrific styles. They offer one of the largest plastic dinnerware collections available today and they add more sets each year .

Along with Certified ’ s stunning designs, I ’ m most impressed with the quality front and feel of Certified ’ sulfur products. The thick, ceramic-like pieces appear hand-painted, and there are lots of coordinating serving pieces to choose from, besides .

Zak Designs Plastic Dinnerware

Zak Designs award-winning Confetti collection is a colorful plastic tableware  choice for all types of dining needs.
Zak Designs’ popular Confetti tableware collection offers many color-infused looks, including basic black and white.

Zak Designs is another fictile tableware note that offers several styles and is specially known for its colorful Confetti collection. They besides make some microwave-safe styles that we discuss in the adjacent section .

Zak Designs Confetti collection is its best-selling cable and the unique color-speckled style is a real eye-catcher. Confetti is also crafted of recycled plastic, so it ’ s a greener tableware option, besides. raw, it ’ second no surprise that Confetti products have been featured on Rachael Ray and in many home and kitchen magazines and blogs over the years .
Most Zak Designs dinnerware lines — including Confetti — are crafted in durable, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free melamine plastic. Melamine dishes are not recommended for microwave use, but Zak Designs does offer microwave-friendly options which you ’ ll see following .

Microwave-Safe Plastic Dishes – Nordic Ware and ZakWave

Nordic Ware microwave-safe plastic dishes offer simple, everyday styling at a great price
There aren ’ t many players in the populace of microwave-safe fictile dinnerware, but Nordic Ware and ZakWave are two that deliver this added perk up .
Nordic Ware microwave-safe plastic dishes offer simpleton, everyday style at a great price, making them a best-seller year after year. Made of the lapp high-heat, BPA-free plastic used in their across-the-board microwave cooking utensil agate line, Nordic Ware microwave plates and bowls perform good like the cooking utensil products — wonderfully .

Zak Designs makes ZakWave microwave-safe fictile dishes in fun contemporary colors and shapes. Like Nordic Ware, ZakWave is crafted in a high-heat, BPA-free formative, but offers the add asset of being conventional oven-safe up to 350 degrees .

ZakWave’s lastingness and modern colors make it a great option for busy families, plus the high-sided plate and bowl design is identical kid-friendly .

US Acrylic Plastic Tableware Sets

US Acrylic Cambridge plastic plate, bowl, and tumbler sets come in a variety of colors
US Acrylic Cambridge plastic dinnerware sets come in several colors and include matching tumblers.

US Acrylic is a top-rated name in plastic drinkware and tableware and offers several color choices in plastic dishes. Most of their formative plates and bowls are crafted in ultra-durable polypropylene plastic rather than melamine. This is a more economic, lighter-weight credit card, but placid dishwasher-safe and ace durable .

US Acrylic plastic dinnerware sets come in many colors and include coordinating cups and tumblers, all at a capital price. They besides offer several kid-friendly sets a well as divided plates and cinch sets .
US Acrylic besides has a huge choice of clear and colorful fictile glasses, wine glasses, and versatile stemware styles. You can see more about these options in our Best Plastic Drinkware review .

Bentley Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Tumblers & Tableware

Bentley plastic drinkware and tableware in 21 colors
Bentley Plastic Drinkware & Tableware is dishwasher safe and comes in 21 fabulous colors.

last but not least, here ’ s a terrific line that I helped bring to grocery store — Bentley Plastic Tableware and Drinkware ! You can buy Bentley products directly from the factory now, and they even let you mix-and-match your own set from 21 fabulous colors. Best of all – Bentley Tableware and Drinkware and other Bentley lines like ExtremeWare and Collegiate Tumblers are all Made in the USA!

That’s a Wrap

That wraps up my Ultimate Guide To The Best Plastic Tableware. I hope this roundup gives you some dependable ideas and helps narrow down your shopping research .
If you have any questions or faves and finds of your own, please plowshare in the comments below. Cheers ! Krista .