Can You Just Eat The Toppings Off A Pizza While On Keto? – The Art Of Keto

Who does n’t like a slice of proto-indo european, pizza pie that is ?
There is a reason then many different keto pizza recipes are floating around, and now every pizza place is starting to come out with their own “ keto-friendly ” pizza crusts. But what do you do when you ‘re at a party or accumulate, and cipher ordered the “ keto pizza ” for you, can you pick off the toppings and keep it keto ?
Most pizza toppings and cheeses are relatively low in carbohydrates, which can be eaten while following a keto diet. The majority of carbs in a standard pizza are found in the crust and sauce, which should be avoided if trying to keep net carbs as low as possible.
In this article, I ‘ll go over what toppings you can eat and which to avoid other democratic keto pizza-related questions, and even share with you some delicious keto-friendly pizza recipes for you to get your fix.


Can You Eat Pizza Toppings Or Cheese Off Pizza While On Keto?

I get it, you ‘re at a party, and possibly you ‘ve snuck into the toilet and reading this inquisitive if eating the toppings off a regular pizza will de-rail your keto diet .
first, do n’t stress ; everything is going to be ok. Secondly, yes, you can eat the toppings or the cheese from the pizza, and you should be oklahoma .

Of path, if it ‘s a hawaiian pizza, you may want to skip out on the pineapple .
This reminds me of that one episode from the Jersey Shore ( yes, I watched it… it was my guilty pleasure ) where Vinny, besides known as the “ keto guido, ” was drunkard scraping off the toppings from the pizza .
major props to him, because in that bibulous submit, I may have gone into fuck it mode and ate the stallion pizza .
Crust and all
Most toppings, including the cheese, are relatively low in carbohydrates .
While there may be some places that use a few fillers here and there, it ‘s not adequate to add any meaning total of carbohydrates .

Do Pizza Toppings Have Carbs?

Some carbs are to be expected within pizza toppings, even cheese has a few trace carbohydrates, but not thus many as to throw you out of ketonemia .
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Since most pizza toppings are based on meats and vegetables, I ‘d say m most toppings twilight in the keto-friendly class .
Toppings with moo to no come of carbs :

Topping 1 oz. (28g) Net carbs
Green Peppers 1.2g
Olives 0g
Mushrooms 0.7g
Spinach 0.5g
Jalapenos 0g
Anchovies 0g
Bacon 0g
Beef 0g
Canadian Bacon 0g
Chicken 0g
Italian Sausage 0g
Meatballs 0g
Pepperoni 0g
Salami 0g
Sausage 0g
Philly Steak 0g
Cheddar Cheese 1g
Mozzarella Cheese 1g
Parmesan Cheese 1g
Roma Tomatoes 1g
Onions 0.6g

Toppings with the most sum of carbs :

Topping 1 oz. (28g) Net carbs
Pineapple 15.2g
Pizza sauce 6g

Short of wiping off the marinara pizza sauce from the cheese, you should be oklahoma eating the toppings off a pizza while following a ketogenic diet .
equitable do n’t be surprised if you get odd looks from others in the room .

Can You Eat Gluten-Free Pizza On Keto?

Some may confuse gluten-free with being keto-friendly, and while most keto-friendly pizza are gluten-free, not all gluten-free pizzas are keto-friendly .
Wait, huh ?
not all gluten-free pizzas are keto-friendly .

Gluten-free means that the pizza-crust does not contain any gluten. Gluten-free DOES NOT mean that a pizza does not contain carbohydrates .
Gluten-free pizza can easily be made with flour substitutes with good as many carbohydrates as a regular pizza .
And this can be catchy .
I ‘ve browsed the aisles looking for keto-friendly pizza crusts, alone to find ones I thought would be keto-friendly, but were placid senior high school in carbohydrates .
Take this Caulipower pizza crust ( which is gluten-free ) ; you may mechanically think it is keto-friendly at first gear sight. still, digression from cauliflower, they besides use brown rice flour or cassava flour, which is relatively high in carbohydrates .
One helping, or 1/3 crust, has 26 grams of carbohydrates with 2 grams of dietary fiber. This means that the caulipower pizza crust has 24 grams of net income carbs per serving or 72 grams of net carbs for the stallion crust .

Eating Pizza Without Crust

What about eating the pizza, but fair chopping off the crust from the away ? unfortunately, that wo n’t do.

even a thin-crust pizza has enough carbs in it to add a significant sum of carbohydrates. While it may be potential to fit in a little slice or two, you ‘d be rolling the cube, which is wholly up to you, of course .
Of course, if you ‘ve been dying to have a slice of pizza, you could always have one if you ‘re good about hopping back on your diet soon after .
For others, this may be excessively alluring and could lead to binge eat .
however, if you ‘re the type of person that can moderate themselves and exercise restraint, there ‘s nothing improper with living a little every once in a while .
It ‘s about what you do MOST of the clock that will dictate your results .

Can You Have A Cheat Day In Keto?

immediately, you may be wondering… can you have a chess day on keto ?
well, that ‘s entirely up to you .
As I ‘ve said before, if you ‘re mindful and can exercise chasteness, curtly of having any allergy, having a little chess with foods “ not keto-friendly ” could be accomplishable .
Of course, if this small cheat turns into a large one, then you can well undo a week of progress in a single day .
I ‘ve seen it done .

But if having that little “ darnel ” allows you to adhere to your diet as a hale, it could be a worthwhile tradeoff for some individuals .
other individuals may find that these “ cheats ” assailable the flood-gates to uncontrolled appetites and finally binge eating .
You may besides feel a little sluggish or less than optimal the succeed day. This ill-feeling is likely due in share to the fluctuation of going in and out of ketonemia .
I like to supplement with exogenous ketones if I decide to have an unintentional meal to help “ bridge ” the timeframe between knocking myself out of ketonemia and getting back in .
By supplementing with exogenous ketones, it helps me bypass that dull feeling I might have otherwise experienced from kicking myself out of ketonemia for that short menstruation .
My recommended exogenous ketone supplement :

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Keto Friendly Pizza Recipes You Won’t Have To Scrape The Toppings From

These are fair a few of my darling keto friendly pizza recipes that I enjoy using assorted ingredients .
For more divine guidance, visit my keto-pizza Pinterest page with 1000 ‘s of unlike keto pizza ideas .

Deep Dish Keto Pizza

I ‘m a bite bias when it comes to pizza. I LOVE deep dish !
So the first recommendation ca n’t be anything else but a deep smasher one .
Gluten free deep dish keto friendly pizza topping
photograph and recipe courtesy of Gnom Gnom

Fathead pizza dough

Fathead pizza was all the rage among keto dieters. Use this recipe to make the crust and top it with whatever you prefer .
Fathead pizza dough topping
photograph and recipe courtesy of How To This And That

Keto Fathead Pizza Pockets

not precisely a pizza, but close enough ! I used to live off of pizza pockets when I was a pull the leg of .
Fathead keto friendly pizza pocket keto toppings

Photo and recipe courtesy of Hey Keto Mama


This is my universe that was invented out of laziness.

  1. Simply take one to two pounds of ground beef and flatten it out (thin) on a cookie sheet. 
  2. Bake in the oven until the meat is well-done.
  3. Take out the cookie sheet and drain the beef.
  4. Top meat crust with a little Rao’s pasta sauce, your favorite cheese, and you have yourself a meatza! 

The Takeaway

Most pizza toppings, including the tall mallow, are keto-friendly .
If for whatever reason you want to eat the cheese and toppings off a pizza, they should have identical few carbohydrates