Four Reasons to Stop Calling Pizza “Junk Food” –

Here’s why I’d like you to stop calling pizza “junk food.”

1. Pizza typically provides at least three of the five nutrient-rich food groups.

Surprise! Pizza indeed has nutritional value.
Take a basic, kid-favorite cheese pizza. It contains cheese ( dairy ), tomato sauce ( vegetable ) and crust ( grains. ) Make a hawaiian pizza by adding overact ( protein ) and pineapple ( fruit ) and now you ’ ve got all five nutrient-rich food groups !

This barely qualifies as “ trash food. ” Which by the way, is a term I detest and refuse to use for any food or beverage. As a register dietician dietician, I like to teach a unlike concept about foods overall, alternatively of classing them as good/bad/junk. That concept ? Foods either provide a effective beginning of nutrients – like all the foods in the 5 nutrient-rich food groups – or they don ’ metric ton. This would include fun treat foods that make us felicitous, like candy, decadent desserts and cocktails. rather of saying they ’ ra “ debris, ” let ’ s all merely say they ’ re not a valuable source of all-important nutrients. But they certain do provide enjoyment !

2. Just because pizza can be high-calorie and high-fat doesn’t make it “junk.”

It just makes it a high calorie, high fat food that you and I need to enjoy responsibly. 
Let ’ s assume you ’ re out at a restaurant ordering pizza or at family making one yourself. You get to decide what ’ s on your pizza. Which basically means you get to control the sum of calories and adipose tissue grams that end up on that pizza .
double cheese your matter ? That ’ south fine. barely know cheese provides significant muscle and bone-building nutrients, like calcium and protein. besides know you ’ re doubling the fat and calories .
And while you ’ re enjoying that double-cheese pizza, pause and thank Indiana Dairy Farmers for their hard influence and efforts in producing ample milk so cheese-makers can make delectable, smooth and creamy cheese for your pizza .
Want to add sausage, pepperoni, bacon or ground beef to that pizza ? Or all four for the Meat Lovers especial ? ! Again that ’ s very well and your choice. equitable know calories and fatty increase with every lead added to a standard tall mallow pizza. Chicken strips, ham, canadian bacon and shrimp are lower calorie/fat options, by the means, compared to sausage, pepperoni, bacon and flat coat gripe chuck. All kernel choices, however, provide all-important protein for optimum bone and muscle health .
No topic what your favored protein top is, pause during one boastfully sting and thank our Indiana pork barrel, gripe and poultry farmers. They work long hours and are dedicated to raising condom and healthy animals then you have safe and alimentary top-flight choices for your pizza .

 3. Just because you eat too much pizza sometime/often/all the time doesn’t make it a “junk food.”

It just makes it a food you have a hard time eating moderately or responsibly.
equitable like you get to decide what goes on your pizza, you besides get to decide HOW OFTEN you ’ ll have pizza and HOW MUCH you ’ ll consume. I personally like to enjoy pizza every 6 to 8 weeks, and when I have it, I plan for it and feed lots of it. I like double-cheese with LOTS of mushrooms and black olives, by the way. And excess tomato sauce, because I want those health-boosting tomato phytonutrients that promote a healthy heart, hide, genius and body .
Indiana is a big tomato-producing state, by the manner. then thank our Indiana Tomato Farmers while you ’ re pouring pizza sauce on your homemade pizza. Or dipping breadsticks in marinara sauce at your favorite restaurant.

Breadsticks remind me of pizza crust, so I want to mention that either blank refined or whole wheat is fine. The Dietary Guidelines suggest choosing at least half – not all – of your grains day by day from the whole category. Both provide necessity brain-power carbohydrates and nutrients. So it ’ randomness all right to enjoy white bread, white pizza crust, white bagels american samoa long as you besides choose some whole grains. A bad thanks to all our wheat farmers whose hard work and dedication leave in us having inexhaustible granulate food choices .
early toppings that add big spirit with minimal or very reasonable calories – and that contribute to your daily fruit and vegetable prerequisite – include onions, doorbell peppers, broccoli, artichokes, rocket, potatoes, spinach, Swiss chard/all leafy greens, zucchini, winter squash like butternut and acorn, sauerkraut, sundried tomatoes, corn, black or pinto beans, and yield slices like smasher, pear and apple .

4.  Life is too short NOT to have a positive relationship with food, including pizza.

Think about it.
Do you want to spend your life sentence agonizing over every short food item and ingredient ? Do you want to class foods as “ good ” or “ bad/junk ” which does nothing but bent you up for huge feelings of guilt, anxiety and shame ? Do you in truth want to spend therefore much time with negative food thoughts ?
How about a convinced, glad relationship with food ? A relationship where realistically and individually, all foods and beverages can be function of any feed plan. It ’ s up to you to decide how much and how much. A positive relationship that acknowledges that foods precisely merely have different levels of food measure .
And specially a positive relationship that celebrates food and savors every bite of it .
Including boastfully slices of thick crust, double cheese, meat-lovers pizza !

Or for something a little different, enjoy a big serve of my
Pepperoni Pizza Sloppy Joes, Pizza Hummus or Very Veggie Pizza Pasta Salad.

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