Is Pizza Hut Open or Closed on Easter Sunday 2020?

Pizza Hut Pizza Hut will be  OPEN on Easter Sunday this year, although many restaurants will likely have reduced hours to accommodate the holiday. The pizza chain will remain open until at least 10 post meridiem, according to a local anesthetic restaurant director. however, we always recommend calling your nearest Pizza Hut to be sure, as hours will probable change depending on your location. Because Pizza Hut is chain-operated, the hours vary from localization to placement. Some restaurants, specially in smaller cities or rural areas, may have limited hours on Sunday, including opening later in the day and/or closing earlier than common. You can find Pizza Hut ’ s latest deals here, and Pizza Hut restaurants located by state here. Keep reading for details on the pizza restaurant ’ s holiday hours of operation :

Pizza Hut Only Closes on Thanksgiving & Christmas Day

According to Saving Advice, Pizza Hut is open on most major holidays, including New Year ’ sulfur Eve, New Year ’ s Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. The web site states, “ The Pizza Hut holiday schedule is like to many other large chain restaurants. On most holidays, you ’ ll find that your localization is open. however, there are a copulate of days where all Pizza Hut restaurants close and a few others when your Pizza Hut may operate on a short, vacation schedule. ” The pizza chain typically only closes for two union holidays each year, including Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Most pizza Hut restaurants remain open on Easter until at least 10 post meridiem, according to a local Pizza Hut coach in the Milwaukee area. The Pizza Hut Facebook page has been encouraging fans to search for Easter Eggs in certain posts in order to win give cards. “ happy easter ! We ’ ve got a dainty for you, ” the military post above reads. “ Tell us below how many Easter eggs you find, and we ’ ll pick 5 lucky winners to WIN a $ 20 Pizza Hut coupon. Get hop ; entries close 14th April. ”

The Pizza Chain is Offering ‘No Contact’ Delivery Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Pizza Hut is among the millions of other fast food chains, restaurants and food industry professionals changing their pitch methods during the coronavirus outbreak. Pizza Hut now offers “ no contact ” manner of speaking, which allows customers to place an order without worrying about having to be in close physical contact with the delivery driver ; the driver merely leaves the food at the doorsill.

“ We ’ re overt with CONTACTLESS delivery and carryout, ” the Pizza Hut web site notes. A chirrup mail besides reads, “ Stay home and let us do the cook. Get a big pizza with up to three toppings for good $ 9.99. Be sure to ask for contactless delivery. ” Pizza Hut ’ s Facebook page has besides been offering some synergistic games and videos titled the “ Pizza Hut Isolation Games ” to keep customers engaged while they self quarantine. With the COVID-19 pandemic hush sweeping the nation, many stores have adjusted their hours and closed their lobbies to the public, so it ’ mho constantly a good theme to double check the hours and delivery services of your local restaurant in case they ’ ve changed. READ NEXT: How to Watch Easter Sunday 2020 Mass Live Streaming Online