Do You Like Pineapple on Your Pizza?

today ’ s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Steve. Steve Wonders, “ Why Do People Like Pineapple On Their Pizza ? ” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Steve ! There have been many great debates over the ages. Which came first : the wimp or the egg ? Why did the chicken cross the road ? Is it sodium carbonate or pop ? And is Coke or Pepsi better ? Michael Jordan or LeBron James ? The list goes on and on. recently, however, a new argue has run rampant across social media, dividing friends and families and possibly threatening the survival of civilization itself. The question : does pineapple belong on pizza ? For fans of hawaiian pizza ( a classical pie topped with pineapple and ham ), the answer is a clear up “ Yes ! ” however, many others feel that adding super-sweet pineapple to an otherwise piquant and savory pizza proto-indo european is an abomination akin to adding watermelon to a cheeseburger.

What do you think ? Do you love pineapple on your pizza ? Or does fruit on a savory pizza pie make you cringe ? Those seem to be the only opinions in this consider. There does n’t seem to be much middle land. When it comes to pineapple on pizza, most people either love it or hate it. And the numbers are pretty conclusion. A pizza manner of speaking smartphone app called Slice conducted a surveil of over 9,000 people about pineapple on pizza. The results ? A majority of 54 % of respondents said “ No ! ” to pineapple on pizza. That means 46 % gave pineapple a “ thumb up ! ” Pizza purists much claim that pineapple is not a classic italian ingredient and therefore does not belong on pizza. however, others point out that there are enough of new and matter to types of pizza out there that do n’t seem to offend people the way pineapple does, from buffalo chicken to Philly cheesesteak.

If you happen to love Hawaiian pizza, you may be surprised to learn that the pineapple-and-ham concoction was invented in Canada in the 1960s. It does happen to be popular in Hawaii today, although residents of Oregon, Maine, California, and Nevada rate it more frequently than Hawaiians. People who like pineapple on their pizza might be able to back up their predilection with a piece of skill. Of the five basic flavors — sweet, piquant, bitterness, sour, and savory — our bodies naturally crave both sweet and salty foods.

This is why certain salty and sweetness combinations are very popular. For exemplar, who does n’t like classical salty/sweet combinations like chocolate-covered pretzels, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and salted caramel ? pineapple on pizza proponents say the angelic pineapple combines with the piquant tomato sauce to provide the lapp salty/sweet punch as other classical combinations. It may besides be healthy. Experts point out that pineapple contains valuable nutrients, including manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin B2. so if you love pineapple on pizza, keep eating it ! Who ‘s going to stop you ? If you ‘re not a fan, do n’t worry about it. Let others eat what they want to eat and you can keep chowing down on your own personal darling combination of pizza toppings .