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In this abbreviated article, we will answer does microwaving sweet potatoes destroy nutrients and three benefits of microwaving sweetness potatoes

Does microwaving sweet potatoes destroy nutrients?

No, from a general detail of opinion, “ microwaving does not destroy the nutrients in food, ” says USDA. This is because early cooking methods that involve direct heat wrong the water-soluble vitamins .

Nutrition in Sweet Potato:

Sweet Potato is a plant that belongs to the good morning aura family or bindweed syndicate. It is rich in starch, angelic in taste, and is a root vegetable. Its shoots and leaves are worldwide consumed.

Sweet Potato has high nutritional value despite being gratifying ; it has a moo glycemic index and high amounts of fiber. It is a good informant of vitamin C and potassium. It is rich in beta carotene, which gets converted to vitamin A in the body.

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Difference between Potato and Sweet Potato:

Sweet Potato is a distribute different from all Potato varieties in appearance, sample, and nutriment. The deviation arises in nutritional value ; ashen potatoes are deep in potassium and have a higher come than fresh Potato. On the other hand, Sweet Potato provides more Vitamin A than potatoes

Microwaving sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are broadly cooked or boiled and sometimes eat crude, but there are times when you don ’ t have clock to cook dulcet potatoes, and the recipe requires cooking them. An comfortable direction is to microwave sweet potatoes .

Method to Microwave Sweet Potatoes:

To microwave Sweet Potato a microwave denture or container is needed without any plastic envelop or foil. The method is as :

  • Wash the Sweet potatoes in clean water to remove all the surface dirt and microorganisms
  • Dry the Sweet Potatoes with the help of a towel; poke 5-6 holes in the Sweet Potato with the use of a fork
  • Place the Sweet Potato in a microwave-friendly container or microwave-safe plate and set the timer to 5-10 minutes
  • Rotate the Sweet Potatoes in the oven; once you are halfway through the process, check their firmness by spearing with the help of a fork. If it goes all the way down to the bottom of the container, you can remove the Sweet Potato from the microwave oven
  • If the sweet Potato is not cooked properly or isn’t soft enough, microwave it again for 1 or 2 minutes

The microwave sugared Potato is quick to eat, and you can use this sweet Potato in any recipe you want. One of the delectable ways to consume this microwave angelic Potato is making mashed potatoes with them. You need angelic potatoes, unsalted butter, and salt for it.

Another way to consume microwave angelic Potato is by making wrinkle of them ; all you need is parchment paper and a microwave friendly plate. Cut thin slices of sweet Potato, line them over the parchment paper over the plate, Microwave them for 4 minutes and check for crispness. If required, crispness is not reached in the microwave after 30 more seconds. Add spices of your option over them as seasonings

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Benefits of microwaving Sweet Potatoes:

Retains the nutrition:

Sweet potatoes are highly nutritional and provide a boastfully number of Vitamins and minerals. Cooking sweet potatoes overheat makes them lose their nutrition measure. Microwaves do not destroy the nutrition of odoriferous potatoes. Microwaving sweet potatoes helps retain nutriment, particularly Folate, vitamins A and Vitamins C. These nutritional components get destroyed by boiling or heating sweet potatoes .

Reduce cooking time:

Microwaving reduces cooking fourth dimension by 45-55 minutes and helps save nutriment in this way. Microwaving a dulcet potato to soften it entirely requires 5-10 minutes, and add 2 minutes for two potatoes. Microwaving odoriferous potatoes is not a challenging process and doesn ’ metric ton require a set of your cook time ; it besides doesn ’ thymine affect the texture much as it softens the sweet potatoes. In character of crisping the sweetness Potato, microwave for 4 minutes and 30 seconds more if you need them extra crispen

Requires less preparation:

Microwaving dessert potatoes is not a long summons and takes less clock than cooking fresh potatoes. Preparing a fresh potato for microwaving requires a microwave-friendly plate, crotch, and sweet potatoes. You need to place the dry sugared Potato with a fork before placing it in the microwave as the moisture will escape from these holes. If you want to make crispen, parchment newspaper is needed ; differently, placing sweetly Potato on a microwave-safe plate is adequate. You don ’ t need to cover the sweet Potato or wrap it in foil. Sweet Potato is dependable for microwaving if you want to cook it fix to eat a meal or soften it before cooking. Microwaving a angelic potato is not dangerous and does not affect the nutritional value in any manner


In this brief article, we have answered does microwaving sweet potatoes destroy nutrients and explain three benefits of microwaving gratifying potatoes


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